The Discipline and the Love of God

Psalm 118:18

Very often, we as Christians, tend to focus, on the goodness, the grace and the love of God for us, as our heavenly Father. No one of us, would like to really listen too much, about the discipline from God for us.

We all want all the good stuff God has for us, and those good promises and blessings, which he has for us, but for discipline, who wants to listen? You see, God loved so much King David, that God himself has said, that King David is a man after God’s heart, a man who according to God’s Word, will do anything which God wants him to do.

Now, that is a great statement, and any one of us, would love to hear that same statement for ourselves, from the mouth of God, would not we? But God does not only love us, and not only has an abundant grace for us. No. Because he loves us, he wants us to be holy like him, and therefore, when we miss the mark sometimes, he disciplines us, and that can be severe, just like in the case of King David, as described in Psalm 118:18.

How can God who loved David so much, be severe with him? Would not God spare his severe discipline and not be severe with King David? But that is exactly why God is so severe with King David, and with us, because he cares enough for us, to be holy and live a holy life before him, so that we can be and become more like God.

The discipline from God for us, is like a bitter medicine, which sometimes we need to take, in order to be healed. And we should not forget too, that Jesus has said in the Book of Revelation, that he disciplines, those he loves.

The discipline from God for us may be harsh sometimes, and we may feel the pain of that discipline, but that is because God cares enough for us, to not let us slip into sin, but to keep us close and pleasing to him, so that we can have that sweet fellowship with him, and he with us, just as he has designed it to be.

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