Discover the Path to Have All Your Needs Met-1 Timothy 6

One thing is certain! That if you believe in God and follow and serve him, all your needs will be met! All of them! Not just some! 

God is more than a willing and has promised, to supply all your needs! That is the truth, if you want to believe it or not!

God does not want any of your needs, to be unsatisfied! Why should he care to supply some of your needs, and not another?

Instant Boost to Your Faith for Abundant Provision-Psalm 23

How well you know your Shepherd, will determine how much of green pastures you see around in your life.

The less we know Jesus Christ our good Shepherd, the more dry grass and no pastures we will find around us.

God wants to lead you to a green pastures, if you are his sheep.
God always wanted to give you green pastures, instead of a dry morsel.

From the very beginning, God gave Adam and Eve a green pastures, and more, the Paradise.

God hates lack in your life, as much as you do. Just read Psalm 23:1.

How to Stop Worrying about Your Needs-Matthew 6

God has warned us, not to worry about what we shall eat, or what we shall drink!

You do not need to worry anymore, how you will get money for what you need, be it food, clothes, rent, cars, and other things!

The fact that Jesus said that you should not worry about how you will get what you need, shows, that God is really concerned about your needs being met!

But what is worrying about your needs being met?

Well, it is the constant thinking, reasoning and calculating in your mind, of how and from where is the best place for you, to find what you need. It is all based on logic, and not on faith. Faith does not calculate, reason, or estimate! It just trusts and believes the truth, and the Word of God is truth.

End Your Nightmare of Lack with Psalm 103

he Word of God is full, with so many promises, for all those who believe, that their needs will be met by God!

If you find yourself lacking anything which you need in life, like, money, jobs, food, etc, then read, because the Word of God has to say something to your personally about that!

There are some Christians, who claim for example, that if God has promised something in the Old Testament, then that is only for the people of Israel, and not for us as Christians. That is not so!

In the New Testament, saint Paul says that we are spiritual Jews, because we are co-hairs with Christ. We are the children of the promise, children of Abraham, just because of our faith in Jesus Christ. Yes, we are not physically Jews, but we are spiritual Jews, according to saint Paul!

When king David says in Psalm 103, that God satisfies his desires with good things, do you think that is only for him and for the people of Israel? No, because you are a child of God in Jesus Christ, therefore, that promise is also for you! God loves you as much as he loved king David!

Why he should love us less!

In Psalm 103:2, it says that we should not forget the benefits from God. What benefits? Well, all those blessings which God has given you in the past, or has given you today! That is all those things you needed in the past, like food, jobs, clothes, and any other spiritual or material blessings!

The Secret of Eliminating Lack in Your Life-Psalm 37

Do you want to terminate and eliminate the lack of what you need in you life, the way God intended it to be? Then read on, because there are sure ways from God, of how to stop living in not enough of all you need, be it finances, car, jobs, food, clothes and other necessary things in life!

God created you with needs, so he is more than concerned to satisfy and provide for those needs, as he has promised in his Word.

All thought the Bible, be it Old Testament or New Testament, we can see our God as being the provider of all people have needed in the past. But that is not only for the past, because he has promised to provide for all his children, past, present or future!

Our God is not like some politicians, who promise us something, but fail to deliver! No, God does not waste his time and our time, with false hopes, about our needs being provided for!

Our God is never limited by our circumstances. He creates something out of nothing, just as he created the heaven and earth by his Word, out of nothing.

No mountain of lack, and not enough, is too big for our Father God in heaven, to be removed!

There are so many passages in the Bible, which show that God can provide for needs of people, where there is not even any reason to think so.

Think about the Israelis who spend 40 years in the wilderness, how God provided for all they needed, even though, they doubted that he can! He provided for thousands of people in the wilderness, without them being able to work for it, or pay for it. He fed them and provided for them, in a place, when logically, not person would think, that you can get your needs met in whatever way. That is in the wilderness.

What type of food can you get, for a few thousand people, on a daily basis, in a wilderness? Nothing! Yet God proved to them, that he will provide for them, for 40 years, daily! Not 40 days or months, no, 40 years of daily supply of all they needed, and yet, there were some, who still doubted where their next meal is going to come from.

You Too Can Learn How to be Free from Anxiety and Worry-John 14

There is so much trouble out there in the world today, so that the heart of a Christian or unbeliever, can sink into the darkness of despair. All that Covid 19 stuff, has created even more fearful event in the world, to make your head spin.

As a Christian, do you find yourself sometimes also sinking in despair and anxiety, even just by watching what is going on in the News? Do you sometimes feel fearful and worried, what is going to happen next in all this situation of trouble and bad news in the world? If you do, you are not alone!

Even as a Christians, we can fall into depression and negative way of thinking just by watching what is going around us, and in the world.

But, as a Christian, you have the great advantage, in comparison of people of this world, without God! What is the advantage? Well, the solid truth and fact, that you have the Spirit of the Almighty God, living on the inside of you, the one who is also called the ‘Comforter’ in the original Greek language by which the New Testament is written.

You see, when we read chapter 14 and verse 1 from the Gospel of John, we can clearly see, that Jesus told his disciples, not to let their hearts be troubled. That is not an option, I believe that is a command! God does not tell us “Well, if you want….Click here to continue…

Kiss your Illness Goodbye with Psalm 92

Did you know, that God surely wants you healthy and healed!

The is no one place in the whole Bible, where God has been unwilling to heal people, either Old or New Testament! But there are plenty of Scriptures in the whole Bible, which shows that God heals, and wants to heal you too, Old Testament or New!

Whatever the condition you have, does not matter for God, because he does not care if it is so called curable or incurable condition. Jesus said that everything is possible, for the one who believes. Everything! Even Covid 19 is no barrier for God to heal!

How can some Christians wonder if God heals today or if he is willing to heal? Where they get that idea from? Surely that idea did not come from heaven, or from the Word of God, but it definitely came from hell! Definitely! Why? Because there is only one in this world, who does not want you to be healed, and that is the devil, who according to Jesus, came to kill, still, and destroy. Destroy what? Your health, and your believe in a healing from God today!

God does not allow there to be sickness in heaven, and he does not want sickness on earth, especially in the bodies of his children, the born again Christians.

We are the body of Christ. Would God want his body, the body of Christ, his church, to be sick? Would not Jesus care enough for his body, the body of Christ, the church to heal it from disease? Surely he will, and he does, as is the testimony of thousands of people in the world today, who have been healed from God, from all sorts of diseases, including cancer and Covid 19! Glory and thanks be to our Lord Jesus Christ, that he heals us today, those who believe that he still does!

In Psalms 92:12-14, we can see very clearly, that the Word of God promises that those who believe in God, and serve him, will flourish like palm tree. Now, let me ask you a question. How can you flourish like a palm tree, if you are sick in your body, and especially if you look like a dry plant, and not like a flourishing palm tree, due to an illness in your body?

Now, look at verse 14 of Psalm 92. Do you see what it says? It says that you will stay fresh and green, if you are a child of God! How can you look fresh and green, especially, if you are sick with a serious illness or condition. No, when you are really seriously sick, you will look like a trampled on vegetable, and certainly not like a plant which is fresh and green.

The idea that the Word of God says that those who believe in God, will look fresh and green, is absolutely implicating, that God wants you to be healthy and healed. That is what God said! He just has said in Psalm 92:14, that if you serve him, and believe in him, he will definitely make you look fresh and green, just like a Palm tree.

​Think about it. Can a sick tree look fresh and green? Surely not, but a healthy tree can and will. So will be you, if you want to believe what God says about you, your condition or illness, that if you carry on believing what he said in his Word, you too will look fresh and green, free from sickness in your life, because Jesus has already done on the cross, and by his resurrection from the grave, everything we need, to be healed. In the wound of Jesus we are healed! Amen!

#1 Breakthrough in Freedom from Your Anxiety and Worry-Psalm 9

You can break free, from anxiety and worry about, how you will pay your next bill, where to find a job, or to be healed from disease! That is what God promises in so many places in his Word for his children!

Do you find yourself, in a situation where you are stuck with an incurable condition, or you wonder how you can pay your bills, or you worry about how to find an employment, and more money for your needs?

Well, all this situation in the world, with this Covid 19 stuff, is really making the world wonder and worry, what will happen next. But, if you are a Christian, read on, because the one who created the world, has put his attention on you, and your situation.

God either cares for us, or he does not. What matters is that he has said that he…..Click here to continue

Your Shortcut to Turn your Illness into Healing-3 John

God’s will for you is to heal you! No question about it!

Old Testament or New Testament, the Bible is full with examples of healing from God, for everyone who believes, from all sorts of diseases.

Being sick does not bring glory to God, but being healed by God, does!

Let us start with our salvation first! Did you know, that the original Greek word for ‘save’ also means ‘heal’? In other words, when Jesus died on the cross for us, he provided not only salvation for us and forgiveness of sins, but also a healing for us.

God does not care what it is called, if it is called Covid 19, Covid 20 or 2000! God who created the heaven and earth is not only willing to heal from Covid 19, but is also able to do so!

The question if God wants to heal or not, simply evaporates, when we……Click here to continue…

Say Goodbye to Frustrating Lack of Money-Hebrews 13

Can we really say ‘Goodbye’ to the lack of money in our life as Christians? 
Well, if we look at the Word of God, in the Epistle to the Hebrews, we surely can!

In Hebrews chapter 13, it talks about God never leaving us and never forsaking us. 

Often, we would think it talks about God being present with us, just as Jesus has promised us, that he will be always with us.

But here, in Hebrews 13:5, it talks about God never leaving us without what we need. 

In fact, it talks about us, being content with what we have. But the fact is, very often we are not content with what we have. Why is that? Is it because we get bored sometimes with the things we have, and therefore, what something new and exiting?

Well, that is not God has said, in Hebrews 13. He did not say that we should look for new things, if we get bored with what we have already. No, what he said is that we should be content, that our needs are met. That is what God wants us to be content, despite the fact, that often, we are not content with the stuff we have.

In Hebrew 13:5, talks about us being free from the love of money. Why is that? Continue reading…click here

The Really Simple Way to Get Your Needs Met-Psalm 128:1, 2

The Scripture is very clear, you will have all needs met by God. There are no ifs and buts if you read Psalm 128:1,2!

