Why Pray Before Making Decision

How many times you have to make a decision, and wondered what to pray, and how to pray about it? You are not alone. We all as Christians, need to pray and ask God for his input and wisdom for our decisions. Why we want to do that?

Even the Son of God, Jesus Christ, had to go to his Father God, to pray to him a whole night, before he made an important decision in Luke 6:12-16. That was the case when Jesus had to chose his disciples, and he went away, and spend the night in prayer, before making decision, whom he will chose to be his disciples, Jesus did not make an important decision, before consulting his Father in heaven.

Because we know that God has promised us, to give us wisdom when we need it. Why did God promise to give us wisdom, when we lack it to make a decision? Because God knows that a lot of the decisions we make, are first not according to his will, and and also, because because God knows that many of our decisions are not the best for us and no good for us, and they sometimes are like we shooting ourselves in the foot, to say so.

I mean, think about it. Jesus, the Son of God, God Almighty himself, had to pray and ask his Father in heaven, before taking that decision, about choosing the disciples.

If Jesus had to pray and ask his Father in heaven, about making an important decision, how much more we need to pray, and ask our God and Father for wisdom, when we need to make a decision, especially an important one.

One of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, is the gift of wisdom. I believe that gift is about God giving us wisdom, in a difficult situation, when we do not what is the best to do.

Otherwise, if we know what is the best to do, why do we need the gifts of wisdom from the Holy Spirit? Let us not be wise in our own eyes, thinking that we know best or better, but let us ask God for wisdom, when we lack it, because he has promised to give it to us generously.

But we should ask in faith, not doubting, because the one who doubts, will not receive anything from the Lord, just as the half brother of our Lord Jesus Christ, James, has promised us in the Epistle of James.

Asking God for wisdom, when we need it, also shows God our dependence on him, instead of entirely depending on ourselves, when we make a decision, without asking God for wisdom. God is pleased, when we try to depend on him, instead on depending only on ourselves.

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