The Kingdom of God Advances in Any Circumstance

Jesus said, that the Kingdom of God is in us. That is the Kingdom of Heaven is in us. If the Holy Spirit is in us, his Kingdom is in us too.

No circumstance, can stop the Kingdom of God, advancing in our life. God’s Kingdom in us, has the ability and power, to overcome, any and every circumstance. Every attack of the enemy, can be demolished by the Kingdom of God in us, just as it is described in Matthew 12:28.

But often, that does not happen in our life, or the circumstances we find ourselves in, because we do not have faith, or have a doubt.

For the Kingdom of God to be manifested in our circumstances, faith is the requirement, just as faith is the requirement for us, receiving anything from God, even receiving our salvation.

The Kingdom of God has the all necessary abundance, to demolish, change, or remove, any unsuitable or not so appropriate circumstance or situation in your life.

The Kingdom of God, comes in our life with power, the power of God. The anointing of the Holy Spirit remains in us, because the Word of God says so.

So what situation or circumstance are you facing today, which needs either to change, or to vanish from your life? Take hold of the Kingdom of God, in you, and all it has to offer you, to fight and overcome that challenging circumstance in your life.

Never forget, the Kingdom of God in you, has the power to remove sickness from your mind or to heal your body, and it has all the power necessary, to change or remove a situation, or a circumstance, which does not belong to you, or to your life.

But, it requires faith to use all that the Kingdom of God in us, can offer. Faith is the ignition which will start the heavenly ‘engine’ to move the vehicle of your life.

It is like you having a talent, let us say for example, you have a natural talent to play a piano. But, how are you going to find out that talent, if you do not sit down, and try to ever play a piano in your life.

So, it is similar with the Kingdom of God in us, unless we apply faith about it, that Kingdom of God and all it has to offer, may be and is permanently in us, but will never manifest in our life, and therefore, never change or remove any challenging situation or circumstance in our life.

So, it is like a gun. Unless you pull the trigger, it could be the most powerful gun, with the most powerful bullets in it, but nothing will happen, until you pull the trigger. So, your faith is like the trigger of the gun, you have to pull that trigger, in order to see the power of the gun.

It is similar with the Kingdom of God in us, we have to ‘pull the trigger’ of our faith, in order to see the power of God’s Kingdom, displayed in us, and in our circumstance.

Answer of Prayer in the Middle of the Storm

Very often what we consider to be the worst situation, is not what God thinks. God sees many things we do not see, and that is the importance of knowing that. In Mark 4:38, we see how the disciples were thinking of death, while Jesus was thinking of rest. Jesus knew he had a complete control over the storm and the waves, so he did not even consider it or think about it, but decided to sleep.

But the disciples were jumping all over the place. How often we are faced with situations in life, where all we see is the ‘storm’ and can not see the help which is provided from God. Do we think that God will let us enter into the storm of life, in a certain situation, and be without him, in that stormy situation? No, he is always there, right in the middle of the storm with is, just as Jesus said that he will never leave us, or forsake us.

The help the disciples of Jesus needed during the storm, was right there in front of them, but they did not recognize it. God’s help for us is already prepared for us from God, even before we enter the stormy situation of life. God knows any future storm we will face, so he prepares the help we need, even before we enter that situation. Confidence and faith, go to bed and sleep, and just chill and relax, in the eye of the hurricane.

Fear on the other hand, worries for things, which many times, do not even happen. What if? Even for our ‘What if?’ in our life, God has the answer. We all have destinations, somewhere in life to go. Jesus had a destination, to take the disciples on the other side of the lake. Jesus knew the destination where he was going, even through the storm.

Jesus knew that no storm, no enemy, nothing will stop the plan of his Father, about going to the other side of the lake, with the disciples, to do what he saw and heard from the Father. ‘Even if I walk through the shadow of death, You are with me’. We all want a smooth sailing through life, but God sometimes, has something different in plan for us.

He wants to test our faith, to see how it is doing, and usually, the test is not easy, but no temptation will face us, more than we can bear, as He has promised. God wants us to be like a surfing man, to ride above the waves of the storm, in order to arrive, to our God given destination.

The one who created the storm and the waves, Jesus, was right there with them, with the disciples, and he is with us always, to help us ride the waves, instead of drown.

Before the Bless Tested by God

Genesis 22:15-18

No Christian wants to be tested by God. We all want to receive blessings from God, and rightly so, because God wants to bless his children. But sometimes, God will test us first, before he gives us the blessing.

No one wants to be tested, because a test, usually includes something challenging for us to conquer, before we get the blessing. We just want the nice things from God, but no test. Yet, God wants sometimes to check up on us, and see how we would perform, if he will test our walk in him, in a certain way.

In the case of Abraham, it is obvious, that God did not know beforehand, how Abraham would react, about sacrificing his son, because God told him to do so.

You see, if God knew beforehand, that Abraham will be willing to sacrifice sin own son for God, the God would not need to test Abraham. But God did not know, therefore , he tested Abraham to find out, if Abraham would give the most precious he had, to be sacrificed in a burnt offering to God.

God will also test us sometimes, to see what are we willing to give up, just because he has asked us to do so. If you pay attention, you can see, that Abraham did not question God, and did not ask ‘why’. He just blindly obeyed God, and was ready just by faith, to give his own son, to be sacrificed for God.

Abraham did not object, did not fall into depression, and scatch his head, wondering if he heard God corretly. No, Abraham just acted in complete obedience to God, regardless of what he felt or thought, about all that situation.