He has said that, and it will be done!

It is a wonder to figure out, how can some Christians fight against the prosperity of their needs met by God, and have leftovers, when it is very clear in many passages of the Bible, that God is our God of more than enough.

Do not we see, that twice when Jesus provided food for thousands of people, as recorded in the Gospels, there were ……..Continue:

At Last You Will Find How to Get a Job from God-Psalm 112

Are you struggling at the moment to get a job?

There are so many people now in the world, who need employment, because of the Covid 19 pandemic.

Perhaps you have been looking to find a new job for a long time.

Be sure of the fact of the promise of God, that he cares for you and will provide you with an employment. But how can you be sure?

Well, let us look at Psalm 112. In verse 2 the Word of God says that if you are a Christian, and serve God, you will be blessed. How can you be blessed, if you do not have a job? The two just do not go together.

It is all down to what we want to believe more.

The circumstances of unemployment we see, and our empty pocket, or the Word of God, and what God says about it.

Think about it. God created the whole universe and the earth, and all the gold and diamonds in the earth just by his Word, by what God spoke.

He created the universe by his spoken words out of nothing. Now, do not you think, that God will surely provide you with a job by commanding a job to be given to you?

He even gave job to Adam and Eve from the very beginning. And now, you are his beloved child.

He was willing to give up for you and me, the most precious he ever had, his Son Jesus to suffer a horrible death on the cross, for my and your sins.

God the Father did not refuse to let Jesus go on the cross for you and me. And will he be unwilling to give a job to you? No way!

He promised to give good gifts to those who ask him.

So, do not wonder anymore, if God will provide you with a job, because he will! God said in Psalm 112:3 that wealth and riches will be in your house, if you believe in him and follow him. That wealth and riches surely includes an employment! Why should God want to give you wealth and riches, and not want to give you a job?

God wants not just to pay your bills, but for you to have more than enough. That is what he said, that wealth and riches are yours! That is much more than just having a job! He wants you to have more than a salary!

God wants you to be rich! Read verse 3 again!

That is the opinion of God, not a man. God wants you prosperous! That is God’s own idea, not man’s! Wealth and riches means only one thing, wealth and riches, and there are no ifs, no buts, and all the other stuff, which does not come from heaven.

How to Break Free From Lack and Not Enough-Matthew 19:22

Why did he go away sad? Because he realised that he had to possibly give up his possessions.

Jesus has just told him that one of the ways in the eyes of God to be perfect is to give to the poor. To be like God, who is the giver of every blessing.

It is possible that the rich man did not reslise, what he would get from God, if he decided to give up his riches and follow Jesus.

Perhaps he thought that he has achieved already, the purpose of his life, to become rich.

Just like many people in the world today, who think that is the purpose of their life.

But that is because they do not know, what God has for them, if they decide to give their life to him.

The rich man probably thought that he will be left with nothing, if he decided to follow Jesus. Many people today, think in the similar way.

But that is because they do not know that if they seek first the Kingdom of God, everything else will be added to them.

The rich man surely did not realise it, that is why he thought that he will be counted as a loser, if he became a Christian.

Pray And Praise God Without Ceasing — MRS. T’S CORNER

Have there been times you did not feel like reading your Bible? What about times not wanting to pray? Have you ever felt weary and did not know the reasons? This happened to me on the morning of Thursday, August 20, 2020. When I woke up something was amiss and I could not figure out […]

Pray And Praise God Without Ceasing — MRS. T’S CORNER

Pray or Slumber – Matthew 26:40, 41

Pray or perish. The more we press the snooze button, the less we pray, and the more we are tempted. The less we pray, the more we sin. Be filled with the Holy Spirit. That is a command, not an option.

How can we be filled with the Holy Spirit if we do not pray?

Jesus said in another place that we are in error, because we do not know the Scriptures or the power of God. How can we know the power of God, if we do not pray? Knowing and even acting on the Word of God is not enough.

If we do not pray, we lose communication with heaven, and when we do, the communication we are left with is this world and what it has to offer.

The image of God shines brighter and is shaped more and more in our life, when we pray. Less prayer, less image from heaven in us, and more from the fallen human nature in us and this world.

Surely Jesus prayed more intensively, the closer he came to the cross. That is why he urged the disciples to do the same, shortly before he was captured and crucified. In the most crucial time in the garden of temptation, they pressed the snooze button. I am sure God wanted them to press the prayer button instead of the snooze button.

The less we pray, the more we sleep. The more we sleep, the less we have what heaven has to offer. When we press the spiritual snooze button, we drop the Sword, and lose the battle.

The less we pray, the more we sin. The more we sin, the less we grow in maturity in Christ. The less we mature in Christ, the more of the solid food for us God has we miss. We carry on drinking only milk and stay like a spiritual infant.

The enemy knows that the less we pray, the more we can be tempted, so he is watching for an opportunity we give him, when we press the snooze button.

Why Forgive? Matthew 18:21, 22, 35

That is forgiving without limit. That is why Jesus used a big number, to show us that we must always forgive.

Ho many times God forgives us when we sin? Up to seven times? Up to seventy seven times? No he forgives us number of times without limit. That is why, he wants us to forgive without limit.

We may think think that for some of the worse situations in our life, when people sin against us, we can not forgive, because it hurts too much to forgive those who sin against us.

But forgiving is not forgetting. It is not about how we feel. It is about a choice made from us, based on our desire to forgive, because we have been commanded to by God.

God has commanded us to forgive others, because he has forgiven us. He wants us to be like him.

Forgiveness is a part of the image of God in us. The more we forgive, the more we look and act like God, and the brighter his image shines in us. It is about how much we want to be like him.

Let Grow or Let Worry-Luke 8:7,14

God wants us to grow in our faith in him, but we can do certain things in our life, which will hinder or prevent that growth, or the level of that growth.

One of the things which will slow down our growth in the things of God, is our daily worries and cares, for the many things which are in our life, and which often are very important.

When a seed is sown into the ground, if there are good conditions in the soil, and if the soil is good, it will die and produce a plant. But, that plant needs to grow. If there are no thorns around that seed, that plant will grow no problem.

But if there are thorns close to that seed, the pant will be overshadowed by the thorns, and they will slow down the growth of that plant.

In a similar way, when there are many cares in our life, and many worries, we can let them overshadow the function and the purpose of the Word of God in our life.

Of course we need to take care of many vital and important things in our life, on a daily basis, perhaps, we need to sort out or sift, which things are not necessary, even if we think that they are.

It is up to us, if we will let various spiritual ‘thorns’ to overshadow the work of God in our life.

We can be like Mary, which chose to be with Jesus, and to listen to him, sitting at his feet. Or we can be like Martha, which was listening to noise of all the preparations going on in the kitchen, instead of listening to Jesus (Luke 10:41). It is all about choice.

Jesus recommended Mary, instead of Martha, because Mary chose to be with Jesus when he came to them, instead to be with all the cooks and chefs in the busy kitchen.

Martha let the worries about the cakes and chicken in the oven, take over, and overshadow, what Jesus was talking to those listening and sitting around him.

Martha let the worries of the kitchen overshadow the Word of God for her life, and she missed the vital lessons from heaven, coming from the lips of Jesus.

So, in that sense, in that particular moment, Mary grew spiritually, but Marta just grew in body weight, by circulating around the cakes in the kitchen.

Mary became ‘fatter’ in her spirit, by feeding on the words of Jesus, and Martha by feeding in the kitchen.

Sometimes the worry about the chicken in the oven or the cakes in the kitchen, can shrink our spiritual growth, and increase our circumference and waist line.

Doing things for God, like Martha did, when she prepared the meal for Jesus, is not enough to be closer to God, and to grow spiritually. We need to be with Jesus because that is what our relationship with God is all about, first of all. To be with God.

Doing things for God is important, but being with God is more important. That is why Jesus said that Mary has chosen the better part.

The God of Leftovers-Matthew 16:9, 10

In the mind of God there is no scarcity or lack for us.

That is why Jesus attracted their attention to the leftovers and the basket full with them, when he fed the thousands of people twice.

He is trying to show them, that when they go with him, and listen to him, he is mindful of their needs.

Because the thousands of people cared enough to go and follow Jesus, and be with him, listen to him, therefore, he fed them twice, by performing a miracle.

All that is needed is to be with Jesus, listen to him, and he will take the few fish and bread that we have, and multiply it for us.

Another reason why Jesus was asking the disciples how many baskets with leftovers they had, when he fed the thousands by a miracle, is because he wants to show them that he is the God of leftovers, the God of more than enough.

We could be satisfied to have God give us enough each day, just what we need, but God is not satisfied with that, because he wants us to have more than enough, he is the God of leftovers.

He wants his children to have more than enough, because there is always an abundance with him.

Vertical vs. Horizontal Relationship-Matthew 5:23, 24

In Matthew 5:23, 24, Jesus is clearly saying that we Christians, must first of all, make sure, that our relationships with other people, are sorted and on a good level spiritually, before we think, of doing anything for God, working for God, serving him in the church, evangelism, worshiping God, or any other service we do for God.

God seems to emphasize the importance of how our relationship is with people, in order to approach and serve him.

We may think that if we spend enough time in prayer and fellowship with God, read his Word the Bible, or do any other work for God enough, then we are pleasing God, and serve him properly.

But if we look at chapter 13 of first Corinthians, we can clearly see, that not matter what things we do, even if we give to the poor to help them, or have the gifts of the Holy Spirit manifested in us, or have great faith in God to do miracles, if we are not patient, if we are full with envy, if we do not forgive but keep records of the wrong things done to us by others, then we are nothing.

The chapter 13 of the first Corinthians, is about our relationship with other people, and Paul says that if we do not have love, and that is love for people, we are nothing.

That is why Jesus said in Matthew 5:24, 25 that we must sort out our relationship with other people first, before we come to God, to serve him, worship him, and do things for the Kingdom of God on earth.

That is why apostle John also said that we can not love God whom we do not see, if we do not love people who we see. And that if we have love for others, God lives in us.

No matter how much time we spend praying and worshiping God, not matter how much we fast, not matter how many passages from the Bible we quote, not matter, we are not close to God, if our relationship to others is not sorted out, and is not in a good shape.

