Hope at the End of the Rope

OK, now you are in a dangerous and challenging situation, and you wonder, if there is any help for you from heaven. You are not sure if God cares for the small details in your life, and you question yourself in your thinking, if God really does care, about what you are going through. Or perhaps you think, that God is only concerned about the big or ‘important’ things in your life, and only for the spiritual matters, but not for any material matters in your life. 

Now, that is how many Christians our there think, when they are in the tight place. But where does that kind of thinking come from, and is it at all, based on the Bible?

The reality is, that no, it is not based on the Bible, but is based most likely on some human presumptions, and some faulty thinking, which is not really a proper thinking, but is a kind of ‘stinky thinking’, a thinking, which has more to do with the way this world thinks, than is to do with what the Word of God says about us, and our situation.

You say ‘But I am at the end of my rope’. Well, you may be at the end of your rope, but according to God and his Word, is not the ending of you, if you believe and trust, that he will take you out or take you through, in your challenging and difficult situation. Know this, that no matter how short or long your rope is, once you find yourself, at the end of the rope, that is not the end, of a hope for you from God, never was, and never will! Why? Because he is there at the end of the rope, waiting for you, to give you a new rope, full with hope and blessing. Do not believe that? Let us look at Psalm 71.

In Psalm 71:5, 6, 14, we can see, that King David, had learned to make God, his hope, a refuge and a fortress. What does that mean? Well, it means that when his enemies came and surrounded him, and in occasions wanting to kill David, he even then had hope in God, and run to God for help. Just read the whole psalm 71, and you will see, why King David was so powerful, in his life, even though he had to pass sometimes, through many trials and tribulations.

​The key was, he had a trust in God, and he had his hope and help in God, no matter what, he was facing. That could be the key for our hope in difficult situations too, when we pass through the fire. God can help us even when we do not have the hope and trust that he will do, but I am sure, it gives him joy, to find us trusting and hoping in him, for every situation we find ourselves in.

The Difference Between Hope and Faith

We have hope, and we have faith, at the same time, but, they are not the same! They are different!

Faith, is everything to do with now. Faith receives now. Faith does not hope, and is not going to receive in the future. No! Faith receives now! Read Mark 11:22-24.

But hope, does not receive now! If hope receives now, it would not be hope anymore, but it will be faith. Hope is what we are expecting to happen or receive in the future. When in the future? Well, whenever in the future. It does not matter! What matters is, that we wait to receive from God, in the future. 

Faith can not, and should not take the place of hope in our hearts, and hope, can not and should not take the place of faith in our hearts either. Each of them, has its own role and part to play, and each of them, is vital and important, otherwise, the Word of God would not say, that those three remain, faith, hope and love, in 1 Corinthians 13:13.

We need often, to be patient and to wait, to receive from God, what we asked of him, in either our faith, or in our hope. With faith, once we ask from God for something, and then we thank him for the answer that he has gives us already, what we have asked of him, even if we do not see it yet, with our physical eyes. But we believe that he has already given us the answer of our prayer, in the spiritual realm. So, we need to exercise patience, until the answer of our prayer appears in the physical realm. 

But with hope, although we need to be patient for the answer of our prayers from God, we still hope for the future, that one day in the future, God will give us or do something for us, what we have asked of him, but that will happen in the future. We do not have the answer of our prayer now, as we do with faith, but we hope, that we will receive from God, sometime in the future. Read Romans 8:24, 25.

That is the difference between faith and hope, and we need both, because each one, will fulfil its own purpose in our life, as God has determined.

The Top #1 Reason to Hope and Stop Your Worry and Anxiety

This world gives us many reasons to be worried and anxious, but on the other hand, the Word of God gives us reasons not to!

There is no situation left hopeless, if you are with God, because everything is possible with God!

When Jesus went to heaven, he did not leave us hopeless, and he did not leave his disciples hopeless and in despair. God never wants his children to be hopeless! How can you be blessed by God and hopeless at the same time? How can you be victorious in Christ, and yet be hopeless at the same time? No, it does not go like that.

Only this world, which is without God, is hopeless, because they do not have the One, who can turn their situation from hopeless, to hopeful. But we are not of this world, and Jesus said to his followers, that he has overcome the world. He still overcomes, through us, because he lives in us. Jesus is the head, and we are his body, and he wants his body to be full with hope, and to overcome today, for his glory.

In Romans 15:13, it says that we believe in the God of hope. He is called the God of hope. Why? Because there is always hope with him! He loves to turn your hopeless situation into hopeful, because, first of all, he will get the glory by doing that, and second, you will be blessed too.

God wants you and me, to overflow with hope as written in Romans 15:13. Hope means waiting to receive something good, in the future. And not only that, but in Romans 15:13, it also says, that God fills us with joy and peace, so that we can overflow with hope. Being only hopeful for something, but miserable on the inside, while you are waiting, is no fun, and makes what you hope for, to be more difficult to wait for.

But God fills those who hope to receive from him, the answer of what they hope for, with joy and peace, so that it will make it easier for them to wait to receive, what they are hoping for. That is what Romans 15:13 says.

It is sometimes difficult to wait in hope, to receive what you hope for, but if God gives you joy and peace, while you wait, it makes it more bearable and easier to wait for what you are hoping for.

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