Effort or the Grace of God

1 Corinthians 15:10

We can be zealous to do the things of God, in order to serve him, and we can put a lot of effort to do things for God, but that alone, would not accomplish very much, for the Kingdom of God. You see, God is giving a different measure of grace, to each individual, who is born from him, by the Holy Spirit. The grace of God, is like enablement from God, for a person to do a certain thing. When the grace of God is present, in a person’s life, to do something for God, it will make even some difficult things to do, much easier, in comparison of, if a person uses only their will and effort, to do that very thing.

Think about Apostle Paul. He himself says in the Bible, that it is the grace of God, which makes him to do all those things, God requires of him to do, for the Kingdom of God on earth. Paul was having often a very difficult responsibility, to take care of all the churches, and to do so many things for God, and yet he said that it is the grace of God in him, which enables him to do all that.

Perhaps it is also similar in your own life. Maybe you want to do something for God, and try to serve him in a certain way, by putting the amount of effort, and you give your time for that, but you do not see, very much result. Perhaps it is a time for you to evaluate, and ask yourself, if the things you are doing for God, are motivated by his grace, or you just do what you do, because you want to serve God, in some way.

I would suggest, that you pray and ask God, to show you in what way, he has already given you the grace to serve him. Once you find that out, you can start doing things for God, by the grace he is giving you for them to do, and you will definitely see more result, of all those things you are doing for him.

Do not forget, that Apostle Paul did many things for God, great and mighty things, but all of those things were done by Paul, only first of all, by the grace of God in his life, and the grace God gave him, to do all those things.

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