That is why the second command after the first command to love God with all our hearts, minds and strength, is to love our neighbor as we love ourselves. Basically doing to others what we do to ourselves.

Matthew 8:34

They were concerned more about their pigs and their business, rather then the eternal life, Jesus could give them.

They did not realize, that Jesus is the source of their provision and business.

They thought Jesus is ruining their business. They did not realise, the eternal value of believing in Jesus.

They thought that they provide everything themselves, and missed the real source of provision and eternal life, by asking Jesus to leave them.

Today, there are people, who do not want to give their life to Jesus, because they think it would be necessary for them, to leave many things in their lives, which they find valuable.

But God never wants to take anything which he thinks is valuable for us. Just the opposite, God does give us many valuable things, and he never wants to take anything valuable from us.

Missing the Miracle, by What We See-Matthew 8:24

That was a lesson from Jesus for us. To learn to relax, during the storms of life. The disciples were looking for a solution, how to find a way, to escape the storm. Jesus on the other hand, decided to sleep during the storm. He got up, calmed the storm, and asked them, where is their faith. It was like Jesus was asking them, ‘why you just do not relax?’

The disciples were looking fir solution, and the only thing they could see, was the  storm, death and destruction. Them seeing only the storm, was spiritually blinding them to see the solution.

But the solution was just next to them in the same boat. Jesus with them was the solution for them, but they could not see it, and could not perceive it in the Spirit.

It is often just like us, in our storms of life, all we could see is the darkness around us. We often fail to see the solution, either because of a lack of faith, or lack of growth. And we have the solution with us all the time, because Jesus said that he is with us always, and that he will never leave us or forsake us.

God Wants Our Participation-Matthew 8:13

God often uses our faith to do a miracle, in our life. Jesus could heal the servant because of his compassion, but obviously, what God was looking, was the participation of the man, in the act of God, by his faith.

Very often, God seems to do miracles, together with us, with our involvement, by our faith. That is why Jesus said to the man ‘May it be done to you, as you believe’.

God did not want to heal his servant, and let the centurion just sit around, and be a spectator, watching how Jesus would perform the healing. He wanted to do the miracle together with the participation and involvement of the centurion by his faith.

Of course Jesus could heal his servant by himself, and let the man just watch, and be a spectator. But God choose to involve the man in the performance of the miracle, by using the man’s faith. Perhaps in that way, God wanted to grow the faith of the centurion. It was like Jesus was saying, ‘Let us do the miracle together’.

Our faith in God and the miracles he does in our life, validates and shows respect towards the actions of God in our life, and the miracles he does. When God uses our own faith in him, to do a miracle, our faith is the respecting part of the miracle of God.

If God did just the miracle without involving us and our faith, which he often does, we would just be the spectators of that miracle, and there would not be our faith involved to the respecting part from our side, for that miracle. 

Is it possible that God wants to do a miracle in our life, in the same way, just as he did for the centurion?

What shall I do for you?

The story of the widow’s oil in 2 Kings chapter 4 is so full of meaning and imagery. Let me share with you today what I believe God is speaking to me out of this passage. Firstly, let me summarise the story for those that aren’t already familiar with it. A widow comes to the […]

What shall I do for you?

God’s Will for Us-John 21:18

God’s will for us, is not always pleasant and not everything is bed and roses. God’s guidance for us will be sometimes where we do not want to go, and it will hurt. But it will still be a blessing for us and for the glory of God.

For Peter, the will of God was to glorify God by particular way of dying, somewhere where Peter did not want to go.

Christians have to stop having the idea, that if God is guiding us into something or to do something for him, then that must be always smooth and pleasant, and there will be not trouble. Just the opposite. There are plenty of examples in the Bible, where God has led various people who he used in a powerful way, but who at the same time, had plenty of suffering and troubles, while doing the will of God.

Just to mention the Old Testament prophets, who were called from God to proclaim the words of God to people. They suffered all sorts of trials while serving God and fulfilling their call.

What makes us think, that we will not have trouble or difficulty, if God is clearly guiding us or calling us to do something. Yes he cares for us, and protects us, but Jesus also promised us, that we will have trouble in this world, and we will be persecuted for our faith and for doing righteousness.

Grace or Good Works-Luke 18:9-14

Self righteousness. The Pharisee thought that he is good enough before God, and that he is better than the others, and that would be enough, to take his to heaven and attract God’s attention.

The tax collector thought that he is not good enough and he repented. The tax collector was concerned that perhaps, he was going to hell, because of his sins.

The pharisee thought that he did not need the grace of God, the tax collector was asking God for mercy. It shows that even if we do good things and live a righteous life, that is not enough before God to be saved, and go to heaven, but that we need Jesus. No matter how many good things we do, and if we try to keep the commands we still need Jesus for salvation.

It is impossible for us to be saved and go to heaven, regardless of if we keep all God’s commands, and live a holy life. That is because, no human being is able to keep the commands of God, all the time, 100 percent, during whole of their life on earth. And God knows that, that is why he sent Jesus to save us.

Faith vs. Reasoning Luke 5:5

We have to leave our understanding aside and accept by faith what God say we should do. It very often will no make sense to us at all, but it will be making sense to God completely. That is why we walk by faith and not by sight.

Faith and what God says will often defy our reasoning, understanding and logic. God has never called us to understand what he does, but has called us to believe him. Peter had to forget about his own fishing experience and knowledge, and replace it with what God asked him to do.

Only when we are willing to let go of our own understanding and logic, then we will see a miracle from God.

Many things in our life of faith, will not make sense, but that is why we need the faith. God does not need to explain to us everything he asks us to do. He likes for us to believe and trust him, and he has never asked us to understand him. He knows, that our brain is too limited to understand him or what he does, so he asks us to trust and believe him, and to love him.

Peter did not understand for example, how is it possible to catch fish, when obviously by the circumstances, there is not fish, when Jesus asked him to go and fish again. Peter did not understand how is it possible for a human being, to walk on the water, but Jesus wanted to show him, that all that Peter had to do, was to obey the word of Jesus, when Jesus called him to get out of the boat, and start walking.

Jesus wanted to show Peter that even when we do not understand what we are doing, but do it just because God has said so, then we will be able to walk on the water and not sink. Believing God produces the miracle, not the understanding of how it works. Faith does not always understand things from heaven, but it trusts God, and it produces a miracle.

Galatians 3:5

God does miracles in  our lives because of our faith in what we have from God the Father by what Jesus did for us. God never gives us miracles because of how much we obey the Law.  No, it is  it because of what we do, but it is because of what Jesus did for us. Every miracle we receive from God is always entirely by his grace and entirely independent of our good works.

Paul is saying to the Galatians in Galatians 3:5, that God works miracles among them, independent of their works, and regardless of if they obey the Law of God properly or enough.

He is explaining to them, that it is by the Holy Spirit and faith in God that we receive the miracles from God, no matter if we obey the Law, because it is by grace from God that those miracles happen, and not if we deserve them by obeying the Law. It is entirely the work of God and his grace and Holy Spirit in us, that does the miracles, regardless of what commands from the Law we obey.

It is not dependent on us to have miracles from God, but it depends on his grace and power in our life. Our only role, is to accept all that God the Father has done for us through the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus by faith, and apply it by faith in our life, in order for us to see the miracles God does.

The Battle is the Lord’s

Christian Reflections

Yesterday I wrote about how God called Gideon in chapter 6 of the book of Judges. The story continues in the next chapter and it just gets better! Gideon gathers together an army of 32,000 men but God tells him that this is too many for Him to allow them the victory, “Lest Israel boast about themselves against Me, saying My own hand has delivered me.” (Judges 7:2) So, the Lord instructs Gideon to tell the men that are fearful to turn around and go home. 22,000 left! (How would you have felt at this point if you were Gideon?)

Gideon now has an army of 10,000 but God still isn’t satisfied so He sets another test. This time Gideon has to bring the men to the river – those that drink the water by cupping their hands are to remain but those who lap like a dog are to…

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Under the Law or lead by the Spirit?

In the twenty-third chapter of the book of Joshua, we read again how the Israelites were warned that they must keep the Law given to them by their former leader, Moses. They were also forbidden to marry or to mix with other nations lest their faith be compromised. God had promised them many blessings yet […]

Under the Law or lead by the Spirit?

We Look at the Problem, God Looks at the Solution-1 Corinthians 10:13

No difficulty or a challenge comes into your life, first without God allowing it. And even if he allows it, he takes care of it more than you do.

You may think how you can cope with that mountain and it may look too big and impossible to conquer, but God has already taken care of it, even before it came into your life, because he cares for you, and because your life itself belongs to him, and you are hidden with Christ in God.

For us, most of the challenges and difficulties we face seem sometime impossible to pass through or endure, but God will not let you fight that difficulty or challenge and struggle with it, beyond your ability to cope.

He lets you be tested, but he has also provided all the tools you need, and the grace and strength you need, in order for you to lass through it.

We look at the problem, but God looks at the solution, because he had the solution, before you had the problem.

The question is, do we pay attention to the solution he has provided, or we are only concentrated on the problem? We are more than conquerors through Christ Jesus.

Zeal for God Romans 12:11

God wants us to be zealous for him, and for serving him – Romans 12:11.

But, we have to realize, that just being zealous for God, is not enough. We can be very ambitious to serve God, and do things for God, but if our doctrines are not in agreement with the Word of God, and if we have embraced the wrong way of thinking about the things of God, our zeal for God is missing the target. We can be zealous for the wrong thing.

We have to strive to be zealous for God, but with the right doctrine and knowledge of God, and knowledge about God, and the things of God. 

We can be like golden vessels in the hands of God, used for his purpose, only when we align ourselves with the correct knowledge of God, and with the revelation from heaven.

There thousands of different doctrines about God and his Word, and some of them are far away from heaven, and some are straight from heaven. But the revelation from heaven can never be wrong. It is always true. 

We have to be zealous for the revelation and knowledge which the Holy Spirit gives, and observe and test the doctrines of men. There is a revelation about the Word of God, and doctrines about the Word of God. The revelations is always 100 percent true, while the doctrines or some of them are not always true.

