Rich in the Eyes of God-Poor in the Eyes of the World

When we read the Epistle of James, chapter 2, we find out, that the attention of heaven, is towards the materially poor people, who are rich in faith.

We could fall in the trap sometimes, of thinking, that if we are not rich materially, then we are not considered successful. But, that is not according to the standards of heaven. Those standards, are the standards of the world. 

It makes me wonder, why did not God chose one materially rich person, to be one of his Apostles? I mean think about it. Jesus chose his Apostles, but not one of them was considered rich, in the eyes of the world, that is having a lot of money. And another thing that makes me wonder, is why did God not prepare a rich, nice and beautiful place, for his Son Jesus, to be born into, but Jesus had to be born in a building, where they keep animals, a place which is not the most appropriate for anyone to be born.

Well, it does not mean that God wants us Christians poor financially or materially, that is for sure, but he considers one to be a successful person, who has faith in him, and serves him according to the Word of God.

I mean think about it. John the Baptist was considered the be the greatest person ever lived, on the earth, not including Jesus, who was fist of all and the greatest, but John the Baptist according to Jesus, was greater than Moses, greater than king David, greater than Solomon, and greater than anybody else in this world, who ever existed. In fact, according to Jesus, John the Baptist was greater than king Solomon. 

Now king Solomon, was the reach-est man in the world, materially, but John the Baptist was greater than Solomon in the eyes of God. Why? Because when Jesus said in the Gospels, that John the Baptist was the greatest person among those born among women, he was considering, that on a spiritual level, not material, because John the Baptist did not have even financial revenue to buy himself, proper food, but was eating locust and wild honey.

So there is a difference of how we or this world defines success, and how God defines success.

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