Jacob Missed the Will of God

Did you know, that Jacob missed recognizing the will and the plan of God, for his son Joseph? How can the man of God Jacob, to be so analytical, and reasoning, and miss what God was planning for his son, and not giving any place, to the possibility, that God wanted to use his son, even as a young teenager?

Yes, that is how we sometimes can miss the will and plan of God for someone else, when they share their dreams, which they had from God, and we just dismiss them, like they have been the result, of eating too much pizza, in the case of our friends or people who share their God giving dreams, with us.

Lets us look at Genesis, chapter 37, and verse 10. You see, Jacob spiritual sensitivity, went out of the window, regarding the dream of his son Joseph, and Jacob even rebuked his son, for his son Joseph, sharing his dream with his father and brothers.

If you ever have a dream which you think is from God, and you share it with other Christians, and any of them just advice you to forget about that dream, and tell you, that perhaps you had that dream, just because you have eating something spicy, before you went to bed in the evening, do not jump on the same wagon, with them. They just can not see the hand of God, in your life, and in your dream. It is your God giving dream, personally to you, not to them.

Sometimes, you friends or other Christians, can actually take you out of what God is planning to do through you, even if they do all that, with well-meaning, and wish you the best from God.

The mistake Joseph made, was to mention straightway, the God given dream, with his brothers and father, but especially his brothers, because they somehow, seem to not like their brother very much, because they knew that Jacob loved his son Joseph, and perhaps they were jealous about that.

Sometimes it is wiser, to wait, and not share with others, the God given dream you have, because perhaps it is not the best timing for you to do that. Perhaps you need to pray more, and ask God, to confirm to you, if that dream you had, and think is from God, is really from him, or you just had a little bit of indigestion, before you went to bed.

Joseph would not suffer so much, if he waited, and did not share his dream with his brothers. Because it was a dream from God, God would still fulfill and do, what he had shown in the dream, he had given Joseph, even if Joseph did not share that dream with his brothers and father, because, no plan of God will fail, sharing with others or not, the God given dream.

Doing the Will of God-Not ‘Bed and Roses’

Genesis 16:5-12 Sometimes, doing the will of God, is not so easy, as we think. There seems to be a misconception among Christians, that if you are in the perfect will of God, and doing the will of God, then everything should be easy, nice or ‘bed and roses’, in other words.

But, nothing can be far from the truth. Just look at Abraham, and what happened with his slave, Hagar. Now, Hagar, although a slave from Egypt, was still loved by God, like any other human being. She was a slave of Abraham, but was not a slave to God, because she too, was created in the image of God.

But nevertheless, Sarai, the wife of Abraham, had mistreated Hagar, because she could not have children and Hagar was pregnant with a child from her husband Abraham. And on top of that, Sarai, the wife of Abraham, thought that her slave Hagar, was despising her, for not being able to have children, and she was pregnant from her husband.

Now, Sarai treated badly Hagar, and Hagar went away. But, God did not leave Hagar alone, and hopeless. What happened next, was that God visited Hagar, by sending an angel, and that angel told Hagar, to go back to her master Sarai.

Now, that was the will of God for Hagar. But I am sure, Hagar not only was not willing to go back to the trouble she had from Sarai, but perhaps was not even sure, that it is the will of God for her life.

Do you find yourself sometimes, doing all those things you believe God is calling you to do, and yet, there are various obstacles and hills for you to climb, which sometimes seem too much and to hard to handle?

Well, know this, that it is not always easy to do the will of God, but we can sometimes could be like Apostle Paul, who was perfectly doing the will of God, and yet had so many hardships.

So with us, let us not be discouraged, if we know that we do the will of God, follow perhaps his call for our life, and yet, things seems to be hard to do, achieve or accomplish, despite the fact, that we know we are doing the will of God.

Opposition When Doing the Will of God

We as Christians, often think, that if we are doing God’s will, everything will be ‘bed and roses’, because we know that we do God’s will, and his work on earth, so, by default, we often can fall into the trap of thinking, that everything must be good, and must be pleasant, because God is behind it.

But when we look in the Bible, in so many passages, we can see, that it is not the case. There are many examples like Apostle Paul and his team of believers going around Europe, and evangelising, while facing difficulties, beatings and imprisonment. And they were doing God’s will. 

We can often fall into another trap of thinking, that if things do not go well in our life, then that is certainly a sign and a proof, that we are out of God’s will. That is because we think, that if we do God’s will, then surely God must bless us, and our work for him, and everything must be going smooth like a butter. But the reality is often different, than what we thought. 

​Yes, God blesses our work for him, and he blesses us, when we please him, and live according to his will and plan, but that does not mean, that the outside circumstances in our life, will align with the will of God. Just the opposite. Like the case with Apostles Paul, Peter and the other disciples of Jesus, when they were preaching the Gospel, and doing the work of God on earth, they were beaten and imprisoned, and suffered all sorts of trials and tribulations in the circumstances of their life. 

You see, even when we are in the perfect will of God, and do exactly what he wants us to do, and has commanded us to do, there are many people around us, in our life, who will not agree, with that perfect will of God, either because they do not believe in God, or, because although they are Christians, for one reason or another, they will refuse to believe the will of God, for our life personally. The will of God for us personally, is the will of God for us, and not for them, and what God has planned for us, does not mean, that he has planned it for them too. Therefore, we can often see opposition in our life, from other people around us, from the various circumstances of life. 

One of the proof text for that, is found in 1 Thessalonians 2:18. In that passage of Scripture, we can see that Apostle Paul, was trying to do the will of God, and yet, the enemy tried to prevent his, and stop him from doing so, and that for a few times, and not only once. So here, we have Apostle Paul, trying to do the will of God, and yet, he was stopped from doing so, by the enemy. We do not know exactly how the enemy prevented Paul from doing God’s will, by not being able to go, to visit certain believers, but we know, that he did. 

All that means, that Christians could face opposition from the enemy, whenever they try to do God’s will, and they should not be surprised, if they do.

The best think to do, if you are prevented from doing God’s will, is to pray in faith, and ask God, to help you fulfil his plan and will for you, and to remove any blocks and stops, the enemy has placed. Ask God to break and remove any barriers, the enemy has placed in your attempt, to please God and do what he wants you to do.