God’s Provision in a Time of Recession

You see, there may be a recession, but God cares for his own people, to keep them alive in famine, just as he has promised, in his Word, the Bible.

No matter, what oil prices, or electricity prices rise up globally, God cares for his people, and prices may go up, but the Word of God never goes down, meaning, never fails. Yes, God will allow recession in the entire world, but he is mindful, to care for his people.

In the time of severe famine for several years, Jacob and his family, were provided, with the best of the land of Egypt, by God, using Joseph, as we read in Genesis, chapter 45, and verse 18.

Do not even worry, about how much you have been left with, materially, or financially, because of recession or else, because God has a provision in mind for you. Read Genesis chapter 45, verse 20.

Just like for Jacob and his family, God has the best for us, even if there is recession. No recession can tie up the hands of God, to provide for us. God has a plan, to revive our spirits with plenty, from the gloominess, which comes to our hearts, because of the recession worldwide, just as he did for Jacob, in Genesis chapter 45, verse 20.

Being Content Whatever the Circumstances

Today, because of the situation in the world, with the Covid 19 pandemic, and other troubles in this world, many people are not content, with their lives, with their jobs, with their amount of money, with their friendships, and with other things in general. There are many Christians, who for one reason or another, can not feel content, whatever the circumstances in their live. I have myself, felt the same way of not being content, with many different circumstances, in my life. 

But if we look at Apostle Paul, especially what he says in Philippians 4:11-13, we can see, that Paul has learned something, about the circumstances in his life. Now, we remember what type of life, Apostle Paul had, after he became a Christians. That man, in comparison with many of us Christians, has been through all sorts of troubles, and lack in his life, with some beatings, lack of sleep and food, not having enough clothes, persecuted many times, nearly killed a few times, and yet, when we read what he says in Philippians 4:11-13, we see that despite of all that, he has learned a lesson. And that lesson, is absolutely and completely according to the will of God, for Apostle Paul, and for us Christians, because, obviously, he wrote about that, in the Epistle to the Philippians.

The lesson Apostle Paul had learned, was that he knew how to be content, in whatever the circumstances. Paul did not grumble, about his life, or about his lack of food and clothing, or about the lack of other things he needed. Instead, he had learned to be content, despite the circumstances. Now, that  is living by faith, and not by sight. If Apostle Paul was living by circumstances in his life, no way he was going to be content, as he said, that he was. No way! With all those horrible things happening in his life as a Christians, he would have a mental breakdown, and physical burnout. But no, he has learned to be content. 

If Paul was content not matter what happened in his life, that alone would save him, from all sorts of worries and anxiety, about lack of food, clothes and other things. He would be going to bed peacefully, and waking up peacefully, with not worries where or how he could get, food, clothes or other things he needed. Paul said that he can do all things, by him who was giving him strength. In other worlds, the reason why Paul was content always, is because he trusted that in any situation, in any needs he had, God will take care of him, and provide him not only the strength he needed, but everything else. God was providing Paul strength, in order to enable him, to pass through the lack of food, lack of clothes, lack of sleep, by the grace of God, so that he could by God’s grace and strength, endure all that lack of things, and hardships, until God provided for him, all that he needed in his life.

If we trust and believe God just as Apostle Paul did, God will provide us also, with the strength we need, to go through the lack of money, jobs, food, clothes, and other things, so that we can learn to be content, in whatever circumstances we finds ourselves in, until we receive the full provision from God, for all those things we need.

Reasons Why God Will Help You

You have to have a confidence in God, and believe him, in order to be like king David, who entirely relied on his God, to help him, in his troubles. 

When you read the Psalms, you will find in many places, that king David, always went to God for help, in whatever trouble he was facing. He had that trust and confidence in his God, that God will help him and protect him. I mean, think about it. King David was involved in battles, on the battle field, where he could easily be killed. And that was not only once or twice, but many times, while he was a king. And yet, he trusted in God for protection, and God protected him. 

When you read Psalm 25:15, 16, 17, you can see, that king David, was suffering, and was in anguish, for whatever reason, and very often as you can read in the Psalms, the reason was his enemies. King David, was the man after God’s heart, as the Bible says, yet, he was many times in trouble and anguish. You may be thinking, well, how can king David, be a man after God’s own heart, and yet, suffer and be in anguish, so many times? Well, yes, he was a man after God’s own heart, and God delivered him from all sorts of troubles and suffering, but God did not prevent king David, having troubles. It is obvious that king David had troubles and suffered a lot, as you read through the Psalms, and in the Old Testament. But God delivered him, and helped him, in all those troubles. 

