The Kingdom of God Advances in Any Circumstance

Jesus said, that the Kingdom of God is in us. That is the Kingdom of Heaven is in us. If the Holy Spirit is in us, his Kingdom is in us too.

No circumstance, can stop the Kingdom of God, advancing in our life. God’s Kingdom in us, has the ability and power, to overcome, any and every circumstance. Every attack of the enemy, can be demolished by the Kingdom of God in us, just as it is described in Matthew 12:28.

But often, that does not happen in our life, or the circumstances we find ourselves in, because we do not have faith, or have a doubt.

For the Kingdom of God to be manifested in our circumstances, faith is the requirement, just as faith is the requirement for us, receiving anything from God, even receiving our salvation.

The Kingdom of God has the all necessary abundance, to demolish, change, or remove, any unsuitable or not so appropriate circumstance or situation in your life.

The Kingdom of God, comes in our life with power, the power of God. The anointing of the Holy Spirit remains in us, because the Word of God says so.

So what situation or circumstance are you facing today, which needs either to change, or to vanish from your life? Take hold of the Kingdom of God, in you, and all it has to offer you, to fight and overcome that challenging circumstance in your life.

Never forget, the Kingdom of God in you, has the power to remove sickness from your mind or to heal your body, and it has all the power necessary, to change or remove a situation, or a circumstance, which does not belong to you, or to your life.

But, it requires faith to use all that the Kingdom of God in us, can offer. Faith is the ignition which will start the heavenly ‘engine’ to move the vehicle of your life.

It is like you having a talent, let us say for example, you have a natural talent to play a piano. But, how are you going to find out that talent, if you do not sit down, and try to ever play a piano in your life.

So, it is similar with the Kingdom of God in us, unless we apply faith about it, that Kingdom of God and all it has to offer, may be and is permanently in us, but will never manifest in our life, and therefore, never change or remove any challenging situation or circumstance in our life.

So, it is like a gun. Unless you pull the trigger, it could be the most powerful gun, with the most powerful bullets in it, but nothing will happen, until you pull the trigger. So, your faith is like the trigger of the gun, you have to pull that trigger, in order to see the power of the gun.

It is similar with the Kingdom of God in us, we have to ‘pull the trigger’ of our faith, in order to see the power of God’s Kingdom, displayed in us, and in our circumstance.

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