Why Pray a Few Times and Not Just Once

Have you ever wondered, if you should pray once, or a few times, for something you want from God. You could pray just once, and thank God for the answer of your prayer, even before you see it with your physical eyes, or you can carry on praying for the same thing, again and again, until you see the answer.

The thing is, Jesus himself was praying three times in Matthew 26:44, for the same thing, when he was in the garden, just before his crucifixion, asking God the Father, to remove that cup of suffering on the cross, if possible. Why did Jesus pray three times for the same things? At the end of the day, he was the Son of God, and God the Father, will never refuse to give his Son Jesus anything Jesus asks from him.

And also, Jesus already knew that he had to go to the cross, to die for our sins, and so to fulfill, all the Old Testament prophecies about him. Jesus knew all that and yet, he prayed three times, for God the Father to remove that which was planned from heaven, for the salvation of mankind.

And, Apostle Paul also prayed three times, for his thorn in the flesh, to be removed from him? Why did not Paul just pray once, and then in faith, wait for the answer of his prayer to appear, by the thorn in the flesh, disappearing?

You see, praying a few times for the same thing, does not make God change his mind, and give you what you want. No. It just shows God, that you are determined to get an answer of your prayer from him.

And he likes when we are determined, to receive from heaven, what we ask for. Because when Jesus said in the Gospels that he who asks, will receive, the original Greek word for that text is, ‘Keep on asking, and you will receive’. Do you see that? Jesus said that we should keep on asking from God, in our prayer, and that suggests, praying for the same thing, not just once, but many times.

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