Faith Focus-Matthew 14:29

As long as Peter was holding on to the word of Jesus ‘come’ he was walking on water. But the moment Peter forgot about the word Jesus gave him to come towards him, and began to trust the power of the wind, rather then the power of the word of Jesus, be began to sink.

The rhema word from God can be all the time out there for us, but it will not produce results and will  not do a miracle for us, if we diminish its power and influence in our life, by our unbelief,  by concentrating on something else.

God is ready to give a miracle but if we believe his promises only the half way, we will not see result.

Our Own Limits-Ephesians 3:20

Limiting ourselves -Ephesians 3:20

How often we find that we are limiting ourselves, in many areas of our life.

Many times, the only limitation there is, is ourselves.

Those limitation do not apply only in one area or another, but in many areas of our life, spiritual or material.

In Ephesians 3:20, Paul says that God can give us more that we can think or imagine.

I believe the reason for that is because he knows that we put limits on ourselves, in many ways, including our Christian faith.

We have somehow, by one way or another, put a lot of ´fences´ in many areas of our life.

God wants to make us brake those fences of limitation, and to learn to brake the speed limit of our faith in him and his Word, because he thinks it is possible for us to do so.

Jesus said that anything or everything is possible, for the one who believes.

God has always more for us, than we think or can imagine, and he does not limit us, but we limit ourselves in our faith in him.

The more of the limits we brake, the more of his power and work in our life will be.

Legalism vs. Grace of God Luke 6:6-11

There we are. We have here in Luke 6:6-11 a mighty miracle done by Jesus in front of the pharisees, and they instead of believing in him, and give glory to God the Father, started to plan how they can kill him. All they were looking for, was a legalistic keeping of the Law of God, by keeping the Sabbath (verse 7) and therefore, missing completely the mercy and grace of God, expressed by Jesus healing the man, in front of their eyes.

Even today, we have people who see the miracles done by God, and still try to be religious, instead of giving their life to him, and be born again, by the Holy Spirit. They are satisfied with their religion, and think that they do not need miracles from God. 

The pharisees were concentrated on the Law, and in this case, missed the mercy of God for the man with the leprosy hand. And yet Jesus is the one, giving them the Law, by being God himself. How can any person be furious about a good deed of healing, in which we see the ‘stamp’ of the mercy of God?

No surprise here! Guess who is furious with a miracle from heaven. The enemy of our soul.

Spiritual or Material First-John 6

John 6:26

As Christians, what are we looking for, first in life? To have the Kingdom of God, or to have our bellies full with food? 

In John 6:26, Jesus told them, that they should not come to him for his material gifts, but for the things about the kingdom of God.

The sign and wonders which Jesus performed among them, were the part of the Kingdom of God expressed on earth. But they did not come to him because of the signs and wonders. According to Jesus, they wanted something else to eat.

They allowed their belly, to become their idol, placing it of first importance, before the Kingdom of God. They wanted the material first, and then, maybe the spiritual things of the Kingdom of God.

But Jesus said, that it is not the way to come to him. 

The way to come to him, is exactly what he said in Matthew  6:33, that we should first seek the Kingdom of God, and then, everything else will be added to us.

Christian Bible Study-Where Are We Looking At-Luke 5:5

Christian Biblical Studies-Where Are We Looking At – Luke 5:5

When Peter was walking on the water, he was first looking at Jesus, and then started looking at the wind and began to sink. 

But in Luke 5:5, Peter was first looking at the circumstances, had an logical explanation and reasoning, but then decided to listen to Jesus, do what he says, despite not making sense for an experienced fisherman, and he got a miracle, and abundance. Let us not reason a miracle.

Who is Our Source? Matthew 16:8-12

Who We Choose to Be Our Source?  Matthew 16:8-12

In Matthew 16:8-12 Jesus was trying to show them, who is the source of their provision, by mentioning to them the two occasions, when he provided food for thousands of people, by a miracle.

The reason Jesus mentioned those to occasions of feeding the thousands supernaturally, was to show them, that when they do not have bread or need something, the source is not themselves, or their circumstances, but him.

That is why Jesus also mentioned to them, and asked them, how many baskets with left overs they had, on the two occasions. He wanted to show them, that he is the God of overflow, the overflow of provision. 

Jesus did not only provide the thousands with food, but gave them more than they need, twice.

And that is the reason why he called them ¨You of little faith¨. The have seen twice the baskets with left over food, supplied by a miracle, and that should have been enough, to make their faith grow. But instead, they still discussed among themselves that they do not have bread.