May our God and Father give us more knowledge and revelation from heaven, about him and his Word, and help us be zealous for the right thing, in the name of Jesus!

Faith and Love-1 Corinthians 13:2

In 1 Corinthians 13:2, Paul says that if we have faith to move mountains but have not love, we are nothing. The reason we are nothing is because the whole purpose of our faith, is to express God through us, and God is Love.

Jesus said that people will recognize that we are Christians, by our love. Why he did not say they will recognize us by our faith? Because God is Love.

In eternity Love remains forever, and all heaven is about love. There is no faith in heaven because nobody needs faith in heaven. Faith is needed here only on earth. Who needs faith in heaven? But everyone in heaven needs love. In fact we can not be in heaven and can not function in heaven in whatever aspect, if we do not have love. Why? Because the only place where there is no love and no love is needed, is hell. Everywhere else, it is.

The very purpose of existence is to love God and to love people.

Forgiveness has Consequences 1Chronicles 21:12

God in his mercy, will forgive us when we repent of our sin. But it does not always mean, that there would not be negative consequences.

It is interesting to note, that even King David, the man after God’s heart, to whom God has always shown great mercy, had to endure the negative consequences of sin, when he decided to count the number of the Israelites, something, which was not pleasing to God.

God spoke to the prophet Gad and told Gad to give David three choices of punishment from God for Israel, because of the sin of David in 1 Chronicles 21:11, 12

Surely, David had repented and God had forgiven him, but why God still decided to punish Israel because of the sin of David?

We tend to think that because we live by grace, and are forgiven our sins, because of what Jesus did for us, therefore, there would not be any punishment from God for us, or bad consequences. But in the case of King David, that was not so.

God is still showing his kindness and his sternness to us Christians, even in the new testament, according to Romans 11:22.

Although King David repented, and was forgiven by God, it still caused thousands of people in Israel to perish.

Belonging vs. Performance-Luke 15:11-32

The younger son was looking for performance, if he was doing good or bad, but the father was looking for belonging, that it was his son.

Mercy triumphs over judgement.

When God gives us blessings it is not because of what we do, good or bad, but because we belong to him as his children and because of his compassion.

The older son thought that his father gives him things, depending on if he has been a good boy, doing good things, and avoiding doing bad, based entirely on performance.

The older son did not comprehend his son-ship and belonging as a son to his father. He thought his father loved him depending on what he does, good or bad, being worthy or not.

Many Christians today look for performance of doing good things in order to get blessings from God. They forget that their belonging as children of God, pulls down blessings from heaven.

‘It is Written’ or ‘What if’

‘It is written’ comes from heaven, ‘what if’ comes from hell. ‘It is written’ equals light and truth, ‘what if’ equals lie and darkness. ‘It is written’ has the ability to melt the ‘what if’, like the sunlight melts the snow. ‘It is written’ will uplift your spirit and bring you closer to God, ‘what if’ will drag you towards hell. ‘It is written’ is the remedy, ‘what if’ is the disease.

The Challenges of Faith James 1:1-4

We seem not to want, our faith to be challenged. But God does not think so. He always wants to stretch our faith level, in order to grow our faith. James 1:1-4

 Think about it. If our faith is not challenged, by adverse circumstances, how can we know how strong our faith is. It is only when we are squeezed in a tight place, that we see how strong our faith in God and his Word is.

 If our faith is not challenged and tested, it will not grow, but remain on the same level. But God wants us to grow in him, and our spiritual growth, is by the Holy Spirit in us, and by the Word of God. Also, we grow as we come as the body of Christ, to serve God together.

 I believe that it was possible, that Jesus let the disciple alone, in the middle of the storm, to battle the strong wind and the waves, in order to test and stretch their faith. If Peter was not in the middle of the storm, he would not experience the miracle of walking of the water, and his faith would not grow in the supernatural things of God.

 All through the Bible, from the Old Testament, to the New Testament, God has challenged the faith of those who believe in him, and want to follow him.

 It is easy to believe in God, when everything is fine, and you are cruising through the calm waters of life. When everything is smooth and nice in our life, it is very easy to believe in God. But only through challenging and difficult times, the real faith in God can be not only tested, but also demonstrated.

The effectiveness and power of our faith, is shown and demonstrated, when there is opposition of our faith. The stronger the challenge and opposition of our faith in God, the stronger our faith in God and his Word has to be.

Small Thing-Big Results James 3:3

If we look in James chapter 3, we will see that a small thing has an influence and controls big things. The small thing dominates over the big things, that is why our tongue can influence or put on fire our whole life.

Sometimes, we think, that it is the big things in our life, which cause big negative effects, but not according to what James chapter 3 is saying.

If we control the small thing-tongue-according to God’s will, we can control our whole life according to God’s will. That is why in James chapter three it says that horses can be controlled with a bridle and a big ship, can be steered to where we want, by the rudder.



Faith Focus-Matthew 14:29

As long as Peter was holding on to the word of Jesus ‘come’ he was walking on water. But the moment Peter forgot about the word Jesus gave him to come towards him, and began to trust the power of the wind, rather then the power of the word of Jesus, be began to sink.

The rhema word from God can be all the time out there for us, but it will not produce results and will  not do a miracle for us, if we diminish its power and influence in our life, by our unbelief,  by concentrating on something else.

God is ready to give a miracle but if we believe his promises only the half way, we will not see result.

Religion vs. Truth-Mark 2:7

Although Jesus was speaking the truth because he is the Truth, those people did not have the revelation from heaven to be able to see and understand that truth by the help of the Holy Spirit.

They had a doctrine and religion and a lot of legalism but not a heavenly revelation about what Jesus was saying and doing. Today we should be careful that we do not dismiss a spiritual experience of other Christians as not valid, just because it does not fit our doctrine.

They may have a revelation from the Holy Spirit which we do not have. And the only way to understand correctly the Word of God, is by revelation from the Holy Spirit because the Word of God is from him. The rest is about theology, doctrinal interpretation, legalism and philosophy. Yes Theology has its own importance and place in the body of Christ, but there is also a revelation from the Holy Spirit for the body of Christ too.


God’s Ways are Mysterious-Matthew 2:13

We logically would think that the angel would protect Joseph and Mary and baby Jesus from Herod but no, he instead told them to go to Egypt. Could not the angel supernaturally stop Herod killing baby Jesus? Yes he could. But that is not the way God wanted to happen. Most people would assume the angel supernaturally would protect the Son of God.

But God’s ways are mysterious for us humans to understand, because his thoughts are higher than our thoughts. It is similar in many ways for many things happening in our lives. We think that this way is better or the other way, but somehow, God has a different way and choice for us, which could appear to be not the choice we would make, but nevertheless, he makes the best choices for us, even when they seem mysterious.

Do Not Reason What God Says-John 11:39

We sometimes want to reason what God says about us or our situation. Martha said “but” to what Jesus said about Lazarus. She tried to reason it. Let us not say ‘but’ to God when he says something about our life or situation. Let us say a better ‘b’ word which is  believe.

Believe means we validate what God is saying. ‘But’ hurts the Holy Spirit because when we say ‘but’ to God, it shows that we doubt the validity, reality and the truth of what he is saying. Doubting God by saying ‘but’, is like we are saying that what he says is not true.

By us saying ‘but’ to God is like we are saying that there is another reality than that one which God is talking about, and that other reality is our own reasoning. God will never accept the ‘but’ word, because it enthrones our ‘reality’ rather than his.

He is trustworthy enough for us to accept what he is saying without the ‘but’ because we even come to him for everything by faith  and not by reason. Our reason is too shallow to grasp everything he says or has for us and he loves to be trusted. We cannot reason the things about God but we can believe them and experience them.

Do You Know What You Want from God? John 5:6

What a question to ask a sick man waiting to be healed in John 5:6. Surely Jesus knew that the man was there waiting to be healed. Why did he ask him that question?

Is it possible that Jesus wants us to express our faith in him by us confessing our faith for healing from him? It was the same with the blind man Bartimaeus when Jesus asked him what Bartimaeus want Jesus to do for him in Mark 10:51. It

was obvious that Bartimaeus wanted healing. God wants us to do two things when we want something from him. One, to know exactly and precisely what we want, and second, to confess and express our faith by speaking.

God wants to heal us and give us things but, he will not force healing on us. He wants us to express our faith in him by speaking and being specific. Vague prayers do not do good. We can not go to a shop and say “I want a soup”. We have to say to the vendor, what type of soup we want precisely.

How to Be Patient-Colossians 1:11

Do you want to have a lot of patience, and be able to endure the challenges and difficulties in life even more?

Then ask God to fill you with his power.

One of the reasons God is giving us his power, his anointing by the Holy Spirit, is to enable us to live and do his commandments. 

Apostle Paul says in Colossians 1:11 that when Christians are strengthened with God power, then they will be able to be more patient and to endure.

The Christian life is supernatural, and doing the commandments of God, is only possible, by the anointing and the help of the Holy Spirit. It is not a matter of will and decision. If it was a matter only of will and decision, then we as Christians, would fall flat on our face, many times, unable to do the commandments of God. 

It does not mean that we never brake the commandments of God, we do sometimes, but it does mean, that the Holy Spirit in us, enables us by his grace and power, to do what God has commanded us, even in the most challenging situations in our life. That is how, those who lost their life, because of persecution for their faith, were able to be faithful even to death, by the power, the anointing of the Holy Spirit, abiding in them.

We are giving the anointing of the Holy Spirit and the Bible says that the anointing abides in us. 

One of the reason for the anointing to be in us, is to enable us to be more like Jesus, and to live like Jesus, when he was on earth. 

Apostle Paul also said, that he can do all things, through Him who gives him strength. 

We need the power of God in us, to make us endure hardship and be more patient in difficult times. We can not do it on our own.

The power of God in us, can relate and enable more patience in our life. 

So, the power of God, is not only for doing miracles in our life, but also for shaping our character, making it more like the character of Jesus.

In Colossians 2:23, Paul shows that men made rules, can not make a person fight against the sinful nature in their body, regardless of who made the rules, or what rules they are. Only the power or the anointing of the Holy Spirit in us, can help us do that. That is how we become more patient too.

