How to Prevent Spiritual Famine and Starvation

Jesus said, that man does not live on bread alone, but on every word, that proceeds from the mouth of God, in Matthew 4:4.

If we as Christians, do not feed our soul and our born again spirit, with the Word of God, we will eventually, fall into a spiritual starvation and famine. 

It is similar to us, not feeding regularly, our bodies, with food. Eventually we will lose strength, we will become weak, and we will lose weight. We will not be able to manage with anything in our live, which requires energy and strength. 

So, it is similar, with our soul and spirit. If we do not feed our soul and spirit, with the Word of God, to have a spiritual breakfast, lunch and dinner, eventually our soul and spirit, will become ‘lean’, weak and losing strength. We will not be able to resists and manage, with the challenges in our life, because we have stopped using the Sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God. Jesus said that people fall into an error, because they do not know the Scriptures, that is, the Word of God.

The Bible commands us, to transform our mind, so that we will know the perfect, and pleasant will of God. But how are we going to transform our mind, which is a part of our soul, if we do not feed our mind regularly, with the Word of God? We need to transform our mind, on a regular basis, by feeding on the Word of God, so that we become more like God, and are shaped to be more like Jesus, only then we can live like Jesus, when he was on earth, and only then we can have victory over the darkness, and the challenges of life. 

Feeding our soul and spirit, with the Word of God, will help us build a ‘house’ on a strong foundation, which is the Word of God, which is living and active, so that when the storms of life, come, we will have an anchor, a strong foundation under our spiritual feet, to be able to stand, and not fall to the ground in peaces.

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