Need to Be Comforted and Be Free of Depression? Isaiah 61

Ah, depression! It is prevalent in these days in the life of many people, and even in the life of Christians, the very children of God! But what is the difference?

The difference is, that we as Christians, believe in God, who has promised to comfort us. And the people without God, trust the doctors and other people, to get comfort, when they become depressed or sick.

There even can not be any comparison, of us as Christians being comforted by God, and the unbelievers, without God, and without hope in the world, who get comforted just by prescription drugs, people and some alternative remedies!

God knew, from very long time ago, that people in the world, Christians or not, will become depressed, just by everything getting worse in the world, year after year, and decade after decade. Therefore, he has made sure to promise us, who believe in him, that he certainly, will comfort us, in all our troubles! In all, not just some! He has promised to comfort us, in all our troubles! Just read 2 Corinthians, 1:3-7, and see what God has promised his children! And that is not the only passage in the Bible, where God promises to comfort us.

I believe there is not degree of depression, even the worst type of depression, called ‘Clinical Depression’, which God can not heal! Why should he heal only mild cases of depression? No, there is not limit with God, and he can, and will heal all types of depression, only if you believe that he will! That is all that is necessary! To believe!

In Isaiah chapter 61, and verses from 1 to 3, God says that he will set the prisoners free, and give comfort and joy, to those who have sank into despair. Do you see that? He is talking about comforting all, not some, but all who mourn, and giving the oil of joy, to those in despair. That is what God promises you, if you are a child of God. But you have to believe it. You have to receive that promise, and apply it to your situation and accept it by faith. Than, and only then, it can work, for you, me, or whomever else.

God has provided all we need, in order to be comforted. And it is there, promised in his Word, and is like medicine, ready to be applied.

Now, in the natural, you can have all the best medicine in the world, just the best and right medicine, able to release you from your misery, sickness, and depression. But, it is only valid, working and effective, if you take it, and apply it! If you doubt that the medicine will work or help you, even if it could be the most effective medicine in the world, it will not help, you until you apply it.

It is similar with the promises of God, for the life of the Christian. You can know all those promises of God, for your situation, for your depression, for your healing, but unless you really believe that they will help you and heal you, and apply them in your life and situation, you will remain just as before, sick, and depressed.

It is like a man, drowning in the sea, and somebody comes to help them, and gives them the lifebelt to put on their body, and be saved from drowning. Unless that drowning person takes that lifebelt, and applies it to their body, they will perish. It is similar with the promises of God, for your situation, depression or sickness. You can have the ‘lifebelt’ from heaven with you all the time, but unless you take it and apply it, you will continue in your suffering. Take what is given you from heaven, be healed, restored and saved from depression, and live. Even our salvation through faith in Jesus Christ, although it is provided from God for us, it will not work, unless we believe it, accept and apply it, in our life.

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