When God Touches the Coffin

Are there some good things in your life, or circumstances, which are dying, and left you disappointed?

Perhaps you have dreams, that are dying, and are not fulfilled. Or perhaps you have a business, which is not growing and succeeding. Or perhaps, your health is not in a good shape.

No matter what it is, God is able to ‘stop the funeral’ of all those things, just by one touch of him.

In Luke 7:14, Jesus touched the coffin of a dead person, and raised him from the dead, and in that way, cancelled the funeral.

You see, God does not just want to stop a funeral of a person, and rise that person from the dead. No, God wants, and is able to resurrect anything dying in your life, no matter what it is, anything good thing in your life, which is dying, either a spiritual or a material thing, in your life.

The Bible says that every good gift comes from our God and Father, and that God wants to give good gifts to his children. Therefore, any dream you have, any blessing either spiritual or material, it is not God’s will for it to die and be buried.

Just like Jesus touching the coffin of the dead man, and rising him to life again, so he wants to touch anything dead or dying in your life, anything good thing in your life, and ‘resurrect’ or ‘revive’ that thing.

God does not want you to lose all those good blessings and things he has given you. He did not give them to you, so that you will lose them.

No, the only one who wants you to lose any blessing, or a good thing, is the devil, who is called a thief, who has come to steal, kill and destroy. But Jesus has come, to give us life, and that is life in abundance.

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