God’s Provision in a Time of Recession

You see, there may be a recession, but God cares for his own people, to keep them alive in famine, just as he has promised, in his Word, the Bible.

No matter, what oil prices, or electricity prices rise up globally, God cares for his people, and prices may go up, but the Word of God never goes down, meaning, never fails. Yes, God will allow recession in the entire world, but he is mindful, to care for his people.

In the time of severe famine for several years, Jacob and his family, were provided, with the best of the land of Egypt, by God, using Joseph, as we read in Genesis, chapter 45, and verse 18.

Do not even worry, about how much you have been left with, materially, or financially, because of recession or else, because God has a provision in mind for you. Read Genesis chapter 45, verse 20.

Just like for Jacob and his family, God has the best for us, even if there is recession. No recession can tie up the hands of God, to provide for us. God has a plan, to revive our spirits with plenty, from the gloominess, which comes to our hearts, because of the recession worldwide, just as he did for Jacob, in Genesis chapter 45, verse 20.

7 thoughts on “God’s Provision in a Time of Recession

  1. Well, let us give glory and thanks to our Lord Jesus Christ, who shares with us, and gives us things to know, just as he said in his Word, that the secrets of the Kingdom of God, has been given to us, to know them… To the Lord Jesus be the glory and thanks, if you like that post! Happy Christmas and a New Year!


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