No Handbrake for Your Faith

Mark 6:4,5,6 God is sometimes wondering, even today, just as Jesus did, thousands of years ago, about our lack of faith, in him, and his Word and promises.

In Mark 6:5 Jesus was amazed, about their lack of faith. Jesus wanted to do miracles in that place, just as he wants to do them everywhere and also today. But those people in Mark 6, pulled the handbrake of their faith, and placed a Stop sign, in front of Jesus, to confirm their unbelief. They did not believe him, because they knew him, his parents, his relatives, his brothers and sisters, and they knew the man Jesus, but completely omitted Jesus the Almighty God, the Creator of everything.

And so Jesus choose not to tolerate their unbelief, by not doing many miracles there.

You see, God honors our faith in him, and he will always support a genuine faith in his Word, by even doing miracles, signs and wonders, if necessary, but he can not, and will not tolerate our doubt and unbelief, because, if God answered our prayer full with unbelief, when we ask for something from him, that means he will stimulate us to continue in our life, praying prayers full with unbelief.

We will just think to ourselves, that God answered our prayers, and did a miracle for us, even when we were doubting him and his Word, and we can think, that we can carry on in our life in the future, in the same way.

Jesus always responded to the faith of people, by doing a miracle for them, because he said that it was their faith that healed them, or did something else for them.

Shall I Come and Heal Him?

You know, it is not enough for us Christians, to just want a healing or anything else from God. God wants to see, that we demonstrate our faith somehow. One thing is to believe, but entirely other thing is to act on your faith.

When we read Matthew 8:6,7, we can see, that there is a questions, which Jesus asked the centurion. Now, did not Jesus know, that all that the centurion wanted, is for Jesus to heal his servant. Of course, he knew, because the centurion has already told him so. But despite the fact, that Jesus knew what is the problem with the servant of the centurion, and what that centurion wanted Jesus to do for him, he still asked the centurion that question ‘Shall I come and heal him’? Was that question necessary? Well according to the centurion, probably not, but according to God, yes.

You see, God wants us to not only believe his Word and his promises, but to also act on our faith. God wants us to confess our faith in him and his Word, just like the centurion did, by saying to Jesus, to just say the Word, and his servant would be healed, in verses 8, and 9.

If Jesus did not ask the centurion that question, if he should go to the place of the centurion, and heal his servant, perhaps the centurion would not make those great statements of faith, before Jesus, which he made in verses 8, and 9. What the centurion said in the verses 8 and 9, was pure faith in what Jesus can do for him, pure faith and a confession of faith in the miraculous from God.

That is why Jesus was amazed at his faith, and commented that the faith of the centurion is a great faith. 

God could ask us a question, to test our faith, before he gives us a miracle, in order to see our response, if it will be a response of a great faith, which will glorify God, and will bring the miraculous, or it would be a lack of faith, which will be like a handbrake for the miracle from heaven. And all that is left, is up to us, how we want to respond to the promises of God. 

You Can Be Around Jesus and Miss the Blessing

Did you know, that you can be around Jesus and still miss the blessing? God has many blessings for us, but he never forces any of his blessing on us, and we can completely miss them, if we are full with doubt and unbelief.

In the Gospel of Mark 6:56, It says that many people were around Jesus and that some people, were touching his clothes. But you have to notice that, although many people were around Jesus, only those who came to him and touched his clothes, were healed. Why? Because they had the touch of faith. All the other people, who were around Jesus, but did not touch his clothes, were just spectators, who completely missed it.

There were many people around Jesus, everyday, while he was on earth. Some believed the miracles he did, but others when they saw the miracles, tried to kill him. So, being around Jesus is not enough. You have to do something, some type of action, in order to manifest your faith in him. Touching his clothes with faith, will give you the miracles. They would not touch his clothes, if they did not believe, that he would heal them. The only reason they came to him and touched his clothes, was that they believed, they will be healed, like many other people they have seen before, coming to Jesus, touching his clothes and get healed.