Jesus was saying to them ¨I am the source of your provision, and not what you have or do not have.¨

Signs and Wonders and the Power of God

The Miracles and the Power from God

In 1 Corinthians 2:4, 5, apostle Paul says that his preaching was not only with persuasive words and human wisdom, but with the demonstration of the power of God and miracles from God.

People need to see signs and wonders from God, in order to believe in God. Not all people who see miracles from God believe in him on the base on those miracles. For example, many people saw Lazarus raised from the death, but still did not believe in Jesus, but instead, went and told the pharisees, what has happened.

In the same way, many people saw Jesus raising the dead, healing people, and doing all sorts of miracles, but still did not believe in him.

But there are some people, who just need to see one miracle from God, and they will give their life to him.

Jesus also said in the Bible, in the story about the rich man who went to hell and that if people do not believe what Moses wrote in the Scriptures, even if somebody rose from the dead, they will not be convinced or believe.

No Faith No Receiving

Without Faith No One Can Please God

God is gracious, cares for us and wants to save us, but despite that, he will not save us. We have also a part to play. We have to do something about it. We have to accept our salvation by faith. We have to make the first step of faith, then God saves us. So with everything else we receive from God. It is by faith.

If our hand remains closed, we will never receive a gift from God, even if he has given it to us.

Measure of Faith

When Jesus said; ‘if you have faith like a mustard seed’, it is before anyone was born again. But, after we are born again, the Holy Spirit gives to each one of us, a measure of faith – Romans 12:3

By the grace of God, each one of us, receives a different level of faith, the moment we are born again. 

I believe, that we do not all receive the same amount of faith from God, because, God has a different plan and purpose for each of us. Some of us are called by God, to do greater things for him, than others, and so, they need a greater measure of his gift of faith.

For example a Christian who is called by God, to be a healing Evangelist, will need the faith to pray and see people healed by the gift of healing, which God has given them. So they will need to have a greater measure of faith, then other Christians.

All Christians can pray for healing and can flow in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, but some are called by God for a specific ministry, and that is different.

When we become born again, the Holy Spirit dwells in us permanently, and he gives us faith. Even one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit is faith. He gives faith to Christians.

According to your Faith

Jesus said “According to your faith ( the way you think ) be done to you”, not according to your disappointment, according to your depression, not according to what you see in circumstances, because God always uses our thinking and faith, to perform a miracle. Yes Jesus cares for us, and he did some miracles because of his compassion, but that was initiated by him, because of his compassion. When it is initiated by us, it is by our faith. What we put our faith into (think about), the Word of God, or the circumstances?

Isaiah 55:11, 2 Corinthians 1:20, Matthew 14:29,30,31, Luke 8:49,50, Romans 4:18,19,20

You Do Not Need to Fish-Luke 5:6-11

We can see very clearly here in Luke 5:6-11, that first of all, it is the blessing of the Lord that brings prosperity and abundance, and not our effort.

Yes, we need to work, and we get blessings by the wages for our work, but God, has a blessings for us, which are not dependent at all, on our work, effort, education, professional experience, but are just based on his grace for us.

Our effort can sometimes be fruitless, as it was for Peter and the others, when they worked whole night, but caught no fish.

And then Jesus comes, and shows them that provision comes from him, first of all, and not from their labour.

Jesus wanted to show them, that when they are with him, there is always an abundant provision. The main thing is to be with him, and follow him.

When Peter saw the amount of fish that they had, after they listened to the instruction of Jesus, he realised, that it is better to listen to the Word of God, instead to figure out, how best to deal with circumstances. Peter just applied his faith in the words of Jesus, and did what Jesus told him to do, and there was the miracle of catching a lot of fish.

That is the lesson for us, to do what Jesus says, even if it does not make sense in our circumstances. Then, we can expect the miracles to happen.

Provision Guaranteed – Mark 8:1-8

It is interesting to note here in Mark 8:1-8, that Jesus took the initiative to provide for his followers. 

They have been listening to his teaching, and following him, for three days, and did not have what to eat. But, Jesus did not only look for listeners and followers.

He just saw, that if anybody follows him, a provision for what they need, is guaranteed.

Think about it. God provides even for unbelievers. He feeds them, clothes them, and gives them life, breath, and everything they need, by his common grace.

And we not only follow him, but we are his chosen possession, his children and priests.

Just as he has promised in Matthew 6:33, that if we seek his Kingdom first, everything of what we need, will be provided.

And here is another lesson about giving God a seed to multiply.