God wants us too, to do what he asks us to do, even if it costs us, and without grumbling or complaining, and without excuses, because he knows what he is doing, and what he is doing is always good and best, but we sometimes do not know what we are doing, and is often either no good, or best.

God wants to be trusted, in what he asks us to do, without explaining himself why, and without us knowing things in details. He just wants us to trust him and believe him. Just like Apostle Peter, when Jesus asked Peter to go fishing again, and Peter said to Jesus, that he had been fishing whole night, and did not catch anything, but because Jesus had asked him to go fishing, Peter would do it. He did, and miraculously he caught a lot of fish.

So remember, God can give us a blessing, without testing us, but sometimes he wants to test us, to see how much we trust and believe him, and what are we willing to sacrifice for him, in order to please him.

Abraham the Man of Faith-Doubted

Genesis 12:1, 2, 3, 12

Abraham was not very different in a sense, than we are in our faith in God, because although he had a strong faith in God and his promises, he had an occasion, where he really did not believe what God had promised him, and he was afraid, that he will lose his life, as we read, in the book of Genesis chapter 12.

Now, when we read Genesis 12:1, 2, 3, we can see very clearly, that God had already promised Abraham, that he will make him into a great nation. And then, we go to verse 12 in the same chapter, and we see the fearful Abraham, who was in Egypt with his wife, and was scared to death, because he thought, the Egyptians will kill him, and take his wife for themselves.

Now, that kind of fear in the heart of Abraham, displays only one thing, lack in trust in God’s protection, and lack in faith, in what God has already promised him, in Genesis 12, 1, 2, 3. If Abraham really believed the promises of God, which are written in Genesis 12:1, 2, 3, then he would certainly, not be afraid about losing his life, and his wife too, because the very promises of God, would encourage him to continue to believe God, that everything will be fine, with himself and his wife.

In contrast, we can read in Romans 4:18-21, that Abraham is displayed, as the great man of faith, who believed the promise of God, that his wife will have a child, in her old age. That description of the strong faith of Abraham, in the promise of God, is powerful. And yet, although Abraham knew his God and trusted him, he had his moments, of doubting the promises of God which were personally for himself, and was afraid of losing his life, in Genesis 12:12.

So sometimes if we catch ourselves, doing a similar thing like Abraham, doubting the promises of God for ourselves, let us not beat ourselves up, and let us not feel miserable and hopeless, but let us remind ourselves that there is always chance for us, to start believing God for his promises, just as we should.

Confessing the Promises of God is Not Enough

Mark 11:22-24 You know, confessing the promises of God, and thinking that we will get a miracle from God, is never enough.

You can confess the promises of God, whole day long, but if you do not believe in your heart, that what you confess happens, you will not get a miracle. You can confess until all your teeth fall out, but what is going on, in your heart, is what really matters.

That is because with a the heart a man believes and is saved. The heart has to believe, not just the mind, because the heart is the one, which is born of God, and the heart is the one, which believes the Gospel, and a man is saved. God is interested first of all, in our heart. What does our heart believe? And what does our heart not believe, but doubts?

The Holy Spirit is one with our born again spirit, which is our spiritual heart. When God does something supernatural in us, and through us, he first of all, does it through our born again spirit, because that is where he dwells in us.

Yes we can confess the promises of God, but first, we must believe in our heart. That is what Jesus said, in Mark 11, that we can say to the mountain to be moved, and it will move, only in one condition, if we do not doubt in our heart. What does our heart truly believe?

That is what God is interested in, before he grants the miracle for his glory. Our heart, mouth and mind must move together in harmony and agreement, if we want to see heaven move in our life, and see the miracle of moving the mountain. If not, nothing will happen.

No Handbrake for Your Faith

Mark 6:4,5,6 God is sometimes wondering, even today, just as Jesus did, thousands of years ago, about our lack of faith, in him, and his Word and promises.

In Mark 6:5 Jesus was amazed, about their lack of faith. Jesus wanted to do miracles in that place, just as he wants to do them everywhere and also today. But those people in Mark 6, pulled the handbrake of their faith, and placed a Stop sign, in front of Jesus, to confirm their unbelief. They did not believe him, because they knew him, his parents, his relatives, his brothers and sisters, and they knew the man Jesus, but completely omitted Jesus the Almighty God, the Creator of everything.

And so Jesus choose not to tolerate their unbelief, by not doing many miracles there.

You see, God honors our faith in him, and he will always support a genuine faith in his Word, by even doing miracles, signs and wonders, if necessary, but he can not, and will not tolerate our doubt and unbelief, because, if God answered our prayer full with unbelief, when we ask for something from him, that means he will stimulate us to continue in our life, praying prayers full with unbelief.

We will just think to ourselves, that God answered our prayers, and did a miracle for us, even when we were doubting him and his Word, and we can think, that we can carry on in our life in the future, in the same way.

Jesus always responded to the faith of people, by doing a miracle for them, because he said that it was their faith that healed them, or did something else for them.

Whose Opinion You Follow-God or Men

In the Gospel of Luke 19:7, people were grumbling, because Jesus went into the house of Zacchaeus, to be his guest. But God saw something in the heart of Zacchaeus, which people could not see. You see, we can easily be carried away, by the opinion of other people, about us, even by the opinion of other Christians, in the the church where we go to serve God. And their opinion about us, either about our spiritual walk with God, or about other things in our lives, can greatly influence us, or even change us in a certain way.

But whose opinion we should allow to influence us, or change us in a whatever way, God’s opinion, or men’s. The opinion of men about us, is only short lived, and it matters only while we are here on earth. But the opinion of God about us, is for all eternity. It matters forever. What others thinks about us, can be either right or wrong.

