What an Amazing Way to Get All You Need

Here we are. We have a promise from God, to keep us supplied with what we need, even in the worst of situations like famine.

With all this situation of job loses, and misery after misery with lock-downs and all the restrictions from governments around the world, because of Covid 19, many people everywhere, including Christians, have lost their jobs, their homes or their incomes, and many feel like they are living in a time of famine.

But, yet the Word of God says, that even in a time of famine, God will keep alive those who serve him, and follow him.

We can not get a better promise than that!

Do not try to calculate, how or from where, your will get your provision, if you need food, jobs or clothing, because, very often, or I would say, most of the time, you will not be able to figure it out anyway, but even if you can not, God can, and he will figure it out for you, just as he has promised.

Psalm 33:19, really shows that God cares about what is going on around the world, even in a time of famine, or Corona-virus pandemic, to provide and care for those who love him. That is his promise, and his promises will never fail, just as God himself, can not and will never fail, in what he does or says!

God has never asked of us, or expected of us, to figure out, how he does things, but has asked and commanded us, to believe him, and what he has said in his Word. God himself has promised in the Bible, that the Word he sends on earth, will never fail, but will accomplish what he sends it for! And it will!

All that God requires, is for us to trust him, and believe what he has said and promised. He knows that we do not understand, why certain things happen, and that we often do not see how, or do not understand, from where our provision for food, jobs, or other things will come from. And that is fine with him. All that he wants is that we trust him, because he is trustworthy.

Our faith in God, is often like a blind faith, without explanations about why should we believe, or how things from God, will happen. We can not understand many things that God does anyway, and I believe, that even if God would explain to us many of the things he does, we will not be able to understand them anyway. And he knows that!

We tend to believe, mainly what we can explain, and especially when we can explain why something happens, or will happen. But with our faith in God, we believe what he says, not because we can explain why God does something, but because of his character, and because of the miracles he has already done before, like miracles of provision, healing or other miracles, either in our life, or in the life of other people.

And first of all, we believe, because of the trustworthiness of the Bible, the very Word of God, which has proved itself to be true, through the history of mankind.

Even in famine, and in time of Covid 19 pandemic, God still feeds the birds. Think about it! We tend to think, that the birds feed themselves, because they fly all they long, searching for food here and there. But, Jesus himself said, that it is God who feeds the birds! The birds may be searching all day and night for food, but unless God provides for them, their search would be in vain.

Would he not feed us, who are called his beloved children, and are the body of Christ? Jesus takes care, of his own body.

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