Grace Peace and Power from God-According to Knowledge

The grace and the peace of God, is always available for us, as Christians, at any time, in abundance, but we can only receive them, according to what we know about God, and his Word.

In 2 Peter 1:2 it says, that the grace and peace of God, are for us in abundance, but it also says, that it is according to knowing God the Father, and his Son, Jesus Christ our Lord. We need to know God on a level, and to know his Word, on a level, which will make us able to receive, that abundant grace and peace from God, on that level.

The same applies about the power of God, supplying everything we need, for life and godliness, as it says in 2 Peter 1:3. Yes, but it all depends on our level of knowing God, and on the level of knowing his Word. It is not enough to know, that God has an abundant grace and peace for us, as Christians.

We also receive them from God, on the level of our faith, on the level we believe. Some of us, have a strong faith to receive anything from God, but some of us also have a not so strong faith, for receiving from God.

Even Jesus was commenting about the faith of various people, that they have either a strong faith, or small faith, or even not faith at all. And at the end, in order for us to have strong faith in God, and his Word, we need first of all, to know God personally, and to know his Word on a certain level.

The level of us knowing God personally, and the level of our knowledge of the Word of God, will determine, the level of our faith, and that in turn, will determine, how much we receive from God, not just his peace and grace for us, but anything else in life.

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