Now You Can Have Your Healing

God does not care, where you come from, what you past has been, or what you have done in the past, in order to heal you! He does not heal you because you are from America, Europe, Asia or any country in the world. He does not heal you, because you are a good or bad person, according to your own estimation! No, He heals you, because of only one and only one reason, because of what Jesus Christ has done for us on the cross, and by his resurrection which we believe! That is it! Our healing is already provided for us from God the Father, through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ from the grave!

When we read Luke 7:1-10, we can see that Jesus healed the servant of certain man, the Centurion. Now, that man was not even a Jew himself, but was one of the enemies of the Jews, the Romans who occupied their own country. And yet, Jesus healed his servant. Based on what? Was it because that Centurion build the Jews a Synagogue? I doubt it.

There was only one reason, why Jesus decided to heal the servant of that Centurion, and that reason was the faith of the Centurion, about which even the Son of God marvelled and commented about. Faith in the heart of the Centurion about what Jesus said and did, was what caused Jesus to perform the miracle.

Jesus could easily say to him that he can not heal his servant, because he was not even a Jew, but a gentile, a Roman pagan, who was a soldier, with the possible background of killing people, on the battle field, and as a Roman soldier, being ready to obey any command from Cesar, his king in Rome, even if that meant, killing or hurting the Jews, in a certain way. And yet, Jesus overlooked all the background of that Roman Centurion, and everything to do with his background, as a Roman soldier, an enemy of the Jews by law, and healed his servant. It is amazing that Jesus was amazed by the faith of a such a man like the Roman Centurion.

You maybe thinking, that you do not deserve Jesus to heal you, because of what you have done in the past, or because people have labeled you, as bad person, or because some people said, that you are not worthy or you do not deserve to be healed. Forget about all that crap! Just look at what mercy and how much grace Jesus had for this pagan, a Roman soldier, considering only his faith, and nothing else. Jesus was like ‘closing his eyes’ to the background of the Roman Centurion, and was interested only in his faith.

That is all that Jesus is interested in order to heal you too! Your own faith in him, and his Word! That is it! He will also ‘close his eyes’ to all your background, where you come from, what you have done in the past, and will heal you, grabbing the little faith you have in him, in order to grant you healing, which was provided for you on the cross, long time ago anyway. Just grab it by faith and thank him, and give him glory!

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