Fighting Temptation by Prayer

Matthew 26:41 We all, are tempted on a daily basis, from all directions, and from all sorts of things. And we as Christians, are commanded by God, to pray, and fight temptation. When we read in Matthew chapter 26, we can see, that the disciples of Jesus, were ‘pressing the snooze button’ and nearly breaking it from pressing it again and again.

Jesus goes to them, and warns them, that unless they pray, they could fall into temptation. By saying that, Jesus points out for us, that we should always pray to our heavenly Father God, so that we can fight temptation in our own life too.

The Bible says that sin easily entangles us, and that whomever thinks that they stand, they should be careful that they do not fall. So, we all as Christians, have the daily potential to fall into sin, and sometimes, we do fall into sin, because we give in, to temptation.

But, that is not God’s desire for us, and one of the way to fight temptation, is for us to pray. But how does prayer help us to fight temptation? Well, we could pray to God, and ask him to help us fight the temptation and to overcome it, and God will help us do that.

But, that is not only asking God to help us. I believe, that our lifestyle of praying regularly, and also praying in tongues, by the Holy Spirit in us, can make us stronger spiritually, so that we can fight temptation, with the help and power of the Holy Spirit, which God provides for us.

You see, unless the Holy Spirit helps us by his presence and power in us, to fight temptation, we can not, and we will definitely, fall into temptation, if we are fighting it, only on our own, by our own strength and devices.

That is why it is important to pray in tongues regularly, because the Bible tells us, that if we pray in tongues, we edify ourselves. How? Well, to edify ourselves, it means we become stronger in our faith in God, our spirit is growing up in the revelation of God, and we have more power, to withstand temptation.

Prayer, helps us grow spiritually, and unless we grow spiritually, we will remain a spiritual babies, and babies are not very strong or able, to stand against the storms of life, and they most of the time, need help, because they can not manage on their own.

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