Tempted in a Time of Weakness

Luke 4:2 Do you think that Christians are most tempted by the enemy, when they feel strong in the Lord, and know they are doing the will of God? No so, sometimes! Why?

Because if you read what happened to Jesus as written in Luke 4:2, you will figure out, that the devil had to wait for Jesus to become hungry, before he offered him the temptation, to make bread out of stone.

It is interesting that the enemy did not tempt Jesus during those 40 days in the wilderness, but at the end of those days, when Jesus started feeling weak in his body by becoming hungry. So it is similar with Christians today.

The enemy would not usually tempt them when they feel strong in the Lord, but when they feel weak in a particular area, in their life. The reason is, that the weaker they feel, the less likely will they have the strength to fight the enemy.

He knows that, and that is why he is waiting for a Christian to be or become weak in a certain area of their life. But let us never forget, that when we become weak, although the enemy may attack, God gives us his grace and power, to fight him back, because the Bible says that when we are weak, then we are strong.

The enemy looks for an opportune time, to hit Christians, just as he did with Jesus. He left Jesus after trying to tempt him, but in Luke 4:13, it says, that the enemy was going to wait, until an opportune time came.

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