So we as Christians, have a promise from Jesus too, that we will troubles in this world. That is one of the promises of God for us, and we like it or not. But yet, Jesus also said, that he has overcome the world, and he expects us, to do the same, with his help, and for his glory. Read John 16:33.

Going back to king David, in Psalm 25:15, 16, 17, he was asking God, to release him from his anguish and his troubles of his heart. King David, the man after God’s own heart, often felt squeezed and pressed, from various directions in his life, which made him feel alone, in anguish, helpless, afflicted and fearful. Do you find yourself in a similar situations sometimes? Do not despair. There is hope for you!

Whenever you feel lonely, call on him, who is always with you, and promised to never forsake or leave you! Whenever you are full of fear, call to God to help you and release you from fear, just like king David did, and just as it is written, in Psalm 34. When you are in depression of despair, come to Jesus, who promised to leave his joy in us. 

Whatever ails you, come to God, because his hand is not too short to deliver, and comfort you in trouble. He has the answer, before you even had the problem. But he is not going to just pour out his answer to you, unless you come to him, and show and prove by your actions, that you are in trouble, even though, he knows it anyway. He just wants you to come to him, and pour out your heart, not because he does not know what is in your heart, because he does, but because he wants to see your willingness to come to him for help, and expressing your trust and believe in him, for delivering you, from your trouble. 

How to Stop Worrying about Your Needs-Matthew 6

God has warned us, not to worry about what we shall eat, or what we shall drink!

You do not need to worry anymore, how you will get money for what you need, be it food, clothes, rent, cars, and other things!

The fact that Jesus said that you should not worry about how you will get what you need, shows, that God is really concerned about your needs being met!

But what is worrying about your needs being met?

Well, it is the constant thinking, reasoning and calculating in your mind, of how and from where is the best place for you, to find what you need. It is all based on logic, and not on faith. Faith does not calculate, reason, or estimate! It just trusts and believes the truth, and the Word of God is truth.

Where to Look When in Desperation-Psalm 13

When we consider, that it is king David, the man after God’s own heart, talking in Psalm 13, we can see, that he was at the end of the rope. Somehow, because of his enemies, he seems to have lost all faith, or all hope. All he was looking at, was the victory of his enemies over him.

What made David, think that God has forgotten him – Psalm 13:1? He knew that God has cared for him, and has saved him from his enemies before! What made him lose hope?

Thinking about circumstances, instead of thinking about God and his Word. He allowed his attention to dwell more on his enemies and circumstances, than on God and his Word.

But despite all the dark circumstances around him, David decided at some point, to start looking to God, and his care for him. He remembered who God is, and what God’s character is. That made him to gain back hope and faith, to look beyond the circumstances.

We could be in a similar situation, when we are pressed on every side, by the worries of life, and we could be tempted to lose all hope. 

Life could be tough and rough sometimes, and that could attract our attention like a magnet.

But we like David, have to learn to look beyond circumstances, toward God and his Word, because we live by faith and not by sight. He had to learn, that his enemies and circumstances are nothing in comparison to his faith in God, and the promises of God.

If We Care for Others God Cares for Us-Psalm 41

Psalm 41:1

When we look at Psalm 41:1, 2, 3, we can see, that if we care for the people who are in trouble, who are suffering and need help, God will care for us, when we are in trouble.

Seek first his Kingdom, and everything else will be added to you.

It is about a deliberate consideration of the helpless and weak people, regardless if we like them or not. It has nothing to do who we like or not like. God even cares and is merciful to the wicked, and although he does not like their wickedness, he still has a common grace for them, and is kind to them and cares for them.

This is similar to what Jesus said in Matthew 25, that what we do to others, is like doing it to him. Many of the things we do to other people sometimes, we would not even dare thinking of doing them to Jesus, would we? Oh, Father God, have mercy on us!

In verse 1, we have the promise of being taken care by God for us, especially when we are in trouble.

Verse 2 is about we being protected from our enemies and being blessed on earth.

And verse 3 is about God healing us when we are sick.

And all that, just because we have considered the problems of other people, to help them, if we are willing to.

May God the Father help us to consider the helpless, more often, in the name of Jesus, because, possibly, we are not doing it enough, as he wants us to. Amen!