Looking for All Your Needs Being Met? Simply Read On-Matthew 7

How many times in the Bible, it is very clear, that God really wants to supply all our needs! He never guaranteed that he will supply all our greed, but guaranteed that he will supply all our need!

The question is never if God will supply what we need or not, but will we believe that he will? That is the question which always remains there, for all born again children of God, to answer for themselves.

When we read Matthew chapter 7, we can very clearly see, how Jesus talks about God meeting our needs, and he even compares our fatherhood and the relationships of earthly father, to that of our heavenly Father and us.

How can we as his children still ask, and wonder, if God will supply all we need, when we read Matthew 7, and see clearly, what Jesus said, that God will give us good things, when we ask him for them! Yes God knows that we need food, clothing, jobs, money, houses, and other things, but he still wants us to ask him for him to give them to us.

Now, in Matthew chapter 7 and verses 9, 10, 11, Jesus talks about those evil fathers, or bad fathers, who although they are are evil in their character, still have some love for their children, and still want to grant the desires of their children, for gifts, and all sorts of other good things.

Them being evil, can not stop them to display the little amount of good left in them, and the love they have for their children, by giving them good things. You would not expect to receive very much good, from an evil person, that is why Jesus used the bad characters, to compare, to the immense and unlimited goodness of God, which he has for us.

The evil nature of those so called evil by Jesus fathers, still can not stop them to display their good fatherhood, to their children.

Now, what about our heavenly Father, who is good, and there is nothing evil in him?

Although the evil characters of the bad earthly fathers, could interfere and somehow limit their little goodness in them, for giving nice things to their children, with our heavenly Father, that is entirely different. Our God and Father, who loves us dearly, and who has limitless goodness for us, because he is good, just can not stop wanting to give us good gifts, and good things, when we ask him for them. There is nothing in our God and Father, which can or will cause him to stop, wanting to give us nice things!

Jesus said in Matthew 7:11, that our heavenly Father, will give us good gifts, when we ask him, much more, than any earthly evil father could give, to their own children. The question is, how much more? And I believe, the answer is, without limit! Why should God have a limit, of how many good gifts he wants to give us.

I believe, that God our heavenly Father, wants to give us good gifts, much more that we can handle to have, use, and have fun with. Is there are limit of all the good things, our Father in heaven, our God, wants to do in our lives? And if there is why? But I do not believe that there is a limit, because I am sure he finds that difficult to put any limit on the good things, he wants to give us or do for us.

Let me ask you a question. How many good things, you think, God gave to Adam and Eve, when he put them in Paradise, after he created them? I believe there was plenty of nice things, which God created in Paradise, for Adam and Eve. I am sure, they could never be bored, or have enough, with living in Paradise. There surely, were many nice things in Paradise for Adam and Eve, to have fun, and be able to say “We really live in a Paradise!”

That is how our heavenly Father God, want us to be like, because of everything he has done for us in Christ, even if we do not live in Paradise anymore! But we must not forget, that we can never miss Paradise in heaven, but will also be in it for eternity.

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