But what God thinks about us, is always correct and perfect, because God does not make mistakes. Jesus did not care what people thought about him. And if we are his followers, we should do the same.

Because what matters for us and our life on earth, first of all, and forever, is what God think and says about us. We should always have a very high self esteem, because that is how God wants us to be, as his children, his loved and treasured possession, which we are.

We can never have a low self esteem, if we only can believe, what God says and thinks about us, because he never planned to create somebody in his own image, and that person, who is created in the image of God, to have a low self esteem. How can we have a low self esteem, when we are created to be like Him!

Life Gets You Down But God Lifts You Up

Yes, no one of us, has it all together. We all have to face various types of challenges, from time to time. But you see, God allows ‘mountains’ to come in our life, so that we can climb them. God does not want us to face a ‘mountain’ of problems in our life, without climbing on the top of that mountain, with his help and direction. The Bible says that God will not allow temptation to come into our life, which we can not bear, but will give us a way out of that temptation.

There are many things in life, like people, illness, financial struggles, unemployment and other things, which will tend to bring us down, and make us feel miserable and disappointed in life, but God has promised, that he will always be there, with us, and he has promised to lift us up, when we fall down and wallow in all sorts of challenges, problems, and difficulties – Psalm 147.

Jesus did not promise us, that we will not have problems in our lives. Just the opposite, he promised us, that we will have problems in this life, in John 16:33, but he also said, that he has overcome the world. What does that mean? Well, it means that if he overcame, all those challenges, and suffering, which he had to endure, while on earth, for our sins, then he can help us to overcome our own challenges and suffering, because the Bible says that Jesus can help, those who are tempted – Hebrews 2:18.

When we look in the Old Testament and the New Testament, we can see many examples of people of God, who have suffered, and had all sorts of problems and challenges, and yet, God rescued them, or delivered them, from their troubles, just as he has said in his Word, that he will. In Psalm 34 it says, that the righteous man has many troubles, but the Lord delivers him, out of them all. But it says it clearly in that Psalm, that the righteous man will have troubles, and even it says that the righteous man may have many troubles. Well, that is one of the promises for us, like it or not. But how can God deliver us from all our troubles, and how can he get the glory for doing that, if we as righteous people, do not have any problems or challenges to be delivered from?

Hope at the End of the Rope

OK, now you are in a dangerous and challenging situation, and you wonder, if there is any help for you from heaven. You are not sure if God cares for the small details in your life, and you question yourself in your thinking, if God really does care, about what you are going through. Or perhaps you think, that God is only concerned about the big or ‘important’ things in your life, and only for the spiritual matters, but not for any material matters in your life. 

Now, that is how many Christians our there think, when they are in the tight place. But where does that kind of thinking come from, and is it at all, based on the Bible?

The reality is, that no, it is not based on the Bible, but is based most likely on some human presumptions, and some faulty thinking, which is not really a proper thinking, but is a kind of ‘stinky thinking’, a thinking, which has more to do with the way this world thinks, than is to do with what the Word of God says about us, and our situation.

You say ‘But I am at the end of my rope’. Well, you may be at the end of your rope, but according to God and his Word, is not the ending of you, if you believe and trust, that he will take you out or take you through, in your challenging and difficult situation. Know this, that no matter how short or long your rope is, once you find yourself, at the end of the rope, that is not the end, of a hope for you from God, never was, and never will! Why? Because he is there at the end of the rope, waiting for you, to give you a new rope, full with hope and blessing. Do not believe that? Let us look at Psalm 71.

In Psalm 71:5, 6, 14, we can see, that King David, had learned to make God, his hope, a refuge and a fortress. What does that mean? Well, it means that when his enemies came and surrounded him, and in occasions wanting to kill David, he even then had hope in God, and run to God for help. Just read the whole psalm 71, and you will see, why King David was so powerful, in his life, even though he had to pass sometimes, through many trials and tribulations.

​The key was, he had a trust in God, and he had his hope and help in God, no matter what, he was facing. That could be the key for our hope in difficult situations too, when we pass through the fire. God can help us even when we do not have the hope and trust that he will do, but I am sure, it gives him joy, to find us trusting and hoping in him, for every situation we find ourselves in.

Future of Joy If You Apply It

If you are a born again Christian, then heaven has a good plan for your future. The Bible says in Proverbs 10:28, that if you are a righteous person, then you have hope, and the end of your hope is joy. 

Now, perhaps you are looking at your situation and circumstances, and perhaps you are going through some very difficult situation in your life, or perhaps of the Covid 19 pandemic, life has become worse for your personally, in many aspects. Yes, those are all facts, and you can not deny them, neither should you. 

But despite of all that you are passing through, and despite the challenging and difficult situation you find yourself into, because of circumstances in your life, know this, that God has joy planned for your future. If you are a righteous person, and if you are Christian, you can not escape from the pan and purpose of God for you, and your life, because you have the righteousness of God, as a gift from God to you, because of what Jesus Christ has done for you, by his death on the cross, for your and my sins. Because of that, you are a righteous person, in the eyes of God, and therefore, Proverbs 10:28, completely applies to you! That is one of the promises of God for you! Take hold of it, confess it daily, keep it in your mind, write it on your phone, meditate on it, and thank God for it. If God has said it, that belongs to you, as a Christian. 

You see the promises of God, are the most powerful thing we have in this world, but unless we take hold of them, and use them, and apply them in our life, for our own situation, they are fruitless for our life. If you do not use and apply the promises of God on a regular basis, daily in your life and situation, they remain inactive, and they can not produce a miracle. Yes, the Bible says that the Word of God is living and active, but it can not be active in your life, if you do not use it and apply it not just once, but on a regular basis. It is like a medicine, which you need to take every day, for a period of time, to see the result of healing, if you have been sick. 

