Why Give Money as a Christian

We as Christians are commanded by God, to give financial tithes and money offerings.

We have heard many times the verses from the Gospel of Luke, chapter 6, about giving and it shall be given to us. And most of the time we hear those verse, spoken by some preacher, or we read them ourselves, we immediately start thinking about money. We are so accustomed to those verses talking about money, that we can not think, about anything else.

But, if we look the context of those verses, we can see, that it actually does not necessarily talk about money at all. That is not talking about money, so that if we give money for the Gospel, or give money to bless somebody else, it will be given back to us. In matter of fact, those verses are often preached by preachers, to emphasize, how a Christian can finish their poverty and lack of material things, once and for all. But, pay attention! Those verses are not talking about money at all, and money is not mentioned in them not even once!

Now, of course those verses display some spiritual laws or principles from God, that if we give forgiveness to somebody who has hurt us, for example, then God will also give us forgiveness for our sins too. But those verses are speaking about relationships between people. Look at verse 35 of chapter 6 in Luke. It says, that if we give to our enemies, without expecting anything back, we will be rewarded by God. Do you see that? It is about we given good things to our enemies, and then God will give us back a reward for that. That is what give and it shall be given to you, talks in these verses about.

I will repeat it again, yes, we can apply those principles about giving money to others so that it shall be given back to us, but those verses, are not talking about money at all. That is important to grasp, so that the next time we hear somebody preach that these verses are about us giving money so that we will get money, we should know, that the verses do not even talk about money at all.

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