Jesus did not just create miraculously bread and fish for them, although he could, because he created the Universe. He asked them to give him something. That was like giving God a material seed to multiply. 

You may be saying ‘But I do not have enough money to give for the Gospel’. Look, he is not asking for much, but he is asking for something for you to give him. He wants you to sow into his Kingdom. Then he takes what you give for his Kingdom, and multiplies it.

As much as we give for his Kingdom, and follow him, a provision will be guaranteed.

Mark 8:1-8 shows that God will never forsake us or forget about us or our needs (Hebrews 13:5). He is watching for our needs to satisfy them, just as he has promised in his Word.

Jesus is Powerful in Us – 2 Corinthians 13:3

Very often, just by looking at our circumstances, all we see, is how we fail, or are weak. But that is not what the Bible tells about us. If you are a born again Christian, then you have the Holy Spirit and his power in you! Apostle Paul said “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” 

Jesus knows that we have weaknesses, but he always wants to show himself powerful in us and through us. 

The Bible says in Romans 8:11, that the Holy Spirit gives live to our mortal bodies. Do you see that? We have the life of God in us. That live helps us to be powerful. That is why Jesus is powerful in us. He is powerful to help us to resist temptation, to overcome sickness, or whatever other things we may be facing today. He does it, because he said that he will be with us always.

He does not want us to be weak but strong, that is why, his power is manifested in us most, when we are weak.

We are called ‘Christians’. That means that we are like Jesus. Well, Jesus was never weak when he was on earth, but has shown us how powerful he is, by all the miracles he did, like raising the dead, healing the sick, calming the storm, walking on water and many other. That is powerful. And he said that we will do the things he does. How can we do the things he does, if we are weak. No, he is powerful in us and through us, that is why we are powerful to do the things he did, while on earth and forever.

Faith Hope Circumstances-Romans 4:18-21

Believing God’s promises in faith, for a change in our circumstances, is not a denial of what is happening in our circumstances, and is not a denial of the obvious facts.

We can see clearly, that Abraham was aware of the fact, that the body of Sara his wife, was old, and that she was not able to have children, and that his own body was old too.

He was fully aware of the facts. But he also knew the eternal Truth, the Word of God.

He did not deny the obvious facts. But the facts were not all that there was. He had the promise of God. He just was convinced that the promise of God is more powerful, than the age of his own and Sara’s bodies. But why did he believe that? 

He had a choice to make. To believe what he sees with his physical eyes, or to believe what he sees with his spiritual eyes. 

Because he knew God personally, he knew who God was. The God who created the heavens and the earth by his Word. That is why, the circumstance had to bend, and obey the Word of God. They had to, like they did, when God was creating the heaven and earth.

If someone is having an illness in their body, they should not pretend that the illness does not exist in their body, but they should pay attention, to the Word of God, because the illness does not have the final word. God, who said ‘I am the First and the Last’, has the final word always. 

Faith is What We Look At Luke 5:5

We will never receive anything from the Lord, and will not have a miracle, if we continue, to analyse, calculate and figure out, what to do in the circumstances of our life, instead of, looking at what God has said in his Word about it. We can work hard, think hard, analyse by our human understanding, but, we will still not figure out, what is best to do, in order for us, to get what we need.

Very often, what God tells us in his Word, to do, will not make a common sense to us, and will offend our way of thinking, and analyzing what is best to do. It will often go against our way of thinking, and would not make sense.

God has said that his thoughts, are not like our thoughts, and his ways, are not like our ways. So, the way he sees our situation will often be very different, than the way we see it.

Our way of thinking about the circumstances of our life, will often leave us fruitless, without the results we want to see.

But, if we choose to do what he says in his Word, instead of what we think is the best to do, we will see a miracle from him, and will get what we need from him, by faith, and not by logic.

Miracles-Some Believe Some Do Not

Matthew 28:17

It is interesting, that when we read about the miracles that Jesus did in the New Testament, some people believed in him, but some others did not. And, what is more, after seeing the miracles of Jesus, some people like the pharisees, decided even to kill him. So the miracles of Jesus, make some people believe in him, and give their life to him, but the same miracles make some people reject Jesus, and say that those miracles are not valid, and they actually go away from Jesus.

In Matthew 28:17 shows that even some of the disciples of Jesus doubted and did not believe in him, when they saw him after his resurrection, and that is after they have been with him for a long time, and have seen so many miracles that Jesus did.

Some saw him and worshipped him, but the others doubted him. 

So the miracles of God make some people believe in God, but make others doubt and even reject the miracles as a nonsense.