Who is Feeding Us?-Luke 12:24

Looking at the birds, because they search for food, we think that they find their food when searching for it. And yes they do but in reality God provides that food for them. Yes God has promised us to clothe us, but he will not put the clothes on us, we do.  

People who do not believe in God are worried about food because they do not know that God feeds us – verse 30. But we do and glory and thanks to our Lord Jesus for that! All we need will be given to us by God – verse 31. We do not earn it. He gives it to us.


Delight in Suffering-2 Corinthians 12:10

First of all, how could Apostle Paul delight in troubles? Most people are depressed, worried and anxious, when they get in serious suffering. But not Paul, He had something from heaven, given him from God, which enabled him to delight in difficulties. The power and the grace from God for Paul was sufficient to make him delight in pain, suffering and all sort of problems.

It is similar to the ‘delight’ in suffering, which the Apostles experienced, when they were flogged because of preaching about Jesus. The came out after being flogged, rejoicing. How could they? The grace and power of God. Acts-5:40, 41.


Your Source of Provision-Mark 6:36, 37

Our provision does not start, and does not finish with circumstances. Our provision starts with God promising to provide for us. 

In Mark 6:36, 37, the disciples were completely in the flesh. How? Well, because all they were doing was calculating all the circumstances, and their own abilities about providing food for the thousands of people. They were spiritually blind, that the Source of all things and Life Himself, was standing next to them. Jesus had already done so many miracles which they testified with their own eyes, and yet they still were relying completely on logic, instead of the Word and promises of God.

Jesus said that we should not worry what we can eat, or what we can wear.

God knows that we need all those things. He created us to be with needs, and he is more concerned that our needs are met, than we are. How we know that? Let us look at 1 Timothy 6:17, where it says that God is the one who provides us with everything for our enjoyment.

We tend to think that it is us, who work for money in order to provide ourselves with food, but yet God wants us to know, that despite the fact that he wants us to work, our work is not our provider and source, but it is him. Work or not, he will provide for us, because he is the source of our life and everything around us. He will provide for us, because Jesus said that our life is more than food itself.

When the Bible says that God cares for us, that includes him caring for what we should eat, or what we should wear. He does not and never will care only for some things in our life. No, he cares about everything.

A good earthly father, will care about everything going on in the life of their child. A good father will not be partial and say ‘I will care for this, but not for that’. No, he is concerned for anything going on in the life of his child.

How much more, God who did not spare his own Son Jesus, but gave him and allowed him to come and die for us, will give us everything else we need – Romans 8:32

Ways God Comforts Us-2 Corinthians 7:6

There are various ways which God uses to comfort us.

He comforts us by his Holy Spirit who lives in our hearts.

But God also comforts us by circumstances, and what happens to us and around us.

We tend to think most of the time, that God comforts us by his Holy Spirit, and he does. But how often we think about the circumstances in our life, which God uses to comfort us?

The Bible says that everything works for good, for those who love the Lord.

In 2 Corinthians 1:3-10, we can see that our God the Father comforts us in all our trials, and I believe that refers primarily to God comforting us by his Holy Spirit.

But if we look at 2 Corinthians 7:6, 7 we can see how God used Titus, to comfort Apostle Paul. So God uses circumstances to comfort us too, even though, often we do not recognise that.

And the comfort Paul received, was not just by the coming of Titus, but also by the comfort other Christian believers gave Titus. So, all that is about what happened to Titus, and then in turn to Paul.

We are thankful to our caring God and Father, in the name of Jesus, that he uses not only his Holy Spirit to comfort us on the inside, but the circumstances in our life on the outside, to comfort us too.

Giving as a Christian-Mark 10:21

The more we give here on earth financially, for the Kingdom of God, the wealthier we will be in heaven.

Our good deeds on earth which are only temporary, build an abundant amount of wealth for us in heaven.

Whatever good deed we deposit here, will be stored in heaven for us for eternity.

Instead of rejoicing for his eternal wealth in heaven, the rich man in Mark 10:21, became sad of the idea of losing his earthy wealth. He just did not realise the value of the heavenly wealth, about which Jesus was talking about. He needed revelation from heaven in order to grasp that reality spiritually. He did not have that revelation about the value of the heavenly wealth, so he was left stuck, with his earthly wealth.

If he could have the revelation about the heavenly wealth, he would realise the real value of it, in comparison to his earthly wealth, and the fact, that the heavenly wealth will be for eternity his, while his earthly wealth, is only for limited time.

If he chose, he could be like the person who found a pearl buried in the field, went back, sold everything he had, and with that money he would go and buy that field, in order to get the pearl. The pearl is about the Kingdom of God.

Without any questions, the heavenly wealth is more precious and valuable according to God, than the earthly wealth, just because, it is directly about the Kingdom of God, first and for all, while the earthly wealth, could be related and used for the Kingdom of God, but it also can be used for other purposes instead.

Earthly wealth gives the sense of power and security to people, so the only way to overcome that power, is to really know, by revelation, what the heavenly wealth is all about.

If the rich man in Mark 10:21, could give his wealth for the poor, he would get much more wealth in heaven, which would make him happy for eternity.

Faith versus Fear-Mark 4:40

Mark 4:40 

You can not have faith and fear at the same time. Jesus asked them why they do not have faith because he knew that the only thing they had was fear. When we look at the storms in our life, and the circumstances around us, they produce fear in us. When we look at the Word of God, jt produces faith in us. We are told to fix our eyes on Jesus. As long as Peter believed when Jesus told him to come to him walking on water, be could walk on the water. But when he started looking at the storm, he was afraid and he began to sink. When we begin to sink in the storms of our life, Jesus could ask us, where is our faith.

Faith does not come automatically. It comes by hearing the Word of God, as the Bible says. Hearing the Word of God, means we pay attention to the Word, even in the storms of our life, even in the most challenging situations. It is not about how we feel about the situations in our life, but it is about what we want to think and believe, when those situations come to our face.

Persistence in Prayer-Matthew 15:23-28

Was it because of the persistence of the Canaanite woman, that Jesus answered her prayer in Matthew 15:23-28? Maybe.

Jesus said that her faith is great. But why did he said so?

In verse 23, Jesus did not even answer her. But latter we see, that he said her faith is great.

What made Jesus to say that? Is it possible that he saw her persistence and not giving up of what she wanted to receive from God? Jesus very plainly refused to grant her request but latter he did.

We know that Jesus said in other parts of the Bible, that we should be persistent in prayer.

It is possible, that our persistence, shows to God, that we believe that he will answer us. The measure of our persistence, and the length of our persistence, reveals how strong or how big our faith is.

If we have a little faith in the promises of God, then our persistence in prayer, will be not so strong, and not for long.

Our persistence in prayer shows to God, that we believe his promises, and that we believe what he said, therefore, we persist and wait for the answer.

It is possible that sometimes, God does not answer our prayers, just because he wants to see, how much we believe that he will answer us.

If we give up quickly, in our prayer and hope for the answer, that shows to God, that we are not really believing his promises for answering our prayers very much.

The quick giving up of waiting for the answer of our prayer, shows that our faith is little.

It is similar with the case of the blind Bartimaeus.

Bartimaeus was very persistent, to get from Jesus, the answer of his request.

People were trying to stop him going to Jesus, but he continue to shout and ask Jesus to help him. Eventually Jesus paid attention to Bartimaeus, and healed him, by answering his request.

In the Psalms, we can also see that we are told to wait on God. The longer the wait, the longer the persistence, and the stronger our faith appears to be.

Maybe God sometimes makes us to wait, in order to grow our faith, and make is even stronger.

Open Letter-Matthew 5:16

People are more likely to believe our good deeds rather than our good talk.

People want to see how we live, not how we talk.

Everybody can make the easy talk. But not everyone is walking the difficult walk.

The pharisees were talking the talk but not walking the walk, because Jesus said that they do not practice what they preach.

We are the open letter which people read. Are we the letter from heaven?

Jesus said that by us loving each other, people will know that we belong to him.

Using Our Talent-Matthew 25:25

How many times we blame God for various things, as an excuse not to do what he has required and given us to do?

We get a task from God, but we try to say to him that the task is too difficult for us to do, or that we do not have the time to do it.

So, we just point to God and say that the task is not the best for us, or, it is not one which is appropriate for us.

We do that as an excuse not to do what he has given us to do, just  like the man who hid the talent in the ground and did not do what he was given to do from his master.

But the master actually showed the servant that the fault was not his, but of the servant, who did not use the talent given to him.

Looking Back or Ahead-Luke 9:62

We have to look ahead on the road of life, while ´driving´ through our life.

It is like driving a car. If we fix our attention ahead on the road, we can proceed, drive, and arrive at our destination.

But if we look too much at the mirrors of our car, all we can see, will be what is behind us.

By looking too much behind us, we can not continue ahead, and we can not arrive at any destination. We will not be able to progress and grow spiritually.

Also, if we look too much into the mirrors of our car, we risk of having an accident.

So with our life, like Apostle Paul said, that we should forget what is behind, the past, and look forward of what is ahead of us.

Our past is a history, and what is left is the present and the future.

Closing the Door-Mathew 6:6

Closing the door, is not just to shut things or people out..  Mathew 6:6

If we look at the context of the whole chapter, we can clearly see that closing the door, is about separating ourselves from people for a time being, not because we want our prayer not to be heart by other people, or to cut out distraction, but so that other people will not have any relation to our prayer.

Our prayer is between us and God, so when we close the door, there is only one opportunity left, our prayer to be heart from God and nobody else, so that other people can not hear us praying.

Jesus was referring about some people, praying with the main purpose to be heart from people, not from God.

That is why he said that we should close the door, so that we can pray and be heard from God only, and nobody else.

Jesus said that we should pray to be heard from heaven, and not be heard from the earth, and those who live on it..

Spiritual Jews-Romans 2:29

What God really cares about, is if we are born from above, born from him.

According to Jesus no one can see the Kingdom of God, unless they are born again.

We are spiritual Jews, because we are born again from the Holy Spirit. God looks at the heart.

Jesus condemned the Pharisees, because they nullified and ignored the Word of God, in order to keep their traditions. It is possible that they thought keeping a tradition made from men will save them.

