Abundance By Grace Or By Toil?

In this world, the so called successful people, are the ones, who have got high education, or a lot of money. According to the world system, if you can not make a lot of money, or can not be highly educated, you are a failure, and have not succeeded. You could be also considered not very bright or intelligent either. In the way this world thinks, you have to work a lot, and to earn or deserve all your riches, if you become a rich person,  a millionaire or billionaire. 

But for us Christians it is a different story. God has a different way to describe as successful, all his children. According to God, in the Kingdom of God, the successful people, are not necessarily the rich ones, or the highly educated ones. John the Baptist, is called the greatest by Jesus, among those born by women. Yet John the Baptist, was not highly educated or rich. 

If you are a born again Christian, you may be thinking that for you to have an abundance in your life, all you have to do, is to work hard, and in that way make your riches. It is true, that the Bible says that the diligent people, who work hard, will find wealth, but the Bible also reveals to us, something else about us Christians, the children of God, having an abundance of material blessings in our life. 

When we read Proverbs 10:22, we can clearly see, that the blessing of the Lord, brings wealth, even if the people have not worked for it. Do you see that? That is the grace of God, working in your life displayed. If you are not working for your money, how can God give you money? Did not God say, that we should work, as written in his Word? Of course he said it!

​But God wants us to know, that us working for our money and needs, is not everything there is. Yes God has commanded us to work, and earn our living, but he can also give money or riches, to anyone he wishes, at any time, just as he gave riches to king Solomon, without Solomon working for all that gold and silver, which was given him from God, after he had the dream. 

Or consider the case when Jesus told Peter and the other disciples, after his resurrection, to into the sea again, and catch fish, after the disciples were trying to catch fish the whole night, and did not catch anything. After they did what Jesus told them to do, they have an abundance of fish. Now, was that abundance of fish, caught by the disciples, the result of their work, or was it, because of the grace of God, the fact that Jesus miraculously provided all that fish in abundance for them? Of course, that was the grace of God manifested, right in front of their eyes, just as it says in Proverbs 10:22, that the blessing of the Lord, gives wealth.

When God decides to bless someone, and give them wealth and riches, not man can stop it, and that will be entirely based on the grace of God for that person, and nothing to do, with what they have worked for, what education they have, or what business or profession they have. All that is to do with the grace of God in their lives. 

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