How Can God Love Them and Be Angry with Them?

It is interesting to notice, that the Bible very clearly says, that God loves people in this world, that is people who do not believe in him, and are not Christians, and yet, the Bible also says that, the people who do not have Jesus in their life, or in other words, do not believe in Jesus, God’s wrath remains on them. Read John 3:16, 36.

At the first reading of those texts in the Bible, it seem like a contradiction, but it is not, and never can be! Think about this way. An earthly father, loves his children very much, regardless of what they do or not do. But, when those children do the wrong things, their fathers can be angry with them, and even punish them. The fact that their fathers punish them, does not mean that they do not love their children, but they want their children, to do the right things.

So it is similar with people in this world, who do not believe in Jesus, and do not serve the Lord. God loves them very much, but because they do the wrong thing by rejecting Jesus, the wrath of God remains on them. And yet, it does not mean at all, that God does not love them, because he does, and is longing for them to be saved.

Also, Apostle Paul also mentions in the New Testament, that God disciplines us, for our own good, so that we can share in his holiness. Now, a discipline is never pleasant but painful, and yet, when God is not pleased with us, because we have done something wrong, he still loves us, regardless of what we have done. 

It is like God is saying to people in this world, who do not believe in him, and reject him that he is angry with them, for living in rebellion and sin before him, but he still loves them, and wants them to be saved, and to come to his family of believers, and be his dear children in Christ. 

So, there is not a contradiction in the Bible about God loving the people in this world, and yet his wrath remains on them, when they reject Jesus Christ, and do not give their live to follow God, and do what he wants them to do. 

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