Jesus did not like their ignorance of his words, which could make them to become a people, born again from above. They thought that by being naturally Jews, by birth, and keeping men made traditions is the key to go to heaven.

But God recognizes only one type of a heart, which is circumcised by the Spirit of Almighty God. The heart which has become a new creation in Christ Jesus. That heart is a heart of a spiritual Jew!

Praise from God vs. Praise from Men-John 12:43

Why did those people appreciate more the praise from men, rather then the praise from God, in John 12:43?

When we do not have a proper relationship with God, and do not know him personally, we will look more for the praise of men.

Those who know God on a more intimate level, will for praise from him.

When we are concerned more with what people will say about us, rather then what God will say about us, we want the praise and approval of other people for us.

The only way for us to be more concerned about what God will say about us, is if we have a proper personal relationship with him, and know him personally.

Our Own Limits-Ephesians 3:20

Limiting ourselves -Ephesians 3:20

How often we find that we are limiting ourselves, in many areas of our life.

Many times, the only limitation there is, is ourselves.

Those limitation do not apply only in one area or another, but in many areas of our life, spiritual or material.

In Ephesians 3:20, Paul says that God can give us more that we can think or imagine.

I believe the reason for that is because he knows that we put limits on ourselves, in many ways, including our Christian faith.

We have somehow, by one way or another, put a lot of ´fences´ in many areas of our life.

God wants to make us brake those fences of limitation, and to learn to brake the speed limit of our faith in him and his Word, because he thinks it is possible for us to do so.

Jesus said that anything or everything is possible, for the one who believes.

God has always more for us, than we think or can imagine, and he does not limit us, but we limit ourselves in our faith in him.

The more of the limits we brake, the more of his power and work in our life will be.

Changed from Glory to Glory – 2 Corinthians 3:18

The glory of the Lord, is increasing in our lives, from day to day, and from year to year.  2 Corinthians 3:18

We are being transformed into the image of God. It is a lifelong process, that we are becoming more like our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

God always increases and develops us, in the things of God. From day to day, we become more like Jesus. God does not keep us on the same spiritual level, but he sanctifies us more and more.

That is why Paul said that our outward man decays but our inward man is renewed day by day.

That is how we grow spiritually, by being transformed by the Holy Spirit, and by the Word of God, to become more like Jesus.

The Holy Trinity Galatians 4:6

In Galatians 4:6, we can clearly see about the Holy Trinity.

Notice it says that God the Father sent the Spirit of his Son Jesus, into our hearts, which shows that Jesus is omnipresent as God the Father is, and that is another verse, which shows that Jesus is God, being omnipresent.

Also it says, that the Spirit of his Son cries out “Abba Father”.

The Spirit of Jesus in us communicates with God the Father, through us, by being in us.

He does it by using us, and it is not just us crying “Abba Fatter”. Awesome!

Glory and thanks be to our Lord Jesus Christ for that!

A Treasure from Heaven in Earthly Vesels-2 Corinthians 5:12

Today in this world, most people value what is seen, but undervalue, what is in the heart. What do we have in the heart, as christians? Well, we have the Holy Spirit of our Father God, creator of the universe, which this world, does not have. We have an eternal life in our born again spirit, which people in this word, do not have. We have the fruit and gifts of the Holy Spirit, which this world does not have. We have the anointing of God, the glory, the power of God, which this world does not have. We have the Kingdom of God on the inside of us, which the world does not have. We have the Creator of the Universe living in us. What more we need?

Holy Spirit, Prayer Coach — Feeding On Jesus

“Then He came and found them sleeping, and said to Peter, ‘Simon, are you sleeping? Could you not watch one hour?’” (Mark 14:37, NKJV). When you read this question that Jesus asked Peter, what is your inner response? Can you identify with Peter? Sometimes, we as Christians carry around a vaguely guilty feeling about not […]

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Do Not Let Your Heart Be Troubled – John 14:27

The Peace of God, in a Troubled Heart

We have peace with God, but it is our responsibility and not God’s to not let our hearts be troubled. What makes our hearts be troubled? By choosing to worry about things. By not having faith in the promises of God for our situation.

By looking to our circumstances and believing them, more than we believe God. By believing what Google and our friends and families tell us more than what God tells us about the situation we are in. 

All those things trouble our hearts and interfere with the peace God is giving us, so that we can not fully live with the the peace of God in us.

A Sweet Meditation — Passionate Heart

I believe in this new season JESUS wants us to draw closer to HIM more than ever before. The closer you become to HIM the more you will distance yourself from the cares of this world. You are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for HIS own possession, that you […]

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Speak it Daily — Passionate Heart

Speak it Daily and Believe it ~Whatever others may say or feel about me is irrelevant. How God feels about me is all that matters, He gives life in abundance and it is mine. ~I am saved by grace because of His great love & mercy. {Eph. 2:8} ~I am bought with a price, His […]

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Have Faith And Trust God! — Pure Glory

by Hazel Straub God calls us to quit clinging to the past. It is time to release old mindsets of fear, doubt and unbelief. Quit complaining instead of reigning. When you refuse to release the past, but bow to the demonic voice of unbelief, there is no room for the new that God wants to […]

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Legalism vs. Grace of God Luke 6:6-11

There we are. We have here in Luke 6:6-11 a mighty miracle done by Jesus in front of the pharisees, and they instead of believing in him, and give glory to God the Father, started to plan how they can kill him. All they were looking for, was a legalistic keeping of the Law of God, by keeping the Sabbath (verse 7) and therefore, missing completely the mercy and grace of God, expressed by Jesus healing the man, in front of their eyes.

Even today, we have people who see the miracles done by God, and still try to be religious, instead of giving their life to him, and be born again, by the Holy Spirit. They are satisfied with their religion, and think that they do not need miracles from God. 

The pharisees were concentrated on the Law, and in this case, missed the mercy of God for the man with the leprosy hand. And yet Jesus is the one, giving them the Law, by being God himself. How can any person be furious about a good deed of healing, in which we see the ‘stamp’ of the mercy of God?

No surprise here! Guess who is furious with a miracle from heaven. The enemy of our soul.

People Look on the Outside, God on the Inside- Luke 19:1-10

People look at the outside, but God looks at the heart of men.

Being a tax collector, in those days, was one of the most hated jobs. 

Zaccheus was hated by people, because of his professional title. He was despised, rejected, and labelled by many, as the bad guy! He took their money, and as far as people are concerned, he was the person who stirred up hatred in the hearts of many people. 

But, that was on the outside. That was what people were seeying about Zaccheus. 

He was that little man, and in their eyes, he was little not only in height, but as a person too, all to do, with the career he chose to follow. Zaccheus was that little man, with a big heart, which was willing to repent, and because wanting to please Jesus, was also willing to give back big part of his money, to all those from whom he was taking too much.

But, how God looked at Zaccheus was a totally different story.

People thought that Jesus must never pay attention to people like Zaccheus, because according to them, he was a sinner, working as tax collector, and taking more than he was supposed to do, as he admitted himself.

But Jesus saw the good soil in his heart, and he saw that the heart of Zaccheusis ready for repentance. 

Most people could see Jesus passing by, but Zaccheusbeing short man, could not. But, he had a hunger to find out who Jesus was, and to see him. That was proved by him jumping on a tree, ready to do anything, just to see Jesus passing by.

Jesus saw that hunger in his heart, and called him to come down from the tree, because the hunger of Zaccheusto find out about Jesus, attracted the attention of God.

People do not see what is really in your heart, so they will miss judge you, and will get the wrong impression about you, at times. But God, knows exactly who you are as a personality, and what your real thoughts are.

We know the saying ¨Do not judge the book by its cover¨. That is what people did about Zaccheus, but Jesus knew what is in him.

Lending to Many Nations-Deuteronomy 28:12

How can anyone lend to many nations, if they do not have a lot? You must have not only enough for yourself, but a lot of blessings in order to give to many nations. 

Yes, it was written for the Jews in the Old Testament but we are also called spiritual Jews in the New Testament. 

Only if you live in prosperity you will be able to lend to many nations. 

Many nations certainly means more than two or three.

God’s Heart for Us-Luke 7:13

God Cares for Our Tears-Luke 7:13

When we cry, the heart of Jesus goes after us, and surely, he wants to say to us ‘do not cry’, do a miracle for us, and comfort our hearts. And God has promised to wipe out our tears, in the book of Revelation.

The tears of the woman, and the pain in her heart, caused God to stop, pay attention to her, be concerned for her, and cancel the funeral she was attending.

In a similar way, God wants to cancel many of of our trials, which cause us pain and hurt. He is still concerned for us, as he was then. His heart for us does not change, because he does not change.

Jesus still wants to come close to us, and touch our trials and cancel them, as he touched the funeral and cancelled it. His compassion still wants to calm our souls, and bring his life to us, when we face the challenges of this life.

You Have Victory In Christ — Pure Glory

by Hazel Straub Discouraged, tired and wanting to quit the battle? Our fight is not with flesh and blood but with principalities and rulers of darkness. Fear, intimidation, lies and shifting shadows are the weapons used to paralyze you, with toxic emotions, attempting to cause you to quit. Instead, remember that you live in Christ and […]

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Faith Journey Not For Cowards! — Pure Glory

by Hazel Straub The God’s faith journey is not for cowards. Fear, doubt and unbelief can cloud your vision and your hearing, diverting you from what God has for you. Place your attention, praise and worship, on God, not on distracting circumstances. Thank God for his goodness to you! The enemy wants you to quit […]

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Perspectives & Point of View-Mark 6:1-6

Point of View-Mark 6:1-6

So many people today, are like the people in the time, when Jesus was on earth.

They can only see him as a prophet, as a wise teacher, as a philosopher, or just another carpenter.

In Mark 6:1-6, we can clearly see, that although Jesus was doing all those miracles, for a few years, in front of thousands of people, there were still people, who could not see him as the Son of God. They saw him only as a man. ‘Is not this the carpenter’ they asked. And yet Jesus said that even if they do not believe what he is saying about himself, they should at least believe on the prove of the miracles themselves, which testified that he is the Son of God.

Jesus even asked them at one point who they think that he is, and only Peter had the real revelation that he is the Messiah, the Son of God. Others thought that he is one of the prophets, or whatever else.