God wants us to use and apply his promises in his Word, in the situations in our life, and sometimes daily, on a regular basis. Knowing all the promises of God, is not enough. Applying and putting in action those promises of God, is what makes the difference. Holding a medicine in your hand does not help and can not heal. Applying that medicine will heal you!

So, Proverbs 10:28 can promise you that your hope for the future, and your future prospect is joy, if you are a righteous person, but unless you believe it, and apply with faith that promise of God in the challenging and difficult situation in your life, I doubt, if there would be any positive result. The doers of the Word of God are blessed, not just the knowing of the Word of God. Remember, the enemy also knows the Word of God, but he does not obey it, but only twists it for his own purpose, just as he did, when he quoted Psalm 91, to tempt Jesus in the wilderness.

Being Content Whatever the Circumstances

Today, because of the situation in the world, with the Covid 19 pandemic, and other troubles in this world, many people are not content, with their lives, with their jobs, with their amount of money, with their friendships, and with other things in general. There are many Christians, who for one reason or another, can not feel content, whatever the circumstances in their live. I have myself, felt the same way of not being content, with many different circumstances, in my life. 

But if we look at Apostle Paul, especially what he says in Philippians 4:11-13, we can see, that Paul has learned something, about the circumstances in his life. Now, we remember what type of life, Apostle Paul had, after he became a Christians. That man, in comparison with many of us Christians, has been through all sorts of troubles, and lack in his life, with some beatings, lack of sleep and food, not having enough clothes, persecuted many times, nearly killed a few times, and yet, when we read what he says in Philippians 4:11-13, we see that despite of all that, he has learned a lesson. And that lesson, is absolutely and completely according to the will of God, for Apostle Paul, and for us Christians, because, obviously, he wrote about that, in the Epistle to the Philippians.

The lesson Apostle Paul had learned, was that he knew how to be content, in whatever the circumstances. Paul did not grumble, about his life, or about his lack of food and clothing, or about the lack of other things he needed. Instead, he had learned to be content, despite the circumstances. Now, that  is living by faith, and not by sight. If Apostle Paul was living by circumstances in his life, no way he was going to be content, as he said, that he was. No way! With all those horrible things happening in his life as a Christians, he would have a mental breakdown, and physical burnout. But no, he has learned to be content. 

If Paul was content not matter what happened in his life, that alone would save him, from all sorts of worries and anxiety, about lack of food, clothes and other things. He would be going to bed peacefully, and waking up peacefully, with not worries where or how he could get, food, clothes or other things he needed. Paul said that he can do all things, by him who was giving him strength. In other worlds, the reason why Paul was content always, is because he trusted that in any situation, in any needs he had, God will take care of him, and provide him not only the strength he needed, but everything else. God was providing Paul strength, in order to enable him, to pass through the lack of food, lack of clothes, lack of sleep, by the grace of God, so that he could by God’s grace and strength, endure all that lack of things, and hardships, until God provided for him, all that he needed in his life.

If we trust and believe God just as Apostle Paul did, God will provide us also, with the strength we need, to go through the lack of money, jobs, food, clothes, and other things, so that we can learn to be content, in whatever circumstances we finds ourselves in, until we receive the full provision from God, for all those things we need.

Do Not Just Knock on That Door-Brake It

Matthew 7:7, 8

You know, we are told by our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, to knock on the door, so that it can be opened to us. Some Christians, will not even knock on the door, so, how is that door, going to be opened to them?

Knocking on the door, is our part, and is the first part we need to do, in order for God, to open the door, after we have knocked on it, and that is God’s part. Although God can open any door to us, he will not open a door in our life, unless we knock on it. God wants to make us participants in opening of a door in our life, together with him, and he does not want us, to just stay there, and watch until he opens the door for us, so we just enter through it.

There are three types of actions, any Christian can take, in regard to doors being opened or shut in their lives. The first type are the Christians, who for one reason or another, do not knock on the door which God puts sometimes, in front of them. They just do not. Maybe perhaps because they think that the door is not supposed to be in their life, at that particular time, but they forget, that God’s timing for things in our life, is often quite different, than our timing. Or perhaps there are other reasons. But the fact is, they are reluctant to knock, on that door.

The second type of Christians, are those, who knock a couple of time on that door, but give up soon, and because the door remains shut, they give up altogether, and do not continue to knock on that door. They forget, that the very purpose God places doors in our lives, is in order for them to be opened. But nevertheless, they give up after a couple of knocks, and go away from that door. 

The problem with the first and the second types of Christians, who never see the door opened, is that they could miss all the treasures God has prepared for them, on the other side of the door.

But the third type of Christians, in regard to the doors placed in our lives, are those, who not matter how big the door seems to be, or how many times they have to knock on it, do not just go away, after a couple of knocks. They are the types who will actually sometimes brake the door and get through it, just to fulfil the purpose of the door, and that is, to be opened. And they are the ones who get all the treasures prepared by God for them, and placed, behind that door. 

In the Greek original language, of the New Testament, the word is ‘keep knocking’, which denotes a continual action, and not just one time action. 

So, let us break some of the doors, which God has placed in our lives, so that we do not miss, all those treasures, placed by God, behind that door for us. God does not mind us braking some of the doors in our lives, because the only reason he placed them in our lives, is that we can go through them, and get what he has left for us, behind them.

