Thousands Are Now Healed from Cancer Who Never Thought They Could

Jesus heals today! That is the truth, and that is a fact!

You may wonder sometimes, why you have not received your healing from God.

And there are Christians who have not received their healing yet, all over the world, but, the reality from heaven and the truth in the Word of God is, that God wants to heal you, and he does heal, many people, everywhere, right at this moment, all over the world.

Cancer is according to many medical doctors, incurable disease, but not according to God. Today, there are many people being healed by faith in Jesus and the Word of God, the Bible, from all sorts of cancers, in many places of the world.

You must know, that cancer, whatever stage or type it is, is still curable today, by God. All that God requires, is faith in his Word, and his promises.

How do you explain the fact, that today, there are so many people healed from the worst cases of cancer, in many different countries, just by believing that Jesus will heal them? The author of this posts, has been an eyewitness, of how God heals people from cancer, in various places of the world. All that was required before the healing, is just a simple faith in God, and his Word. That was it. Not a big faith, but even a small faith which can move a mountain.

In Matthew 8:16, 17, we can see, that Jesus healed all those people, who came to him for healing. It is interesting to notice, that not every person who came to Jesus for healing, and was healed, was a Jew, or a Christian. Many of those people were even non religious people, and many also came to be healed by Jesus, from other countries like Syria, and not only from Israel, and yet, Jesus healed them, because he had compassion for them.

There are thousands of testimonies on the Internet today, of people being healed of all types of cancer by faith in God and his Word. The miracles of healing from God, by faith in Jesus and his Word, are still real and valid today. If you are suffering from any type of cancer, try faith in Jesus, ask him to heal you, and believe that he does, and you just receive your healing from him by faith, and thank him for that!

The very original Greek word for ‘Salvation’ in the Bible, also means ‘healing’, so everything has been provided by God already, including your healing, by what Jesus did on the cross for us. Just receive by faith that provided already healing from Jesus by his death on the cross, and thank him for that, even if you do not see immediate result!

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