Today, so many people still do not see, that Jesus is God himself, as he said that whoever sees him, sees the Father God.

All that some people see today, is that he is a good moral teacher, and based on that, they miss all the miracles and the supernatural God has for them and their life.

Lack of faith, lack of miracles, and Jesus still marvels today, about their unbelief, in whom he says that he is.

The Word On Monday: God Of Hope🌷 — God’s Whispers of Truth

Now the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that ye may abound in hope, through the power of the Holy Ghost. Romans 15:13 Present circumstances may appear hopeless at times, but dear ones, cry out in prayer unto God and watch Him fill you with the joy and peace […]

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Thoughts On… {Anxiety} — A Farm Girls Life

Do you worry? I do. I’m nearly always worrying about something or other, and I’m not proud of it. During the past few years, as we moved from one farm to another, it felt like I lived in a whirlwind of uncertainties and anxiety about the future. Moving might sound petty compared to the worries […]

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Undeserved Grace — findingmyvoiceweb

Celebrating still! Looking back at hymns and songs, it strikes me at how many songs we have that celebrate the Victory of Jesus over death and the grave. UP FROM THE GRAVE HE AROSE! VICTORY IN JESUS DEATH WHERE IS YOUR STING CHRIST IS RISEN MIGHTY CROSS OVERCOME GLORIOUS DAY WE ARE THE FREE I […]

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Jesus {Easter series} — Michelle Treacy

I began to write this series of thoughts on Easter and those around the cross quite a while ago. I have studied, prayed, carved time, and written on each one as close to the biblical text as I could within my remit of knowledge, and with the help of the Holy Spirit. I will […]

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Morning Prayers to Start Your Day — Heather C. King – Room to Breathe

I do not understand the snooze button on an alarm clock. I never have. To me, sleep only works when you’re actually sleeping. The first beep of an alarm wakes me up. From that moment on, my mind is racing on into the day. I’m not sleeping; I’m thinking. Worse yet, I’m thinking without actually […]

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Specific Prayers — Teen, Meet God

There’s something I have been taught about praying: don’t be hazy, crazy, or lazy. Basically, pray specific! God can’t give us a specific answer if we don’t ask for a specific thing to happen. The other day, I was reminded of this fact. For the past few weeks, I’ve been thinking and praying very hard […]

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Faith Journey Not For Cowards! — Pure Glory

by Hazel Straub The God’s faith journey is not for cowards. Fear, doubt and unbelief can cloud your vision and your hearing, diverting you from what God has for you. Place your attention, praise and worship, on God, not on distracting circumstances. Thank God for his goodness to you! The enemy wants you to quit […]

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The Testing of Our Faith-Deuteronomy 8:2-10

In Deuteronomy 8:2-10, it is very clear that God tested his people, before he let them go to the promised land.

We may wonder sometimes, why difficult things happen to us. 1 Peter 1:6, 7 

But perhaps, we do not realise, as many of the people of Israel did not realise while in the desert, that we are just being tested by God. God wants to test our faith, to see how we will react and what we will do. 

If we look carefully in Deuteronomy 8:2-10, we can see that God wanted to find out if his people will keep his commands or not, while in the testing time in the desert. Why did God test them to find out if they will obey him? Did he not know beforehand, if they will obey him, before he tested them. Perhaps he did not. Because if he did, verse 2 would not say that God wanted to find out if they will keep his commands when tested.

So with us, we like all the blessings from God, and we do not think that we should be tested, in order to have blessings from God. But, he thinks differently, and very often, he will pass us through the test of our faith, before he gives us the blessing. It is something we do not like to go through, but he does, and he has a purpose for us, to pass us trough the testing first.

Our Weakness is a Double Target-Matthew 4:2-4

We can see in Matthew 4:2, that the enemy did not tempt Jesus, about eating, before Jesus became hungry. After many days of fasting, Jesus became hungry. Then the enemy tempted him based on the hunger Jesus had.

The enemy tempts people, when they feel weaker, in their lowest point, because it is easier for people to fall into sin, when they feel weak, than when they feel strong, in any particular area. So the weakness of Christians, could be targeted by the enemy.

But glory and thanks be to our Lord Jesus Christ, that he has not left us alone, to deal with our own weaknesses, but always provides us with power, when we are weak. 

His grace is sufficient for us, in our weakness – 2 Corinthians 12:9

The power of the Holy Spirit in us, makes us able, to stand against the temptations from the enemy, and to make us victors, instead of victims. God turns our weakness into victory, because, all things work for good, for those who love the Lord.

He Never Stops Caring for Us-Matthew 9:36

In Matthew 9:36, it says that Jesus felt compassion for the people, when he saw them, because they have been harassed and helpless. His compassion makes him to care for people and do miracles for them, and it is not entirely dependent on what they do, say, or if they are holy enough. He just had compassion on them, as they were, in their own situation, good or bad, holy or not. He just cared for them, regardless of who they were, or what they have done.

Jesus did not look at those distressed and harassed people and say ‘Let me see now, who of these guys is living a holy life, and doing my  commandments. Them I will heal or bless, but the others, they are sinners’. No, he did not do or say that! He had compassion on all of them, without exception, just because of who Jesus was, and not because of who the people were.

You see, when you are feeling harassed the life’s storms, and feel helpless, do not ask and wonder if God has left you. No, he has promised that he will never leave us or forsake us.

Be sure, that any time you feel helpless because of your circumstances, God feels compassion for you, just as Jesus did, for the people.

It is his compassion that caused him to heal a man as recorded in the Gospel of Mark 1:41. And it was his compassion which caused Jesus to stop a funeral, and rise the only son of a woman.

If Jesus healed people because he had a compassion for them, and if he raised the dead because he felt compassion for them, would not he have compassion for us, when we have to swim through the storms of life? Surely he will do. 

Christian Bible Study-God’s Part and Our Part 2 Peter 1

When we read 2 Peter 1:5, 6, 7, we see that we are commanded to add and increase our self control, godliness, kindness and love. We are supposed to do all things in our life. It is our own effort. We must apply an effort to do those things.

But the Bible also says that we have the fruit of the Holy Spirit in us, like self control, kindness, goodness and love.

So it is not enough that we have the fruit of the Holy Spirit in us. It does not automatically make us live the Christian life, as God requires.

We also have our part to play. We are commanded from Jesus to love one another. We must put an effort to be patient, kind, gentle, loving our neighbour. It is not only about the fruit of the Holy Spirit in us. We have to decide to love others, and make the effort to be patient, gentle, kind, self controlled and merciful. We cooperate with God, who lives in us, and who helps us to love others, and to be patient, self controlled and kind.

In fact it says in verse 8, that those qualities in us must increase. 

Yes, an unbeliever, who does not have the Holy Spirit, also can try to be kind, gentle, and love other people, but it is not the same. Because a person who does not have the Holy Spirit and his fruit in himself, although he tries to love others, he can not in the same way, as we as Christians can do, because we have the love of God, in our hearts, by the Holy Spirit, and an unbeliever does not.

Which door we choose to open?

In the letter to the Ephesians 4:26, 27 it says, that we should not give the enemy an opportunity. What that means, is that any time we let our anger take the best of us, we open the door to the enemy. That is because, the anger of man, does not do the righteousness which God requires from us, as it says in the letter of James.

In Revelation 3:20, Jesus said that he knocks on the door, and whoever opens, he will come and have dinner with that person.

We have the choice which door to open daily in our lives, the one where the enemy comes, or the one through which Jesus comes. It all boils down to our own choices every day.

Every time we do the will of God, by doing daily what God requires of us, we open more and more the door for him.

And every time we do the things which God does not want us to do, we could open the door for the enemy.

It is all our choice, and opening one of the doors will bring life, but opening the other door, will bring death. 

He who sows for the Spirit, will reap life and peace. He who sows for the flesh, will bring death.

It is our own responsibility to open the door for God in our life, and close the door for the enemy, on a daily basis, by carrying our cross daily, if we choose to do so.

It is all about what we want to choose to do.

Let Not Your Hear Be Troubled-John 14

Jesus said in John 14:27, that he leaves his peace with us. But he also said, that we should not let our heart be troubled.

What happens, if we let our heart be anxious or troubled in the storms of life? Well, even if Jesus gives us his peace, we can not fully experience it, if we let our heart be troubled and influenced by the storms and difficulties of our life.

If we look at Philippians 4:6, 7 we can see that Apostle Paul was saying the same thing. 

First he said that we should not be anxious about anything. Then, after that the peace of Christ will guard our minds and hearts in Christ Jesus.

We see the same principle. First, we have to decide, to believe the Word of God, for any situation or difficult circumstance in our life. If we decide to do that, and if we are willing to do that, then we will experience the peace of God, in all its fullness.

We can not allow the troubles of our life, to make us anxious, by us not believing the Word of God and his promises, and to expect to experience the peace of Christ.

His peace is always there for us, but we decide if we allow the troubles around us, to take control of our thinking and believing, or we decide to believe the Word of God and his promises.

Have vs. Enjoy-Ecclesiastes

Ecclesiastes 2:24-26, 5:18-20, 6:1-3

So many people are looking to have more, and more, of the things of this world. And abundance is a good thing to have. 

But the real question is, not only how much we have, but how much we enjoy of what we have. 

There are many people who have a lot of money and material possessions, but they do not have the ability to really enjoy them.

The Bible says in Ecclesiastes 6:2, that for a person to enjoy the things he possesses, that is a gift from God. 

God enables people to enjoy the material things they have in this world. That is a gift from heaven. It is not only about having things, but being able to enjoy them.

Happiness is a gift from God. Happiness is not just about what happens around us.

There are many people who have millions of dollars and plenty of material possessions, but if you ask them, some of them will still confess of not being happy.

We need the gift of being enabled by God, to be able to enjoy the things we have.

God’s Empathy for Us-Hebrews 4

Hebrews 4:15, 16

Jesus empathises with us, when we fall into temptation. He knows that we have weaknesses, and most of all, he was tempted just like us, when he was on earth.

Therefore, because he knows from experience, what it is to be tempted, he empathises with us, and calls us to go to his throne of grace, to receive mercy, when we fall into sin.