The Word of God is Living and Active

We as Christians, in our daily devotionals, read the Word of God, and meditate on it. We do it, first of all, because Jesus said that man shall not live with bread alone, but with every word, that proceeds from the mouth of God.

You see, our bodies need feeding every day, in order to live and grow. Our spirit and our soul, also need the food from heaven, in order to live and grow in the things of God. The only way we can overcome things in this messed up world, is by our faith, because the Bible says that we have overcome the world, by our faith. But our faith, can not be strong enough, to overcome the things in this world, which are going against the will of God, if our soul and spirit, are not fed and strengthened, by the Word of God.

The Bible says in Hebrews 4:12, that the Word of God is living and active, separating soul and spirit, and judging the attitudes and thoughts of the heart. Now notice, it says the thoughts and the attitudes of the heart, not of the mind. That is important! Why? Because Christianity is first of all, a matter of the heart. With the heart we believe in God, and our heart or spirit, is born again, not our mind. Out connection with heaven, is first of all in our heart, and not our mind, because the Holy Spirit, is in our hearts, according to the Scriptures.

The Word of God is living and active, but unless it is in our hearts, how can it be living and acting in us? We have to make sure, that we get the Word of God in our hearts, so that it can be living and active inside of our hearts, or our born again spirit. But how do we get the Word of God to be in our hearts? First of all, we transform our minds, with the Word of God, just as Romans 12:1, 2 says. Then when we transform our minds regularly, with reading the Word of God, eventually, the Word of God, will be in our hearts too. But it first enters in us, through our hearts.

Once the Word of God gets into our hearts, then because it is living and active, it will first of all, judge our thoughts and attitudes, in order to make our hearts and minds, to align more with heaven. The more of the Word of God we have in our hearts, the more living and active it will be inside of us, and the more living and acting it will be in our lives too.

Jesus said that the mouth speaks what the heart is full with. The more of the Word of God we store in our hearts, the more of the Word of God will come out of our mouth, in our daily conversations. And vice versa. The the less of the Word of God we store in our hearts, the more of this world, will come of our mouths, and that would definitely not be living and active, but will be burning and dying.

The more of the Word of God in us, the more God can use that Word, and do miracles in our lives. God always uses our faith in his Word, to do a miracle. He just does not do a miracle, independent of our faith in his Word. That is why he gave us his Word on the first place, so that we believe in it. and by believing in it, it will be more living and acting in us, and through us, for his glory, and for our and other people’s blessing.

If You Really Trust God You Can Sleep

The person who really trusts God about his protection and deliverance from trouble, is able to relax, and go to bed. What is the proof that a Christian really trusts in God, for his protection and deliverance from trouble? The proof is if that Christian, is able to sleep during the night. 

When we read the book of Acts chapter 12, and verses from 1 to 11, we can see, that Apostle Peter, was captured by king Herod, and was put in prison. Now, the reason Herod did that, is because he had started to persecute some Christians, and he even killed James, the brother of John. Therefore, he also decided to find Peter, and shut him in prison. 

When we read what actually happened to Peter, while he was put in prison, we will find him relaxing, and going to bed, to sleep. What is important for us to notice here, is that Peter surely knew, that king Herod, was persecuting Christians, and that he even killed James, the brother of John. Now, just knowing that fact, would be enough for Apostle Peter, to start worry and be gripped with anxiety, about his own safety and about his life. Peter probably thought, that if Herod killed James, the brother of John, he could kill him too, in order to please the Jews. 

But what we find when we read Acts 12:1-11, is that Peter instead of worrying and being anxious about being killed by Herod, decided to go to bed. Now, that I believe, is a complete trust in God. I believe that Peter perhaps even did not care about his life anymore, but believed that whatever happened to him, if he was killed by Herod, he would go to heaven, but if he was not killed, he would continue to preach the Gospel, and that is what all mattered to Peter, at that time in prison.

​Remember that Peter, was scared for losing his own life, when he denied Jesus three times, and was trying to pretend, that he did not know Jesus. Peter did that, because he was worried that the Jews could crucify him too, just like his master Jesus was. But that was before the day of Pentecost, or before the day after the resurrection of Jesus, when the Apostles were filled and baptised, with the Holy Spirit. Since the baptism of the Holy Spirit, on the day of Pentecost, Peter has become a different man, bold and courageous, by the Holy Spirit in him, and that is what made him not worry about losing his life, anymore. 

Could you as a Christian, be able to sleep, if you were put in prison, and if you knew that you could be killed, because of your faith in Christ? Peter did, and the proof that he was completely trusting God, no matter what happened to him, is in the fact, that he went to bed, and was sound asleep. And that is when God sent an angel, which took him out of prison, in a miraculous way. 

Faith and trust in God, will bring peace and a sound sleep to a Christian, even in the time of persecution, just like Peter was. But a lack of faith or trust of God, for his protection and deliverance, will bring plenty or worry and anxiety, and inability to sleep, and have a sweet dreams.

Even If Does Not Make Sense Do It

​Have you been is a situation, where God shows or reveals to you, that he wants you to do something specific, but for you personally, it does not make sense at ll? I do not know about you, but I have.

Many of the thing God will do in your life as a Christian, will not make sense to you, but yet there are there, done by the Almighty God, in a supernatural way. You see, the spiritual realm has different dimensions and laws, which differ from the physical realm and dimensions we live here on earth. Not wonder God said in his Word, that his thoughts are not like our thoughts. Of course they are not, and I am so happy that we can know the thoughts of God, as recorded in his Word, which are perfect, and without anything less than purity, holiness and perfection.

