Whose Opinion You Follow-God or Men

In the Gospel of Luke 19:7, people were grumbling, because Jesus went into the house of Zacchaeus, to be his guest. But God saw something in the heart of Zacchaeus, which people could not see. You see, we can easily be carried away, by the opinion of other people, about us, even by the opinion of other Christians, in the the church where we go to serve God. And their opinion about us, either about our spiritual walk with God, or about other things in our lives, can greatly influence us, or even change us in a certain way.

But whose opinion we should allow to influence us, or change us in a whatever way, God’s opinion, or men’s. The opinion of men about us, is only short lived, and it matters only while we are here on earth. But the opinion of God about us, is for all eternity. It matters forever. What others thinks about us, can be either right or wrong.

But what God thinks about us, is always correct and perfect, because God does not make mistakes. Jesus did not care what people thought about him. And if we are his followers, we should do the same.

Because what matters for us and our life on earth, first of all, and forever, is what God think and says about us. We should always have a very high self esteem, because that is how God wants us to be, as his children, his loved and treasured possession, which we are.

We can never have a low self esteem, if we only can believe, what God says and thinks about us, because he never planned to create somebody in his own image, and that person, who is created in the image of God, to have a low self esteem. How can we have a low self esteem, when we are created to be like Him!

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