Doing the Will of God-Not ‘Bed and Roses’

Genesis 16:5-12 Sometimes, doing the will of God, is not so easy, as we think. There seems to be a misconception among Christians, that if you are in the perfect will of God, and doing the will of God, then everything should be easy, nice or ‘bed and roses’, in other words.

But, nothing can be far from the truth. Just look at Abraham, and what happened with his slave, Hagar. Now, Hagar, although a slave from Egypt, was still loved by God, like any other human being. She was a slave of Abraham, but was not a slave to God, because she too, was created in the image of God.

But nevertheless, Sarai, the wife of Abraham, had mistreated Hagar, because she could not have children and Hagar was pregnant with a child from her husband Abraham. And on top of that, Sarai, the wife of Abraham, thought that her slave Hagar, was despising her, for not being able to have children, and she was pregnant from her husband.

Now, Sarai treated badly Hagar, and Hagar went away. But, God did not leave Hagar alone, and hopeless. What happened next, was that God visited Hagar, by sending an angel, and that angel told Hagar, to go back to her master Sarai.

Now, that was the will of God for Hagar. But I am sure, Hagar not only was not willing to go back to the trouble she had from Sarai, but perhaps was not even sure, that it is the will of God for her life.

Do you find yourself sometimes, doing all those things you believe God is calling you to do, and yet, there are various obstacles and hills for you to climb, which sometimes seem too much and to hard to handle?

Well, know this, that it is not always easy to do the will of God, but we can sometimes could be like Apostle Paul, who was perfectly doing the will of God, and yet had so many hardships.

So with us, let us not be discouraged, if we know that we do the will of God, follow perhaps his call for our life, and yet, things seems to be hard to do, achieve or accomplish, despite the fact, that we know we are doing the will of God.

Using Our Talent-Matthew 25:25

How many times we blame God for various things, as an excuse not to do what he has required and given us to do?

We get a task from God, but we try to say to him that the task is too difficult for us to do, or that we do not have the time to do it.

So, we just point to God and say that the task is not the best for us, or, it is not one which is appropriate for us.

We do that as an excuse not to do what he has given us to do, justĀ  like the man who hid the talent in the ground and did not do what he was given to do from his master.

But the master actually showed the servant that the fault was not his, but of the servant, who did not use the talent given to him.