Because he understands, how we feel, when we are tempted, and knows that we are weak sometimes in our struggle against sin, he calls us, to his grace.

Of course, his grace and empathy for our temptations, is not a permission for us to sin, but just to get right with him, when we sin. We can be confident that his grace is bigger than our sin.

How Much You Want God to Give You? John 6

John 6:11

In John 6:11, Jesus gave them of the fish as much as they wanted.

God does not restrict how much of a blessing you should have. He wants to give you as much as you want, and he is not limiting of how much you should have.

How much we ask God to give us? He wants to give us more than we can ask or imagine. 

He not only gave them as much as they wanted, but he gave them leftovers too, in the feeding of the thousands.

Spiritual or Material First-John 6

John 6:26

As Christians, what are we looking for, first in life? To have the Kingdom of God, or to have our bellies full with food? 

In John 6:26, Jesus told them, that they should not come to him for his material gifts, but for the things about the kingdom of God.

The sign and wonders which Jesus performed among them, were the part of the Kingdom of God expressed on earth. But they did not come to him because of the signs and wonders. According to Jesus, they wanted something else to eat.

They allowed their belly, to become their idol, placing it of first importance, before the Kingdom of God. They wanted the material first, and then, maybe the spiritual things of the Kingdom of God.

But Jesus said, that it is not the way to come to him. 

The way to come to him, is exactly what he said in Matthew  6:33, that we should first seek the Kingdom of God, and then, everything else will be added to us.

Who is Your Help Continually-Psalm 71

In our lives, when a difficult situation faces us, where do we go for help continually?

Do we go to God, or we go to other people, who despite their good intention and advice, sometimes can not help us.

For the teachings of Jesus, to be for us, like a house build on a rock, we must choose to go into that house always, and not go somewhere else. Only then we can stand against the storm of life.

Psalm 71:3 tells us, that David always goes to God for refuge and help. He could go somewhere else sometimes, but he did not trust in flesh, but in God.

David did not go sometimes to God, and sometimes else, when in trouble, but was asking God for help, continually.

The woman with the issue of blood, went to many other places continually, for years, looking for healing and help. Those places for her, were like the house build on a sand. That is why, she spend a lot of money, and could not get rid from one of the storms of life, called sickness.

Then she decided to go to the house, build on a rock, which was the teaching of Jesus, and she found refuge and healing.

She finally found after her healing, that when she has trouble, she has to go to the house with the solid foundation continually, and not to a house, which could be gone any time, when the storm comes, because it is build on a sand.

When we face trial, where we choose to go continually, to God, or to something made of sand. David knew where to go each time.

Where to Look When in Desperation-Psalm 13

When we consider, that it is king David, the man after God’s own heart, talking in Psalm 13, we can see, that he was at the end of the rope. Somehow, because of his enemies, he seems to have lost all faith, or all hope. All he was looking at, was the victory of his enemies over him.

What made David, think that God has forgotten him – Psalm 13:1? He knew that God has cared for him, and has saved him from his enemies before! What made him lose hope?

Thinking about circumstances, instead of thinking about God and his Word. He allowed his attention to dwell more on his enemies and circumstances, than on God and his Word.

But despite all the dark circumstances around him, David decided at some point, to start looking to God, and his care for him. He remembered who God is, and what God’s character is. That made him to gain back hope and faith, to look beyond the circumstances.

We could be in a similar situation, when we are pressed on every side, by the worries of life, and we could be tempted to lose all hope. 

Life could be tough and rough sometimes, and that could attract our attention like a magnet.

But we like David, have to learn to look beyond circumstances, toward God and his Word, because we live by faith and not by sight. He had to learn, that his enemies and circumstances are nothing in comparison to his faith in God, and the promises of God.

The Ladder of Progress-Luke 19

Luke 19:17

Sometimes, we jump into big things, and we miss the small. We have big dreams, but sometimes forget that they are achievable only by the small things we do, in order to achieve them.

When we want and plan to do things for God, sometimes, we can fall into the temptation to make big plans, in order to achieve much for the Kingdom of God on earth. We could think, that if we have a big project for the things of God on earth, than we can get a big result, just by planning and doing it. But it often does not work like that.

Our strong desire to achieve a big result, is not enough. We have to go through the small steps first, and if we achieve results by doing them, God will give us a bigger steps and things to do for him.

It is a process. Often, he will not give us a big things for him to do, because we lack the test of proving faithful, in the small things.

Also, when we sometimes make mistakes, by doing the small things, our failures will be small too. But if we engage in doing big projects for God, without first proving faithful in the small projects, and without the experience of doing the small steps, and we fail, that failure will be big too.

We have to get the experience of doing the small things for God, before we get the experience of doing the big things for God. When God sees that we are faithful, experienced and succeeding in doing the small things for him, he will grant us the big things to do. He does not want to give us a big thing to do, and watch us fall big, when we are not ready to handle it.

We have to prove faithful in the small, before we are given the great things for God to do, from heaven.

The Pharisee and Tax Collector-Luke 18

Luke 18:10-14

The Pharisee thought that he is good enough, so that he deserves God to pay attention to him. The Tax Collector thought that he is not good enough, so he does not deserve God to pay attention to him.

The Pharisee thought that by good works, he can go to heaven. The Tax Collector thought that he is not good enough, to go to heaven.

The Pharisee thought that he does not need the grace of God. The Tax Collector thought asked God for his mercy.

The Pharisee was self-righteous, the Tax Collector was self-condemned. But even self-condemned is better than self-righteous, because it still makes you think that you need the grace of God.

The Pharisee thought that he is going to heaven. The Tax Collector thought, that he is going to hell. The Pharisee who thought that he is going to heaven, was heading in full speed to hell. The Tax Collector, who thought that he is bound to go hell, was in a full speed to heaven. 

The one was a self made saint, the other was a God made saint.

The Meaning of the Cross

The cross is all about who God is, and what we as a mankind are.

The cross shows us what we as a human race are capable of doing, and what God is able to do through the cross.

The cross shows us how wicked the human can be, and how loving and merciful God is.

The cross connects heaven to earth.

The cross is the only door to heaven, which is always open, only if you want to enter.

What the cross can do for us, no other human, religion or a thing can do.

The cross binds heaven to earth. The cross is where heaven and earth meet.

The cross is that narrow door, the narrow path, that leads up to heaven. An effort is required to walk on that narrow path, but it is worth it.

The cross shows us, what it means to carry our own cross, daily, so that we can live.

Victory for You-Psalm 23

Psalm 23:4, 5

The Bible says, that all things work for good, for those who love the Lord. 

Well, all things includes also any negative or bad things, happening in our life. 

God is able to take the ugly thing happening to us, and make out a beauty in our life, out of it, for his glory. God wants to make even the hardest moments of our life, into a victory and blessing, because we are more than conquerors through him who loves us.

In Psalm 23:5, we can see how God works all things for our good, by placing a table, in the presence of our enemies. What do our enemies want to do to us? Kill us. Yet, God prepares a table for us, to sit down, eat, enjoy ourselves, in front of death, and our enemies. 

God wants to show death and our enemies, that he has the final word, about our destiny, and what happens to us. We sit down and eat, have fun, while death and enemies are looking at us, in disbelief, of how can we sit down and have a lunch, while in their presence. Oh yes, that is possible when God is with us, because he wants to work everything for our good, even in the presence of death or enemies. To Jesus our Lord be the glory and thanks! 

If We Care for Others God Cares for Us-Psalm 41

Psalm 41:1

When we look at Psalm 41:1, 2, 3, we can see, that if we care for the people who are in trouble, who are suffering and need help, God will care for us, when we are in trouble.

Seek first his Kingdom, and everything else will be added to you.

It is about a deliberate consideration of the helpless and weak people, regardless if we like them or not. It has nothing to do who we like or not like. God even cares and is merciful to the wicked, and although he does not like their wickedness, he still has a common grace for them, and is kind to them and cares for them.

This is similar to what Jesus said in Matthew 25, that what we do to others, is like doing it to him. Many of the things we do to other people sometimes, we would not even dare thinking of doing them to Jesus, would we? Oh, Father God, have mercy on us!

In verse 1, we have the promise of being taken care by God for us, especially when we are in trouble.

Verse 2 is about we being protected from our enemies and being blessed on earth.

And verse 3 is about God healing us when we are sick.

And all that, just because we have considered the problems of other people, to help them, if we are willing to.

May God the Father help us to consider the helpless, more often, in the name of Jesus, because, possibly, we are not doing it enough, as he wants us to. Amen!

What-Who is Taking the First Place-Luke 14:26-33

What-Who is Taking the First Place-Luke 14:26-33

In Luke chapter 14, from verse 26 to verse 33, we can see that it is all about what or who is taking the first place in our lives.

Are we putting the things of God first? 

The only way for us, to do the first command of God, to love him with all our heart, mind and strength, is to be ready to put wife, children, money, houses, business or our own life on the second place of importance, after the things of God are taking the first place.

That is not easy and we often fall into the temptation to put our stuff fists in our life, and the things of God, second.

But God is either first in our life, or he is not in our life at all.

He will never be second, or on the second place in our life, because God, being the Creator and the source of everything, is the most important person in the Universe, and in eternity. He is the sole reason we exist, move and live on the earth.

He wants to be honoured by us giving him the first place in our life, before anybody or anything else, or he will not be willing to be in our lives at all.

To put anything else, or anybody else on the first place, means that we show God, that those people or things, are more important to us, and he will not have it.

Be Open to Receive-Hebrews 12:9-11

Be Open to Receive-Hebrews 12:9-11

A flower must open to receive the sunlight, if not, it will die.

We have to open our hearts to God, to receive everything he has for us. We must be opened to receive not only the blessings, but anything God wants to give us, including his discipline. The discipline from God is also a part of the light he has for us, because it produces a fruit of holiness in us. His light could feel sometimes, like burning for us, but that burning will burn all the things in us, which are not welcome in his presence. We can not and should not be open only when we want the good and positive things from God.

God’s discipline is like medicine for us. It could be bitter in our mouth, but it does something good for our bodies, and latter, makes us feel and be better. His discipline is a part of his light for us. His discipline will make us to be like a beautiful flower open up to him, to receive his glorious light.