Which One is Right to Believe-The Prosperity Gospel or the Poverty Goose-spell?

Before you start reading this post, please bear in mind, that the author of this post, has struggled with spending money, in the right way before God in the past, and has spend money in small or big amounts in the past, in the wrong way, definitely in a not very appropriate way before God. But the author of this post, also believes, that there is forgiveness from God, for all of us, who spend money in the bad way before God, not as his heart desires. May God help us, to do the right thing financially!

Read Proverbs 30:8. Now, that is a good prayer, which is about a person, asking God, to give him only what he needs, no riches, but no poverty either.

There are many people, who believe, that Christians, must not pray for riches, and ask God to give them millions of dollars. If the reader is one of them, then this prayer in Proverbs 30:8, is a brilliant way, to ask God to give you only what you need.

This prayer is similar to what Jesus told us to pray about our daily need, that is, to ask God the Father, to give us our daily bread.

In both prayers, the emphasis is not riches, and millions in the bank, but about what a person needs.

If you are one of those people, who are concerned, with the Prosperity Gospel, as it is called by so many Christians, than this mode of prayer, to ask God for only what you need, is all you need to ask for.

But, if it is not a problem for you personally, to ask God, to give you riches, and a lot of money and other material blessings, then freely go ahead, and ask him for that too, because the problem before God, is never the amount of money or blessings you have, but what you do with that. That is the main question which you have to ask yourself first, about any money or other blessings in your life.

You see, the problem is never the amount of money or other material blessings you have, in your life! Never! The question is always, what you do with the amount of money that you have.

You can be pleasing God, and he can accept and it could be 100% according to his will, if you have millions of dollars in the bank, and if you have many other material blessings, if, you use them according to God’s will, in a way, that is pleasing to God.

If being rich as a Christian, and having a lot of money and material possessions, was wrong, and was problem according to God, then why did God himself, offer to Solomon riches and prosperity, even when Solomon did not ask for that?

You see, it was not the desire or the request of Solomon, to ask God for money or riches. It was entirely and completely God’s desire and intention from the start, to give to Solomon plenty of money and riches, and to make Solomon, the richest man in the world. So, the prosperity was not an idea coming from Solomon himself, but from God, first of all!

Also, if it was wrong for the people of God, to ask God for riches and a lot of money and other material blessings, why did Abraham was a man rich in gold. Go and read it in the Bible. It says Abraham was a rich man, and that included being rich in gold! Shall we continue?

What about Job? Have you noticed that it say that Job was very rich, and yet, was a man, who was pleasing to God, and God himself said, that there was no other righteous man like Job, who follows God, and obeys what God commands.

The Poverty Gospel was never a Gospel coming from heaven, but is coming straight from hell, from the prince of darkness, who has come to kill, steal and destroy. Steal what? Well, steal what you get from heaven, and that is your money too.

That is where the Poverty Gospel, or shall I call it the Poverty Goose-spell comes from. Poverty is a curse, according to the Word of God, in the Old Testament. How can something which the Word of God says is a curse in the very Word of God, be a blessing to you as a Christian? Poverty was a curse in the Old Testament, given from God to people who disobeyed God. Read Deuteronomy chapter 28.

The other type of Gospel, which is the only true Gospel, which comes from heaven, tells us in the book of Revelation, that the saints who go to heaven, will live in a city made of pure gold, and the main street made of gold.

So, once you change your temporal address here on earth, with your permanent address in heaven which will be your eternal address, you and gold will be inseparable, if you agree with it or not. You will not be able to escape walking on gold, and living in a city build of gold for eternity. That is the Jerusalem in heaven, prepared from God for his saints.

Even Apostle Paul says in the New Testament, that he has learned to live when he has plenty, and when he has little. But what is important is, that he says that he has learned to live with, when he has plenty. What does plenty means? It just means plenty, abundance, and nothing else.

We can sin before God with very little money, and we can sin before God with plenty of money. The question is never the amount of money we have, but what we do with it, that God is concerned about. If you have only $1, but use it for the wrong purpose, then no matter how small the amount, it is still a sin. And, you can have $1 000 000, and use it for the right purpose, and it can still be a blessing and be pleasing to God.

​So, money or the amount of it, is never the problem, but it is always how we use it, that determines if it is a problem, or a blessing.

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