When you read the Bible, Old Testament or New, you can see so many times, when God was doing something, and it did not make sense to the people around, watching the miraculous from God. One such example is just before Jesus raised Lazarus from the grave, when one of the sisters of Lazarus, went to Jesus, and told him that Lazarus has been already in the grave for a few days. But Jesus told her, that if she believes, she will see the glory of God.

Jesus wants the same from us today, to just believe, and not rationalise what he is doing. We can not understand many things about God and what he is doing, so we will be losing our time and effort, to try to do so.

Think about the situation with Jesus and his disciples, after the resurrection of Jesus from the grave. He appeared to them, and told them to put their nets, on the right side of the boat, in order to catch fish, as recorded in the Gospel of John 21:6. Now, Peter and John, and some of the other disciples of Jesus, were professional fishermen, who tried to catch fish, whole night, and they did not catch any. And here is Jesus, telling them in the morning, to put their nets on the right side of the boat. I can imagine Apostle Peter scratching his head thinking, ‘Why does Jesus asks us to put the net on the right side of the boat? What does it matter, if we put the net on the left side of the boat or on the right? Is that what makes one to catch fish? Why on the right side? It does not make sense!’ But yet, they did as Jesus told them to do, and they had a miracle in their boat, having nets full with fish.

So, what matters is that, when God gives you any instructions, even if they do not make sense, do not question them, or try to explain them, because most of the time, you will not be able to. Instead, simply believe, with faith, and do what he tells you to do. That is the fist step, of seeing a miracle from God.

The Difference Between Hope and Faith

We have hope, and we have faith, at the same time, but, they are not the same! They are different!

Faith, is everything to do with now. Faith receives now. Faith does not hope, and is not going to receive in the future. No! Faith receives now! Read Mark 11:22-24.

But hope, does not receive now! If hope receives now, it would not be hope anymore, but it will be faith. Hope is what we are expecting to happen or receive in the future. When in the future? Well, whenever in the future. It does not matter! What matters is, that we wait to receive from God, in the future. 

Faith can not, and should not take the place of hope in our hearts, and hope, can not and should not take the place of faith in our hearts either. Each of them, has its own role and part to play, and each of them, is vital and important, otherwise, the Word of God would not say, that those three remain, faith, hope and love, in 1 Corinthians 13:13.

We need often, to be patient and to wait, to receive from God, what we asked of him, in either our faith, or in our hope. With faith, once we ask from God for something, and then we thank him for the answer that he has gives us already, what we have asked of him, even if we do not see it yet, with our physical eyes. But we believe that he has already given us the answer of our prayer, in the spiritual realm. So, we need to exercise patience, until the answer of our prayer appears in the physical realm. 

But with hope, although we need to be patient for the answer of our prayers from God, we still hope for the future, that one day in the future, God will give us or do something for us, what we have asked of him, but that will happen in the future. We do not have the answer of our prayer now, as we do with faith, but we hope, that we will receive from God, sometime in the future. Read Romans 8:24, 25.

That is the difference between faith and hope, and we need both, because each one, will fulfil its own purpose in our life, as God has determined.

Why Your Faith Does Not Work-Sometimes-Matthew 14

What we look at in life, will determine, if we have more, less, or not at all faith in God. What we look at, we pay attention to, and give ourselves to it. If we look and our attention remains with the circumstances of our life, or with the news on the TV, or with what the doctors or friends say to us, then we can be full of fear, and lack of faith.

How to Have Faith that Brings the Miraculous-Luke 5 and 7

The ways of God in our lives as Christians, often defy logic and common sense. But why is that? Because God is God, and we are just his creation. He is limitless, but we are limited. He always knows why he is doing things, and we often do not know, why we are doing it. And because his ways are higher than our ways, and his thoughts are higher than our thoughts.

The way God sees things, is many times not the way we see them.

In Luke 5:5, 6, we see Jesus asking Peter, to go and fish again. Now, you can not just go and tell a professional fisherman, who has tried to catch fish for a whole night, and who has caught nothing, to go and fish again, in the morning. No, according to the professional fisherman Peter, things do not work like this, in the domain of professional fishing. It seems illogical, is out of common sense, and seems like lose of time and effort.

Imagine You Can be Free from Worry Every Day-Psalm 68

Do you worry about the things going around in the world? Do you worry about things in your own life, perhaps how get rid of a chronic disease, or how to find an employment, or perhaps, about broken relationships with members of your own family?

Why do we worry? 

Well, worry does on in our own brain, by us calculating and estimating what we can do, in order to make sure, that we will be free from danger, or to make sure, that we will be safe, and without unnecessary suffering in our life. 

All that sounds good, that we are taking a precaution of how to avoid harmful or dangerous things in our life. But, the problem becomes, when we start thinking too much, and on a regular basis, about the same things again and again, so much so, that those thoughts of worry, occupy our mind most of the time, or at least, very often. 

Missing the Miracle, by What We See-Matthew 8:24

That was a lesson from Jesus for us. To learn to relax, during the storms of life. The disciples were looking for a solution, how to find a way, to escape the storm. Jesus on the other hand, decided to sleep during the storm. He got up, calmed the storm, and asked them, where is their faith. It was like Jesus was asking them, ‘why you just do not relax?’

The disciples were looking fir solution, and the only thing they could see, was the  storm, death and destruction. Them seeing only the storm, was spiritually blinding them to see the solution.

But the solution was just next to them in the same boat. Jesus with them was the solution for them, but they could not see it, and could not perceive it in the Spirit.

It is often just like us, in our storms of life, all we could see is the darkness around us. We often fail to see the solution, either because of a lack of faith, or lack of growth. And we have the solution with us all the time, because Jesus said that he is with us always, and that he will never leave us or forsake us.

