Will God Supply All My Needs?

God has promised us in his Word, to supply our needs. If you delight as a Christian, in God’s ways for your life, then the Bible calls you blessed.

There is one condition from God, for us his children, to be blessed, and that is to fear him and to delight in his ways. That is what he wants, the rest is done by him, that is the blessing of our life.

Sometimes in life, we wonder, why some of our needs are not met, like the need for more money, employment or paying of our bills, but the question we have to ask ourselves is, are we delighting in God’s way, and are we seeking God?

If we can answer ‘yes’ to that question, that means we can expect to receive more blessing from God, and that includes God sorting out, what we need. Read Psalm 112:1. Not that he will not bless us otherwise, because he even provides the sun and gives rain and good things to the unbelieving in him people, because of his common grace, but he loves to bless those who delight in him.

In Psalm 112:3, it says that wealth and riches are in your house, if you are a righteous person, seeking God, and believing in him.

That is what God says, that wealth and riches are in your house. What you say about that? Would you say to God, that you do not believe in the prosperity Gospel? Well, when you read that verse, you can not think of anything else, but prosperity, can you? I can not, and I will surely not, because I want to agree with what God says about me! Will we refuse his desire to make wealth and riches be in our house? Even if we do, why?

Is there any Biblical reason not to? The only Biblical reason I see, is that we should accept what God says about our needs being met, and about our possessions, regardless of what we think, see, or some preacher in a church says! What matter, is what God says, and it is not mysterious what he says, but is very clear. He wants you rich, and that is for a reason.

One of the reasons is because you are his child. And he is the richest Father ever there is. The second reason why he wants you rich, is because you can give to other people or for the Gospel.

If you are poor materially, what will you give to others or for the Gospel materially?

We live in a dark times now, because all this situation in the world, with Covid 19, it makes the whole world to sink into darkness even more than before. And that creates more needy people in the world, including Christians, who still need to find an employment, pay their bills, and buy food for their families.

But the difference between us Christians is, that even in the dark times in the world because of Covid 19 and other problems in the world, there is a light that shines for the righteous from heaven.

Although it is dark out there in this world, the Word of God says that God’s light still shines in the life of a Christian, Psalm 112:4

That light shining from God into your heart and life, is not only to make you grow spiritually. No, it is also to dispel and remove the darkness of lack and not enough, from you life. God wants his light, to shine so much in your life, so that there will be no lack for money, jobs, transport, food, or whatever need you have. That is why one of the reasons, why his light shines in your life.

The light of God shining in your life, to dispel and remove any darkness of lack in your life, will shine brighter and more abundantly, if you are a generous person, and freely give to others for their needs. That is what says in Psalm 112:5.

It says in verse 5 of Psalm 112, that good will come to you, if you are generous and lend freely. You see, that is the condition from God, to make his light of provision to shine brighter and stronger in our life.

Yes, God cares for us, and he is concerned to supply all our needs as he has promised, but he also has established some conditions for us to follow, so that he can bless us even more.
God wants us to give to others, just as he is a Giver. You see, God is the greatest giver there is. We can never out-give God, in whatever way!

God wants us to be generous to others, just because he is generous. And he wants us to freely give to others, because he is freely giving us everything. He wants us to be like him. That is why he says that good will come to us, if we become more like him.

So the next time you worry and wonder where you will get the money from, to buy food, or pay your bills, first consider if you have fulfilled the condition of God, to be generous and give freely to others. If you want good to come to you, in terms of your needs supplied by God, then that is one of the conditions.

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