Train Wives to Love Husbands

The relationship of a wife and husband in this world, is more based on how they feel for one another, if they feel romantic, if they feel in love or not. Once the feelings of love become less, and there is no anymore a feeling of love, they say to their spouse, “I do not love you anymore.” 

But for us Christians, that is a different story. You see, God has commanded us to love each other. That in itself indicates, that no matter how we feel about somebody, we must love them. Now, there are different types of love, and in the Greek New Testament, there are different original Greek words used, to describe. For example, there is the ‘phileo’ love and the ‘agape’ love, but they are different. One is more to do with feelings, and the other is more to do with action. 

In Titus 2:4, it says that older women, should train the younger women, to love their husbands. But what if the young woman says, that she does not feel love anymore, for her husband. Well, it does not matter, because if she and her husbands are Christians, then they are commanded by God, to love each other. Although the word ‘agape’ is not used in the original Greek text for Titus 2:4, the principle of the older women training the young women to love their husbands, still remain, regardless of how those young women, feel about their husbands. 

It is like the command from Jesus, for us Christians, to love each other. I am sure that God did not mean that we should feel love for each other, because our feelings of love, are not the basis of our faith, but the Word of God is. We are commanded to love each other as Christians, and God does not care how we feel about each other. God did not say that we should love one another, if we feel so, but if we do not feel love for one another, then can not be loving towards each other. No, God commanded us to love each other. In the same way, God has commanded that husbands love their wives. That is a command, and it does not matter, if the husband feels loving toward his wife. He is still commanded to love his wife by God, and that command is much to do with what the husband does, than to do with how the husband feels.

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