Faith vs. Reasoning Luke 5:5

We have to leave our understanding aside and accept by faith what God say we should do. It very often will no make sense to us at all, but it will be making sense to God completely. That is why we walk by faith and not by sight.

Faith and what God says will often defy our reasoning, understanding and logic. God has never called us to understand what he does, but has called us to believe him. Peter had to forget about his own fishing experience and knowledge, and replace it with what God asked him to do.

Only when we are willing to let go of our own understanding and logic, then we will see a miracle from God.

Many things in our life of faith, will not make sense, but that is why we need the faith. God does not need to explain to us everything he asks us to do. He likes for us to believe and trust him, and he has never asked us to understand him. He knows, that our brain is too limited to understand him or what he does, so he asks us to trust and believe him, and to love him.

Peter did not understand for example, how is it possible to catch fish, when obviously by the circumstances, there is not fish, when Jesus asked him to go and fish again. Peter did not understand how is it possible for a human being, to walk on the water, but Jesus wanted to show him, that all that Peter had to do, was to obey the word of Jesus, when Jesus called him to get out of the boat, and start walking.

Jesus wanted to show Peter that even when we do not understand what we are doing, but do it just because God has said so, then we will be able to walk on the water and not sink. Believing God produces the miracle, not the understanding of how it works. Faith does not always understand things from heaven, but it trusts God, and it produces a miracle.

Galatians 3:5

God does miracles in  our lives because of our faith in what we have from God the Father by what Jesus did for us. God never gives us miracles because of how much we obey the Law.  No, it is  it because of what we do, but it is because of what Jesus did for us. Every miracle we receive from God is always entirely by his grace and entirely independent of our good works.

Paul is saying to the Galatians in Galatians 3:5, that God works miracles among them, independent of their works, and regardless of if they obey the Law of God properly or enough.

He is explaining to them, that it is by the Holy Spirit and faith in God that we receive the miracles from God, no matter if we obey the Law, because it is by grace from God that those miracles happen, and not if we deserve them by obeying the Law. It is entirely the work of God and his grace and Holy Spirit in us, that does the miracles, regardless of what commands from the Law we obey.

It is not dependent on us to have miracles from God, but it depends on his grace and power in our life. Our only role, is to accept all that God the Father has done for us through the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus by faith, and apply it by faith in our life, in order for us to see the miracles God does.

We Look at the Problem, God Looks at the Solution-1 Corinthians 10:13

No difficulty or a challenge comes into your life, first without God allowing it. And even if he allows it, he takes care of it more than you do.

You may think how you can cope with that mountain and it may look too big and impossible to conquer, but God has already taken care of it, even before it came into your life, because he cares for you, and because your life itself belongs to him, and you are hidden with Christ in God.

For us, most of the challenges and difficulties we face seem sometime impossible to pass through or endure, but God will not let you fight that difficulty or challenge and struggle with it, beyond your ability to cope.

He lets you be tested, but he has also provided all the tools you need, and the grace and strength you need, in order for you to lass through it.

We look at the problem, but God looks at the solution, because he had the solution, before you had the problem.

The question is, do we pay attention to the solution he has provided, or we are only concentrated on the problem? We are more than conquerors through Christ Jesus.

Faith and Love-1 Corinthians 13:2

In 1 Corinthians 13:2, Paul says that if we have faith to move mountains but have not love, we are nothing. The reason we are nothing is because the whole purpose of our faith, is to express God through us, and God is Love.

Jesus said that people will recognize that we are Christians, by our love. Why he did not say they will recognize us by our faith? Because God is Love.

In eternity Love remains forever, and all heaven is about love. There is no faith in heaven because nobody needs faith in heaven. Faith is needed here only on earth. Who needs faith in heaven? But everyone in heaven needs love. In fact we can not be in heaven and can not function in heaven in whatever aspect, if we do not have love. Why? Because the only place where there is no love and no love is needed, is hell. Everywhere else, it is.

The very purpose of existence is to love God and to love people.

‘It is Written’ or ‘What if’

‘It is written’ comes from heaven, ‘what if’ comes from hell. ‘It is written’ equals light and truth, ‘what if’ equals lie and darkness. ‘It is written’ has the ability to melt the ‘what if’, like the sunlight melts the snow. ‘It is written’ will uplift your spirit and bring you closer to God, ‘what if’ will drag you towards hell. ‘It is written’ is the remedy, ‘what if’ is the disease.

The Challenges of Faith James 1:1-4

We seem not to want, our faith to be challenged. But God does not think so. He always wants to stretch our faith level, in order to grow our faith. James 1:1-4

 Think about it. If our faith is not challenged, by adverse circumstances, how can we know how strong our faith is. It is only when we are squeezed in a tight place, that we see how strong our faith in God and his Word is.

 If our faith is not challenged and tested, it will not grow, but remain on the same level. But God wants us to grow in him, and our spiritual growth, is by the Holy Spirit in us, and by the Word of God. Also, we grow as we come as the body of Christ, to serve God together.

 I believe that it was possible, that Jesus let the disciple alone, in the middle of the storm, to battle the strong wind and the waves, in order to test and stretch their faith. If Peter was not in the middle of the storm, he would not experience the miracle of walking of the water, and his faith would not grow in the supernatural things of God.

 All through the Bible, from the Old Testament, to the New Testament, God has challenged the faith of those who believe in him, and want to follow him.

 It is easy to believe in God, when everything is fine, and you are cruising through the calm waters of life. When everything is smooth and nice in our life, it is very easy to believe in God. But only through challenging and difficult times, the real faith in God can be not only tested, but also demonstrated.

