Levels of Spiritual Growth

Levels of Spiritual Growth

There are Christians, all over the world, but each one of them, is on a different spiritual level, than other Christians. We are not all on the same level. Each of us, who has been born again from the Holy Spirit, is on a different spiritual level of growth, than the others. It is like students at school. Some are at the Primary School, but others are at the University. And their knowledge compared to one another is not the same.

Each sermon a preacher prepares, should ideally address all levels of growth, in the Church congregation. Why? Because, one Christian believes that he can eat vegetables but not meat, and another Christian believes that he can eat meat and vegetables, and that would not be a problem for him – Roman 14:1-5.

Now, let us look at Hebrews 5:13, 14. In these verses, we can see, that it is possible for a Christian, to be a Christian for many years, yet to be on the infant spiritual level.

You see, God can not give us the solid spiritual food, the ‘meat’, if we are on the baby spiritual level. Why not? Because if he did, we can not digest it. We literally can not digest it into our spirit, and apply it in our life, because that solid spiritual food, is only for the mature Christians, who have developed their spiritual ‘digestive system’, being sanctified by the Holy Spirit, and being renewed with the Word of God to a such degree, that it can ‘digest’ the solid spiritual food, without a problem. And not only digest it, but apply it in their lives.

We can not give a stake or fried chicken legs to a baby, because the baby does not even has the teeth to chew and digest that type of food. So it is similar to us, if we are still baby type of Christians, and we receive a ‘solid spiritual food’ from heaven. We will not be able to ‘digest’ it, and therefore, that food can not change us or make us to grow in the things of God.

Another thing to consider, is that wanting to have more revelations from God, does not ‘click’ well, with a Christian, who is on the baby level of spiritual matters, because, even if God gave that Christian some more revelations, if that Christians is not mature enough, he could possibly not understand what those revelations mean, or if he did, he could misuse those revelations, because of immaturity in Christ. We have to be on a more mature level in the things of God, in order for us, to grasp, and deal properly with the things God gives us in the spiritual realm.

​God knows on what level of maturity in his things we are, and although we may want him to give us more things of his Kingdom, he would probably often not, because of our ‘infant’ way of thinking about the things of God. God will give us revelation from heaven, according to our level of growth in him, so that we can use and apply in our life, that type of revelation from him.

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