How to Really Get Release from Suffering-Psalm 108

Oh, suffering, there is plenty of it, wherever we turn!

Turn on the TV, and there is plenty of suffering to see, to keep you glued to the TV for 24/7.
But can you really be free from suffering? That is the big question.

What does God think about your suffering, and what he wants to do about that?

There are only three choices God can make about your suffering. One, it is set you free from it. Two, it is to be indifferent about your suffering. And the third choice is not to release you from it but let you continue in it. Which one of the choices you think, God will definitely make about your suffering and your difficult situation? I hope you guessed it already! That he will definitely make the choice to help you and set you free from pain and suffering.

If you read the Bible, you can clearly see, that in Old and New Testament, God is concerned about your suffering, and not only that, but really wants to help you, and set you free from it.

God will either set you free from suffering, but even if he does not for whatever reason, he will help you to go and pass through it, but definitely, will not leave you helpless!

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