Christians Money and What God Hates

The Bible has a lot to say, about Christians and money, and the prosperity Gospel.

Many times in life, what we value as important or valuable, is not what God thinks is valuable. And that is because his thoughts our not like our thoughts, but are much higher than our thoughts. What do both Christians and non believers value in this world.

Well, one of the things is money. Another thing is professional success. Yet another thing is education. Now, all those things are good in themselves, but, they themselves can become our idol, depending on how we look at them.

You see, a simple knife, can be used to kill somebody, but the same knife, can be used, to make a medical operation to somebody, and save their life. So, it all depends how we use it. Money in itself, is not good or bad either. What makes it good or bad, is how it is used. In the Gospel of Luke, chapter 16, verses 14, 15, it says that the Pharisees loved money.

Now Jesus was addressing them, and mentioned, that what people value, is detestable in the eyes of God. But why did Jesus said to the Pharisees, that their love of money, is detestable before God. What was wrong with them, having money? You see, the problem was not that they had money, no.

The problem was that they loved money. What does that mean to love money? Well, the Bible says that the love of money is the root of evil. Now, I believe that is addressing a case, when the money is used to buy or pay for something bad in the eyes of God. Money in itself is not bad, but how it can be used, can be.

With the Pharisees, they had their comfort, plenty of money, and they felt secure, and ‘happy’. Why should the Pharisees need Jesus and his teaching? They had money, and they felt influential. They had what they needed, money. They thought ‘We are rich, and we are well. Why do we need this new teaching of Jesus?’ And they rejected him.

And then Jesus told them that what they value, is detestable before God. So, we too have to be careful, that we do not let us become like the Pharisees, if we have plenty of money, because we could find ourselves, trying to serve two masters, God, and money. But we can not.

We will either love the one and hate the other, or we will love the one, and despise the other.

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