The effectiveness and power of our faith, is shown and demonstrated, when there is opposition of our faith. The stronger the challenge and opposition of our faith in God, the stronger our faith in God and his Word has to be.

Faith Focus-Matthew 14:29

As long as Peter was holding on to the word of Jesus ‘come’ he was walking on water. But the moment Peter forgot about the word Jesus gave him to come towards him, and began to trust the power of the wind, rather then the power of the word of Jesus, be began to sink.

The rhema word from God can be all the time out there for us, but it will not produce results and will  not do a miracle for us, if we diminish its power and influence in our life, by our unbelief,  by concentrating on something else.

God is ready to give a miracle but if we believe his promises only the half way, we will not see result.

Do Not Reason What God Says-John 11:39

We sometimes want to reason what God says about us or our situation. Martha said “but” to what Jesus said about Lazarus. She tried to reason it. Let us not say ‘but’ to God when he says something about our life or situation. Let us say a better ‘b’ word which is  believe.

Believe means we validate what God is saying. ‘But’ hurts the Holy Spirit because when we say ‘but’ to God, it shows that we doubt the validity, reality and the truth of what he is saying. Doubting God by saying ‘but’, is like we are saying that what he says is not true.

By us saying ‘but’ to God is like we are saying that there is another reality than that one which God is talking about, and that other reality is our own reasoning. God will never accept the ‘but’ word, because it enthrones our ‘reality’ rather than his.

He is trustworthy enough for us to accept what he is saying without the ‘but’ because we even come to him for everything by faith  and not by reason. Our reason is too shallow to grasp everything he says or has for us and he loves to be trusted. We cannot reason the things about God but we can believe them and experience them.

Do You Know What You Want from God? John 5:6

What a question to ask a sick man waiting to be healed in John 5:6. Surely Jesus knew that the man was there waiting to be healed. Why did he ask him that question?

Is it possible that Jesus wants us to express our faith in him by us confessing our faith for healing from him? It was the same with the blind man Bartimaeus when Jesus asked him what Bartimaeus want Jesus to do for him in Mark 10:51. It

was obvious that Bartimaeus wanted healing. God wants us to do two things when we want something from him. One, to know exactly and precisely what we want, and second, to confess and express our faith by speaking.

God wants to heal us and give us things but, he will not force healing on us. He wants us to express our faith in him by speaking and being specific. Vague prayers do not do good. We can not go to a shop and say “I want a soup”. We have to say to the vendor, what type of soup we want precisely.

Your Source of Provision-Mark 6:36, 37

Our provision does not start, and does not finish with circumstances. Our provision starts with God promising to provide for us. 

In Mark 6:36, 37, the disciples were completely in the flesh. How? Well, because all they were doing was calculating all the circumstances, and their own abilities about providing food for the thousands of people. They were spiritually blind, that the Source of all things and Life Himself, was standing next to them. Jesus had already done so many miracles which they testified with their own eyes, and yet they still were relying completely on logic, instead of the Word and promises of God.

Jesus said that we should not worry what we can eat, or what we can wear.

God knows that we need all those things. He created us to be with needs, and he is more concerned that our needs are met, than we are. How we know that? Let us look at 1 Timothy 6:17, where it says that God is the one who provides us with everything for our enjoyment.

We tend to think that it is us, who work for money in order to provide ourselves with food, but yet God wants us to know, that despite the fact that he wants us to work, our work is not our provider and source, but it is him. Work or not, he will provide for us, because he is the source of our life and everything around us. He will provide for us, because Jesus said that our life is more than food itself.

When the Bible says that God cares for us, that includes him caring for what we should eat, or what we should wear. He does not and never will care only for some things in our life. No, he cares about everything.

A good earthly father, will care about everything going on in the life of their child. A good father will not be partial and say ‘I will care for this, but not for that’. No, he is concerned for anything going on in the life of his child.

How much more, God who did not spare his own Son Jesus, but gave him and allowed him to come and die for us, will give us everything else we need – Romans 8:32

Giving as a Christian-Mark 10:21

The more we give here on earth financially, for the Kingdom of God, the wealthier we will be in heaven.

Our good deeds on earth which are only temporary, build an abundant amount of wealth for us in heaven.

Whatever good deed we deposit here, will be stored in heaven for us for eternity.

Instead of rejoicing for his eternal wealth in heaven, the rich man in Mark 10:21, became sad of the idea of losing his earthy wealth. He just did not realise the value of the heavenly wealth, about which Jesus was talking about. He needed revelation from heaven in order to grasp that reality spiritually. He did not have that revelation about the value of the heavenly wealth, so he was left stuck, with his earthly wealth.

If he could have the revelation about the heavenly wealth, he would realise the real value of it, in comparison to his earthly wealth, and the fact, that the heavenly wealth will be for eternity his, while his earthly wealth, is only for limited time.

If he chose, he could be like the person who found a pearl buried in the field, went back, sold everything he had, and with that money he would go and buy that field, in order to get the pearl. The pearl is about the Kingdom of God.

Without any questions, the heavenly wealth is more precious and valuable according to God, than the earthly wealth, just because, it is directly about the Kingdom of God, first and for all, while the earthly wealth, could be related and used for the Kingdom of God, but it also can be used for other purposes instead.

Earthly wealth gives the sense of power and security to people, so the only way to overcome that power, is to really know, by revelation, what the heavenly wealth is all about.

If the rich man in Mark 10:21, could give his wealth for the poor, he would get much more wealth in heaven, which would make him happy for eternity.