We Shine by Walk, not Just Talk

Talk is cheap, but walk is difficult, sometimes.

You can talk all day long, but what God is mostly concerned, and people around us, is to see our walk, the spiritual walk in Christ we have, not just the words.

Our walk, proves our talk. If we do not walk the talk, we are like an empty glass, which can not fulfill its own purpose, because there is nothing in it…

The Apostle John said, as recorded in the Bible, that we should not love with words, but with actions. Our actions are the stamp, or the signature, which proves the validity or our Christian ‘cheque’.

Just like faith without deeds, is dead, so is our Christian talk, which will become, dead and empty, if it is not accompanied by our faith walk, or a spiritual walk in Christ.

Our real transformation or change from above, is mainly proven, by how we walk, in the ways of God, not just by our spiritual talk.

It is easy to make the talk, but often, it is difficult to make the walk. Our Christian walk is where most of the grace and power of God is needed, in order to enable us, to do the right actions, in a difficult situation.

In Matthew 5:16, it says that our light should shine before men, so that they will see our good works. Notice it says they should see our good works, not our good words. Even people in this world, want to to see how we live, on a daily basis, not what we talk and preach.

It says they should see our good works, by us letting our light shine, before them. But we do not not have our own light. The light that we have, is the light of God, or from God, because God is Light. So, if we are born again Christians, we have already, the light of God in us.

That is what people in this world, want to see, not us. But although we have the light of God in us, we still have to make a choice to do actions, which will be motivated by that light in us, and will reflect the light of God in us.

Jesus who is the Light, wants to shine through us, and our actions, to the people in this world, who live in darkness. Will we let him do so?

Open Letter-Matthew 5:16

People are more likely to believe our good deeds rather than our good talk.

People want to see how we live, not how we talk.

Everybody can make the easy talk. But not everyone is walking the difficult walk.

The pharisees were talking the talk but not walking the walk, because Jesus said that they do not practice what they preach.

We are the open letter which people read. Are we the letter from heaven?

Jesus said that by us loving each other, people will know that we belong to him.

A Treasure from Heaven in Earthly Vesels-2 Corinthians 5:12

Today in this world, most people value what is seen, but undervalue, what is in the heart. What do we have in the heart, as christians? Well, we have the Holy Spirit of our Father God, creator of the universe, which this world, does not have. We have an eternal life in our born again spirit, which people in this word, do not have. We have the fruit and gifts of the Holy Spirit, which this world does not have. We have the anointing of God, the glory, the power of God, which this world does not have. We have the Kingdom of God on the inside of us, which the world does not have. We have the Creator of the Universe living in us. What more we need?

Christian Bible Study-God’s Part and Our Part 2 Peter 1

When we read 2 Peter 1:5, 6, 7, we see that we are commanded to add and increase our self control, godliness, kindness and love. We are supposed to do all things in our life. It is our own effort. We must apply an effort to do those things.

But the Bible also says that we have the fruit of the Holy Spirit in us, like self control, kindness, goodness and love.

So it is not enough that we have the fruit of the Holy Spirit in us. It does not automatically make us live the Christian life, as God requires.

We also have our part to play. We are commanded from Jesus to love one another. We must put an effort to be patient, kind, gentle, loving our neighbour. It is not only about the fruit of the Holy Spirit in us. We have to decide to love others, and make the effort to be patient, gentle, kind, self controlled and merciful. We cooperate with God, who lives in us, and who helps us to love others, and to be patient, self controlled and kind.

In fact it says in verse 8, that those qualities in us must increase. 

Yes, an unbeliever, who does not have the Holy Spirit, also can try to be kind, gentle, and love other people, but it is not the same. Because a person who does not have the Holy Spirit and his fruit in himself, although he tries to love others, he can not in the same way, as we as Christians can do, because we have the love of God, in our hearts, by the Holy Spirit, and an unbeliever does not.