Life Gets You Down But God Lifts You Up

Yes, no one of us, has it all together. We all have to face various types of challenges, from time to time. But you see, God allows ‘mountains’ to come in our life, so that we can climb them. God does not want us to face a ‘mountain’ of problems in our life, without climbing on the top of that mountain, with his help and direction. The Bible says that God will not allow temptation to come into our life, which we can not bear, but will give us a way out of that temptation.

There are many things in life, like people, illness, financial struggles, unemployment and other things, which will tend to bring us down, and make us feel miserable and disappointed in life, but God has promised, that he will always be there, with us, and he has promised to lift us up, when we fall down and wallow in all sorts of challenges, problems, and difficulties – Psalm 147.

Jesus did not promise us, that we will not have problems in our lives. Just the opposite, he promised us, that we will have problems in this life, in John 16:33, but he also said, that he has overcome the world. What does that mean? Well, it means that if he overcame, all those challenges, and suffering, which he had to endure, while on earth, for our sins, then he can help us to overcome our own challenges and suffering, because the Bible says that Jesus can help, those who are tempted – Hebrews 2:18.

When we look in the Old Testament and the New Testament, we can see many examples of people of God, who have suffered, and had all sorts of problems and challenges, and yet, God rescued them, or delivered them, from their troubles, just as he has said in his Word, that he will. In Psalm 34 it says, that the righteous man has many troubles, but the Lord delivers him, out of them all. But it says it clearly in that Psalm, that the righteous man will have troubles, and even it says that the righteous man may have many troubles. Well, that is one of the promises for us, like it or not. But how can God deliver us from all our troubles, and how can he get the glory for doing that, if we as righteous people, do not have any problems or challenges to be delivered from?

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