Born Again or Bored Again

There are two types of Christians in the world, the born again, and the bored again Christians.

The ones who are born from above, that is from the Holy Spirit, are the born again Christians. The ones who are born from bellow, that is by tradition, religion and the philosophy of this world, are the other types of Christians, they are the ones, born by the flesh.

The ones who are born from above, are the ones who have the living God on the inside of them, and they have the fullness of God in themselves. They are the real, and true Christians, which Jesus cares about, because he lives in them, by his Holy Spirit. They can not be bored, because they have been born from heaven, and nothing in heaven or from heaven, can ever be boring.

​The ones who are born from bellow, that is born by religion, tradition and philosophy, are usually bored, because there is nothing from from heaven in them, since the Holy Spirit does not live in them, and they according to the New Testament, are spiritually dead. Now being spiritually dead is boring, really boring, because the source of life, God himself, does not live in them. They are the Christians, to are such in mind only, but not in heart. Their minds are ‘born again’ by religion and tradition, but their hearts remain dead, because the Holy Spirit, is not in them.

The only true Christians who Jesus would call his own, are those who are a new creation. What is a new creation? Well, that is a human spirit, which has been dead before accepting Jesus as a personal Savior and Lord, separated from God, who is the source of life. But once that person gives their life to Jesus, and accepts him as a Lord and Saviour, the Holy Spirit comes in the heart or the spirit of that person, and makes it alive, by making it a new creation. The spirit of man becomes born again from the Holy Spirit, and also become one with the Holy Spirit, because whoever is joined to the Lord, is one with him.

​The Christians who are born from bellow, by the flesh, and by religion, tradition or philosophy, are those to whom Jesus will say ‘I never knew you, depart from me, you evil doers’. How could they be born again from heaven, if they are evil doers? You can not be a Christian, and a bank robber at the same time. And how could Jesus tell them that he never knew them, if they were born again from his Holy Spirit, and if he is living in them, being their Lord and Savior. So, obviously, they were never born from above, but what they had, was just religion or philosophy.

Spiritual Jews-Romans 2:29

What God really cares about, is if we are born from above, born from him.

According to Jesus no one can see the Kingdom of God, unless they are born again.

We are spiritual Jews, because we are born again from the Holy Spirit. God looks at the heart.

Jesus condemned the Pharisees, because they nullified and ignored the Word of God, in order to keep their traditions. It is possible that they thought keeping a tradition made from men will save them.

Jesus did not like their ignorance of his words, which could make them to become a people, born again from above. They thought that by being naturally Jews, by birth, and keeping men made traditions is the key to go to heaven.

But God recognizes only one type of a heart, which is circumcised by the Spirit of Almighty God. The heart which has become a new creation in Christ Jesus. That heart is a heart of a spiritual Jew!

A Treasure from Heaven in Earthly Vesels-2 Corinthians 5:12

Today in this world, most people value what is seen, but undervalue, what is in the heart. What do we have in the heart, as christians? Well, we have the Holy Spirit of our Father God, creator of the universe, which this world, does not have. We have an eternal life in our born again spirit, which people in this word, do not have. We have the fruit and gifts of the Holy Spirit, which this world does not have. We have the anointing of God, the glory, the power of God, which this world does not have. We have the Kingdom of God on the inside of us, which the world does not have. We have the Creator of the Universe living in us. What more we need?

People Look on the Outside, God on the Inside- Luke 19:1-10

People look at the outside, but God looks at the heart of men.

Being a tax collector, in those days, was one of the most hated jobs. 

Zaccheus was hated by people, because of his professional title. He was despised, rejected, and labelled by many, as the bad guy! He took their money, and as far as people are concerned, he was the person who stirred up hatred in the hearts of many people. 

But, that was on the outside. That was what people were seeying about Zaccheus. 

He was that little man, and in their eyes, he was little not only in height, but as a person too, all to do, with the career he chose to follow. Zaccheus was that little man, with a big heart, which was willing to repent, and because wanting to please Jesus, was also willing to give back big part of his money, to all those from whom he was taking too much.

But, how God looked at Zaccheus was a totally different story.

People thought that Jesus must never pay attention to people like Zaccheus, because according to them, he was a sinner, working as tax collector, and taking more than he was supposed to do, as he admitted himself.

But Jesus saw the good soil in his heart, and he saw that the heart of Zaccheusis ready for repentance. 

Most people could see Jesus passing by, but Zaccheusbeing short man, could not. But, he had a hunger to find out who Jesus was, and to see him. That was proved by him jumping on a tree, ready to do anything, just to see Jesus passing by.

Jesus saw that hunger in his heart, and called him to come down from the tree, because the hunger of Zaccheusto find out about Jesus, attracted the attention of God.

People do not see what is really in your heart, so they will miss judge you, and will get the wrong impression about you, at times. But God, knows exactly who you are as a personality, and what your real thoughts are.

We know the saying ¨Do not judge the book by its cover¨. That is what people did about Zaccheus, but Jesus knew what is in him.

God Sees Us As Perfect Forever-100%

The Bible clearly states, that our God the Father, sees us his born again children, as perfect. 

But on the other hand, we know, that in our daily life, we are not perfect, but we make many mistakes, and sometimes we sin, although we do not want to.

We sin, because of our weaknesses, and giving into temptation, and because we fight the sinful nature which is in our bodies. 

But despite of that, God still sees as perfect, all the time. How can that be?

If we read Hebrews 10:14, we can see clearly, that it says Jesus made us perfect forever, by his own sacrifice and death on the cross. It is because of what Jesus did for us, and not because of what we do or do not do, that God the Father, sees us as perfect forever.

Of course, we still have to grow in our salvation, and we still have to grow in our spiritual life, and we are commanded to be holy, because God is holy!

We are not saved and made perfect forever, by our own works, but our own works, prove that we are saved.