Open Your Spiritual Mouth for Food from Heaven

Psalm 81:10

Our born again spirit, or soul, has senses, just like our physical body has senses. The Bible talks about spiritual eyes and ears, like for example, in the Book of Revelation it says ‘whoever has ears to listen what the Holy Spirit says to the churches’. That is about spiritual ears.

In Psalm 81 verse 10, God says that if somebody opens their mouth, God will fill it. But the question is with what? Well, in the same way we open our physical mouth, in order to get some food and feed ourselves, we can open our spiritual mouth, so that God can fill with with the spiritual food from God, so that we can grow spiritually, increase our faith, get healed, receive the promises of God in faith, and chew up, on the Word of God.

You see, before we can swallow each bite from the Word of God, we need to open our spiritual mouth. God will not open our physical or spiritual mouth. We do. We can have all the food around us, all the time, but God will not open our mouth, and place the food in it. We do. So, it happens today, that many Christians remain spiritually hungry, because they are waiting for God, to do something for them, and do not realize, that God has already provided and given them, what they need from him.

All they need to do, is to open their spiritual mouth, and take with faith, what God has already given. Then chew that spiritual food, meditate on it, until they are ready to swallow. Once they have meditated enough on the spiritual food God has provided them, then they are ready to swallow it, and it will become a part of their spiritual digestive system, and will become a part, of their born again spirit.

That way, they can grow spiritually and be strong, by the food from heaven, God has provided them. It all start with opening your spiritual mouth with faith, so that God can fill it with the spiritual food he has already provided. Do not wait on God to do something. He has already done it. You open your mouth, receive with with faith, and be blessed.

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