Lack of Knowledge-Lack of Spiritual Gifts

We as Christians, are told in the Bible, to desire the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

You know, as a Christian you look at some minister of God, and you see how God is using him in a supernatural way, by the gifts of the Holy Spirit manifested in his life. And you wonder, why the gifts of the Holy Spirit are not manifested in your life.

But there is an explanation in 1 Corinthians 1:5, 6, 7. It says in verse 5, that the Corinthian Christians have been enriched in Christ Jesus, with knowledge. Now, what knowledge is that talking about? It is certainly not the knowledge and the wisdom of this world.

But what type of knowledge are they enriched with? Well, it is a heavenly knowledge, given by God to them. And because they were rich in knowledge about the things of the Kingdom of God, therefore, they could not lack the gifts of the Holy Spirit either.

We have to have a knowledge from heaven, from God, about the matters of the Kingdom of God, if we want to know, how the gifts of the Holy Spirit, can operate in our life too. Asking God for the gifts of the Holy Spirit is not enough. We have to have knowledge from heaven first. That is why the Cointhian Christians did not lack any of the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

To want to have and manifest the gifts of the Holy Spirit, is not enough. To aks God to give them to you, is not enough. We have to have spiritual knowledge from God, how to use and operate in the gifts. Because zeal without the proper knowledge, is no good.

You can be zelous for the things of God, but if you have the wrong knowledge or doctrine about the things of the Kingdom of God, you will end at the ‘No through’ road. Another thing is, that manifesting the gifts of the Spirit, also shows to us and unbelievers, that God is really amont us.

Different Gift-Different Grace

Romans 12:3, 6 When we read Romans 12:6, we can notice first of all, that any spiritual gift we have from God, is all to do with his grace, and the particular grace for just that one gift, you have received from God. I think, it is possible that God gives a different amount or level of grace to different people, in order to enable them to function, in a particular spiritual gift.

You see, the Bible also says that God has given each of us, a measure of faith, in Romans 12:3. A measure of faith given from God to us, implies a measure of grace, or amount of grace, because we all have been given faith from God, once we became born again Christians. What does that mean?

Well, it means that to some of us, more grace is given from God, and to others less. The reason of why God gives more grace to certain individuals is, because there is a particular spiritual gifts, which God has given that individual, but in order for that individual to operate properly in that gift, he or she has to have the amount of grace given by God, to that individual.

It is no surprise then, to see some people whom God has called into ministry, to operate in a particular spiritual gift like healing or prophecy, and in a way that is very effective, and we wonder why we can not operate like them.

But look, for a particular reason, which God only knows, when God has called that person into ministry, he has also given them the amount, and that specific grace, that enables them to operate in that spiritual gifts. God is the giver of that gift, and God is the one determining how much grace to give to that person, operating in that spiritual gift. God determines that all, according to his choice and will, and for his glory.