Did not Jesus want to heal all the people around him? Yes he does. But he also wants to see faith. That is why in Mark 6:5, 6 it says that Jesus was in one place, where he did not do many miracles, apart from healing a few people, because of their lack of faith. And he marvelled at their unbelief.

Knowing about Jesus is not enough to produce a miracle in your life. You have to demonstrate your faith in him and his Word, by some action, by something you do. Your actions manifest and display an unbelief or faith, and so do your words. Jesus is more that happy to see those actions of faith.

The power of God was there all the time in Jesus, to heal everyone, but those only standing around him, just like spectators, did not receive it. Only the ones who did something practically, like touching the robe of Jesus because of their faith in him, received his power, and were healed.

Even If Does Not Make Sense Do It

​Have you been is a situation, where God shows or reveals to you, that he wants you to do something specific, but for you personally, it does not make sense at ll? I do not know about you, but I have.

Many of the thing God will do in your life as a Christian, will not make sense to you, but yet there are there, done by the Almighty God, in a supernatural way. You see, the spiritual realm has different dimensions and laws, which differ from the physical realm and dimensions we live here on earth. Not wonder God said in his Word, that his thoughts are not like our thoughts. Of course they are not, and I am so happy that we can know the thoughts of God, as recorded in his Word, which are perfect, and without anything less than purity, holiness and perfection.

When you read the Bible, Old Testament or New, you can see so many times, when God was doing something, and it did not make sense to the people around, watching the miraculous from God. One such example is just before Jesus raised Lazarus from the grave, when one of the sisters of Lazarus, went to Jesus, and told him that Lazarus has been already in the grave for a few days. But Jesus told her, that if she believes, she will see the glory of God.

Jesus wants the same from us today, to just believe, and not rationalise what he is doing. We can not understand many things about God and what he is doing, so we will be losing our time and effort, to try to do so.

Think about the situation with Jesus and his disciples, after the resurrection of Jesus from the grave. He appeared to them, and told them to put their nets, on the right side of the boat, in order to catch fish, as recorded in the Gospel of John 21:6. Now, Peter and John, and some of the other disciples of Jesus, were professional fishermen, who tried to catch fish, whole night, and they did not catch any. And here is Jesus, telling them in the morning, to put their nets on the right side of the boat. I can imagine Apostle Peter scratching his head thinking, ‘Why does Jesus asks us to put the net on the right side of the boat? What does it matter, if we put the net on the left side of the boat or on the right? Is that what makes one to catch fish? Why on the right side? It does not make sense!’ But yet, they did as Jesus told them to do, and they had a miracle in their boat, having nets full with fish.

So, what matters is that, when God gives you any instructions, even if they do not make sense, do not question them, or try to explain them, because most of the time, you will not be able to. Instead, simply believe, with faith, and do what he tells you to do. That is the fist step, of seeing a miracle from God.

How to Have Faith that Brings the Miraculous-Luke 5 and 7

The ways of God in our lives as Christians, often defy logic and common sense. But why is that? Because God is God, and we are just his creation. He is limitless, but we are limited. He always knows why he is doing things, and we often do not know, why we are doing it. And because his ways are higher than our ways, and his thoughts are higher than our thoughts.

The way God sees things, is many times not the way we see them.

In Luke 5:5, 6, we see Jesus asking Peter, to go and fish again. Now, you can not just go and tell a professional fisherman, who has tried to catch fish for a whole night, and who has caught nothing, to go and fish again, in the morning. No, according to the professional fisherman Peter, things do not work like this, in the domain of professional fishing. It seems illogical, is out of common sense, and seems like lose of time and effort.

Legalism vs. Grace of God Luke 6:6-11

There we are. We have here in Luke 6:6-11 a mighty miracle done by Jesus in front of the pharisees, and they instead of believing in him, and give glory to God the Father, started to plan how they can kill him. All they were looking for, was a legalistic keeping of the Law of God, by keeping the Sabbath (verse 7) and therefore, missing completely the mercy and grace of God, expressed by Jesus healing the man, in front of their eyes.

