Jacob Missed the Will of God

Did you know, that Jacob missed recognizing the will and the plan of God, for his son Joseph? How can the man of God Jacob, to be so analytical, and reasoning, and miss what God was planning for his son, and not giving any place, to the possibility, that God wanted to use his son, even as a young teenager?

Yes, that is how we sometimes can miss the will and plan of God for someone else, when they share their dreams, which they had from God, and we just dismiss them, like they have been the result, of eating too much pizza, in the case of our friends or people who share their God giving dreams, with us.

Lets us look at Genesis, chapter 37, and verse 10. You see, Jacob spiritual sensitivity, went out of the window, regarding the dream of his son Joseph, and Jacob even rebuked his son, for his son Joseph, sharing his dream with his father and brothers.

If you ever have a dream which you think is from God, and you share it with other Christians, and any of them just advice you to forget about that dream, and tell you, that perhaps you had that dream, just because you have eating something spicy, before you went to bed in the evening, do not jump on the same wagon, with them. They just can not see the hand of God, in your life, and in your dream. It is your God giving dream, personally to you, not to them.

Sometimes, you friends or other Christians, can actually take you out of what God is planning to do through you, even if they do all that, with well-meaning, and wish you the best from God.

The mistake Joseph made, was to mention straightway, the God given dream, with his brothers and father, but especially his brothers, because they somehow, seem to not like their brother very much, because they knew that Jacob loved his son Joseph, and perhaps they were jealous about that.

Sometimes it is wiser, to wait, and not share with others, the God given dream you have, because perhaps it is not the best timing for you to do that. Perhaps you need to pray more, and ask God, to confirm to you, if that dream you had, and think is from God, is really from him, or you just had a little bit of indigestion, before you went to bed.

Joseph would not suffer so much, if he waited, and did not share his dream with his brothers. Because it was a dream from God, God would still fulfill and do, what he had shown in the dream, he had given Joseph, even if Joseph did not share that dream with his brothers and father, because, no plan of God will fail, sharing with others or not, the God given dream.

8 thoughts on “Jacob Missed the Will of God

  1. I believe that it was God’s plan for Joseph to reveal his dreams to his father and brothers as he did because he is a shadow of what or how Jesus would also be treated by his brethren in Israel in His day. He was meant to go to jail and had he not said anything about his dreams, that would not have happened.


  2. Thank you for your comment! I disagree to a certain degree, because, although Joseph, had to reveal his dream to his family, he just did it to early. He got the dream, and straightway just told his family about it…. He made a mistake, of rushing by telling them too soon…. If he could wait a little bit, perhaps he would not have the trouble he did…. Maybe….


  3. Thank you for your reply to my comment, appreciate it. We know that God does not make a mistake in all that he does, and what He has allowed or predestined to happen happens and it is for a purpose. Perhaps age played a role in how Joseph was prompted to share his dreams and he did not know what the dreams meant and was only too eager to share it with his father and siblings.

    On the other hand, if his siblings had pure hearts, they would not have interpreted the dream in the way they did and just take it as face value.

    On the other hand, Joseph had to be in Egypt to fulfill the plan of God during the famine so he could save the household of Jacob.


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