Fighting the Good Fight of Faith

Oh, we all have to fight all sorts of battles, on a daily basis… If we fight with our own strength, we are done! In the spiritual realm, the devil is no match for us, but in the physical realm, we are not match for him….

The reason he is not match for us, is because the One who lives in us, the Holy Spirit of God, is stronger than him. And the reason in the material realm, that is in the flesh, we are no match for him, is because in the flesh, we do not have the power to fight a spiritual being like him.

We fight daily all sorts of battles, battles with financial situation, family situations, health situations, work situations, all sorts of things, and yet, God has not left us alone, to fight on our own.

You see, God not only wants to fight our battles for us, but he wants to fight through us, because he wants to make us from victims, to victors.

God never planned for a man to fall and lose, because he never created losers. He does not want us to be losers, in our daily battles, because that was never his plan, or intention. We are created in his image. How can then be created to be losers?

The main reason we lose the many battles in life, are because of us, our limitations, our weaknesses, our sinful nature, and because sometimes we give in to temptations.

In the New Testament we are called kings and priests. How can a king, be made a king, so that he can lose. No way, because a king is designed to rule. We were created to rule on this earth from the very start, when God created man on earth, and gave him the earth to subdue it.

God wants to fight our daily battles through us, because he wants to get the glory first of all, and we to get the blessing.

For God, we being conquerors, is not enough. He want us more than conquerors because when God is involved in our battles, he is not satisfied with us being only conquerors. He wants us by his help, grace and power, to rise about the badge of a conqueror, hanging on the garments of our life…

That is why in Romans 8:35-39, it says that nor trouble nor hardship, nor danger nor sword can separate us from the love of God. And it says in Romans 8:37 that we are more than conquerors through him who loves us, that is God. In other words, whatever we fall into, any of those things, God plans for us to be conquerors, and more, but not victims.

The only victim is the enemy of our souls, who has been defeated already, by the blood of Jesus shed on the cross for our sins, and by his resurrection from the grave, but not the children of God.

To be a king and be a victim at the same time, does not go together very well.

Even when we fall, God’s hand is under us, waiting to catch up, and raise us up, but not leave us on the floor.

You see, the Bible says that the righteous man falls many times, but God raises him up. Why? Because God never planned for us as Christians, to fall and stay on the floor.

No, we may fall, but he raises us up, for his glory, and for our blessing. A conqueror may fall, but he never stays on the floor, only a victim does.

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