Even today, we have people who see the miracles done by God, and still try to be religious, instead of giving their life to him, and be born again, by the Holy Spirit. They are satisfied with their religion, and think that they do not need miracles from God. 

The pharisees were concentrated on the Law, and in this case, missed the mercy of God for the man with the leprosy hand. And yet Jesus is the one, giving them the Law, by being God himself. How can any person be furious about a good deed of healing, in which we see the ‘stamp’ of the mercy of God?

No surprise here! Guess who is furious with a miracle from heaven. The enemy of our soul.

Perspectives & Point of View-Mark 6:1-6

Point of View-Mark 6:1-6

So many people today, are like the people in the time, when Jesus was on earth.

They can only see him as a prophet, as a wise teacher, as a philosopher, or just another carpenter.

In Mark 6:1-6, we can clearly see, that although Jesus was doing all those miracles, for a few years, in front of thousands of people, there were still people, who could not see him as the Son of God. They saw him only as a man. ‘Is not this the carpenter’ they asked. And yet Jesus said that even if they do not believe what he is saying about himself, they should at least believe on the prove of the miracles themselves, which testified that he is the Son of God.

Jesus even asked them at one point who they think that he is, and only Peter had the real revelation that he is the Messiah, the Son of God. Others thought that he is one of the prophets, or whatever else.

Today, so many people still do not see, that Jesus is God himself, as he said that whoever sees him, sees the Father God.

All that some people see today, is that he is a good moral teacher, and based on that, they miss all the miracles and the supernatural God has for them and their life.

Lack of faith, lack of miracles, and Jesus still marvels today, about their unbelief, in whom he says that he is.

How Much You Want God to Give You? John 6

John 6:11

In John 6:11, Jesus gave them of the fish as much as they wanted.

God does not restrict how much of a blessing you should have. He wants to give you as much as you want, and he is not limiting of how much you should have.

How much we ask God to give us? He wants to give us more than we can ask or imagine. 

He not only gave them as much as they wanted, but he gave them leftovers too, in the feeding of the thousands.

Victory for You-Psalm 23

Psalm 23:4, 5

The Bible says, that all things work for good, for those who love the Lord. 

Well, all things includes also any negative or bad things, happening in our life. 

God is able to take the ugly thing happening to us, and make out a beauty in our life, out of it, for his glory. God wants to make even the hardest moments of our life, into a victory and blessing, because we are more than conquerors through him who loves us.

In Psalm 23:5, we can see how God works all things for our good, by placing a table, in the presence of our enemies. What do our enemies want to do to us? Kill us. Yet, God prepares a table for us, to sit down, eat, enjoy ourselves, in front of death, and our enemies. 

God wants to show death and our enemies, that he has the final word, about our destiny, and what happens to us. We sit down and eat, have fun, while death and enemies are looking at us, in disbelief, of how can we sit down and have a lunch, while in their presence. Oh yes, that is possible when God is with us, because he wants to work everything for our good, even in the presence of death or enemies. To Jesus our Lord be the glory and thanks! 

Who is Our Source? Matthew 16:8-12

Who We Choose to Be Our Source?  Matthew 16:8-12

In Matthew 16:8-12 Jesus was trying to show them, who is the source of their provision, by mentioning to them the two occasions, when he provided food for thousands of people, by a miracle.

The reason Jesus mentioned those to occasions of feeding the thousands supernaturally, was to show them, that when they do not have bread or need something, the source is not themselves, or their circumstances, but him.

That is why Jesus also mentioned to them, and asked them, how many baskets with left overs they had, on the two occasions. He wanted to show them, that he is the God of overflow, the overflow of provision. 

Jesus did not only provide the thousands with food, but gave them more than they need, twice.

And that is the reason why he called them ¨You of little faith¨. The have seen twice the baskets with left over food, supplied by a miracle, and that should have been enough, to make their faith grow. But instead, they still discussed among themselves that they do not have bread.

Jesus was saying to them ¨I am the source of your provision, and not what you have or do not have.¨