Love Builds Up Knowledge Puffs Up

1 Corinthians 8:1

​These days and age, what most people in the world consider to be one of the most important thing in life, is to have more knowledge. Knowing how to use Information Technology products like smart phones, tablets, computers and the Internet, is valued highly, in today’s world. Nearly everyone wants to progress and grow in their knowledge and advancement, in the world of technology. But what is getting cold in this world, is the love among people. 

Jesus said, that because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most, will grow cold. The world out there, and the people of this world, do not care these days too much, to grow in love, and that is mainly because they do not have the love of God, shed in their hearts, by the Holy Spirit, because they are not born again. Therefore, many people in the world, do not consider growing in love towards others, a valuable or important thing. But for us as Christians, to grow in love must be the highest priority, and even more than growing in knowledge. 

We can grow in love towards God and towards people, and we can grow in knowledge towards God, and towards the things in this world, like Information Technology for example. The Bible clearly states that growing in knowledge puffs up, but growing in love builds up. I believe that relates to, or is similar to, when we talk about the gifts of the Holy Spirit in our life, being manifested, and the fruit of the Holy Spirit, in our life. You see, we are commanded in the Bible to love God and to love people, which fulfil the whole Law of God. I believe we are to follow love, and desire the spiritual gifts. We need both, in our life, and that is why God made it to be written in his Word, about them. 

There are many people in this world, Christians, and Theologians, who know a lot about God. But the question is, do they grow in love towards God, and towards people. That is the important thing, at which heaven is looking, and longing to grow in our life. And that is why Apostle Paul said, that if he does not have love, he is nothing. 

You can have plenty of knowledge about God, and about Information Technology, but if you do not have love, you and not only you but me too, we are on a lower level of a spiritual growth, than a person who really grows in love towards God and people, but does not have a lot of knowledge about God or IT.

We can become proud with our knowledge about God, and about Theology, but how can we become proud, if we have love for God and people. Knowledge about is necessary and important, and it can help us grow in our love towards God and people, but knowledge about God on its own, can cause us to be proud, just because of having all that knowledge about God. On the other hand, what God is looking for, is if we love him on a daily basis, and if we love the people he created in his image, as he has commanded us.

That is why Jesus commanded us to love each other. And that is why Apostle John said that the person who love their neighbour or brother, knows God, but the person who hates their brother, and does not love their brother, does not know God. We can have all the knowledge about God, but still hate our brother, and not love people. All that knowledge would be in vain, if there is no love.

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