Before the Bless Tested by God

Genesis 22:15-18

No Christian wants to be tested by God. We all want to receive blessings from God, and rightly so, because God wants to bless his children. But sometimes, God will test us first, before he gives us the blessing.

No one wants to be tested, because a test, usually includes something challenging for us to conquer, before we get the blessing. We just want the nice things from God, but no test. Yet, God wants sometimes to check up on us, and see how we would perform, if he will test our walk in him, in a certain way.

In the case of Abraham, it is obvious, that God did not know beforehand, how Abraham would react, about sacrificing his son, because God told him to do so.

You see, if God knew beforehand, that Abraham will be willing to sacrifice sin own son for God, the God would not need to test Abraham. But God did not know, therefore , he tested Abraham to find out, if Abraham would give the most precious he had, to be sacrificed in a burnt offering to God.

God will also test us sometimes, to see what are we willing to give up, just because he has asked us to do so. If you pay attention, you can see, that Abraham did not question God, and did not ask ‘why’. He just blindly obeyed God, and was ready just by faith, to give his own son, to be sacrificed for God.

Abraham did not object, did not fall into depression, and scatch his head, wondering if he heard God corretly. No, Abraham just acted in complete obedience to God, regardless of what he felt or thought, about all that situation.

God wants us too, to do what he asks us to do, even if it costs us, and without grumbling or complaining, and without excuses, because he knows what he is doing, and what he is doing is always good and best, but we sometimes do not know what we are doing, and is often either no good, or best.

God wants to be trusted, in what he asks us to do, without explaining himself why, and without us knowing things in details. He just wants us to trust him and believe him. Just like Apostle Peter, when Jesus asked Peter to go fishing again, and Peter said to Jesus, that he had been fishing whole night, and did not catch anything, but because Jesus had asked him to go fishing, Peter would do it. He did, and miraculously he caught a lot of fish.

So remember, God can give us a blessing, without testing us, but sometimes he wants to test us, to see how much we trust and believe him, and what are we willing to sacrifice for him, in order to please him.

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