Effort or the Grace of God

1 Corinthians 15:10

We can be zealous to do the things of God, in order to serve him, and we can put a lot of effort to do things for God, but that alone, would not accomplish very much, for the Kingdom of God. You see, God is giving a different measure of grace, to each individual, who is born from him, by the Holy Spirit. The grace of God, is like enablement from God, for a person to do a certain thing. When the grace of God is present, in a person’s life, to do something for God, it will make even some difficult things to do, much easier, in comparison of, if a person uses only their will and effort, to do that very thing.

Think about Apostle Paul. He himself says in the Bible, that it is the grace of God, which makes him to do all those things, God requires of him to do, for the Kingdom of God on earth. Paul was having often a very difficult responsibility, to take care of all the churches, and to do so many things for God, and yet he said that it is the grace of God in him, which enables him to do all that.

Perhaps it is also similar in your own life. Maybe you want to do something for God, and try to serve him in a certain way, by putting the amount of effort, and you give your time for that, but you do not see, very much result. Perhaps it is a time for you to evaluate, and ask yourself, if the things you are doing for God, are motivated by his grace, or you just do what you do, because you want to serve God, in some way.

I would suggest, that you pray and ask God, to show you in what way, he has already given you the grace to serve him. Once you find that out, you can start doing things for God, by the grace he is giving you for them to do, and you will definitely see more result, of all those things you are doing for him.

Do not forget, that Apostle Paul did many things for God, great and mighty things, but all of those things were done by Paul, only first of all, by the grace of God in his life, and the grace God gave him, to do all those things.

Doing the Will of God-Not ‘Bed and Roses’

Genesis 16:5-12 Sometimes, doing the will of God, is not so easy, as we think. There seems to be a misconception among Christians, that if you are in the perfect will of God, and doing the will of God, then everything should be easy, nice or ‘bed and roses’, in other words.

But, nothing can be far from the truth. Just look at Abraham, and what happened with his slave, Hagar. Now, Hagar, although a slave from Egypt, was still loved by God, like any other human being. She was a slave of Abraham, but was not a slave to God, because she too, was created in the image of God.

But nevertheless, Sarai, the wife of Abraham, had mistreated Hagar, because she could not have children and Hagar was pregnant with a child from her husband Abraham. And on top of that, Sarai, the wife of Abraham, thought that her slave Hagar, was despising her, for not being able to have children, and she was pregnant from her husband.

Now, Sarai treated badly Hagar, and Hagar went away. But, God did not leave Hagar alone, and hopeless. What happened next, was that God visited Hagar, by sending an angel, and that angel told Hagar, to go back to her master Sarai.

Now, that was the will of God for Hagar. But I am sure, Hagar not only was not willing to go back to the trouble she had from Sarai, but perhaps was not even sure, that it is the will of God for her life.

Do you find yourself sometimes, doing all those things you believe God is calling you to do, and yet, there are various obstacles and hills for you to climb, which sometimes seem too much and to hard to handle?

Well, know this, that it is not always easy to do the will of God, but we can sometimes could be like Apostle Paul, who was perfectly doing the will of God, and yet had so many hardships.

So with us, let us not be discouraged, if we know that we do the will of God, follow perhaps his call for our life, and yet, things seems to be hard to do, achieve or accomplish, despite the fact, that we know we are doing the will of God.

Many Servants-Few Lovers of God

There are always two primarily things, we can do for our relationship with God. The first thing is to spend time with God, praying, worshiping and thanking him, and listening to what he wants to tell us. The second thing is, doing things for God.

Spending time with God, talking to him, and he talking to us, is called a relationship, and in any relationship, there is a conversation. Doing things for God, is doing things for him. There is not a conversations, and there is not listening and speaking, to one another. That is not a relationship, because there is no conversation.

‚Äč A relationship without a conversation, is dead, and is no relationship at all. If two people do not talk with each other, and do not spend time together, there is not relationship. Spending time together with another person, and talking to, and listening to them, is what defines, and develops relationship.

On the other hand, doing things for God, although important and necessary, is lacking the relationship and conversation part of it, which makes a relationship, to exist and be a relationship.

Of course, doing things for God, is still because of our love for God and still expresses our love for God, but is not a relationship in the full sense of it.

Even Jesus said that Mary has chosen the better part, in comparison to her sister Martha, because Mary was sitting at the feet of Jesus, looking in to his eyes, and listening to what Jesus was saying. Luke 10:38-41

On the other hand, Martha was busy in the kitchen, doing things for God, but not spending time with him. Surely Martha was doing things in the kitchen out of her love for Jesus, to prepare a meal for him and his disciples, but there was not a conversation, and there was not talking to, and listening to each other. So there was not really a relationship. 

Relationships is only when two persons spend time with each other, talking and listening to each other, even if they do not anything for each other, just spending time together, and listening and talking. Just sharing with each other. Just loving each other. Love is about relationship, relating to each other, and relationships is about a conversation.

Zeal for God Romans 12:11

God wants us to be zealous for him, and for serving him – Romans 12:11.

But, we have to realize, that just being zealous for God, is not enough. We can be very ambitious to serve God, and do things for God, but if our doctrines are not in agreement with the Word of God, and if we have embraced the wrong way of thinking about the things of God, our zeal for God is missing the target. We can be zealous for the wrong thing.

We have to strive to be zealous for God, but with the right doctrine and knowledge of God, and knowledge about God, and the things of God. 

We can be like golden vessels in the hands of God, used for his purpose, only when we align ourselves with the correct knowledge of God, and with the revelation from heaven.

There thousands of different doctrines about God and his Word, and some of them are far away from heaven, and some are straight from heaven. But the revelation from heaven can never be wrong. It is always true. 

We have to be zealous for the revelation and knowledge which the Holy Spirit gives, and observe and test the doctrines of men. There is a revelation about the Word of God, and doctrines about the Word of God. The revelations is always 100 percent true, while the doctrines or some of them are not always true.

May our God and Father give us more knowledge and revelation from heaven, about him and his Word, and help us be zealous for the right thing, in the name of Jesus!