Think You Can Not Get Rid of Depression? I Got Good News for You-Psalm 10

How often you think, when you get depressed, that you are stuck with it, and can not get rid of it?

I have got good news for you! 

If you are a child of God, and you have the Comforter, the Holy Spirit in your heart, you can definitely be free from depression! Why do I say that! Because the Word of God says that! And there is nothing better to hear, when you want to be free from depression!

You see, the more you watch the News, the more depressed you will feel, because, most of the News out there, are a depression producing news! in most of them there is no good. 

And vice versa. The more of the Good News you listen to, the Word of God, the better you will feel, and the Word of God has the potential to heal and remove the depression from you, because the Word of God is living and active, as the Bible says.

If you look at Psalm 10 verses 14 and 17, you can see that God really cares for the afflicted, and that includes all those who are depressed. In a matter of fact, verse 14 in the NIV translation of the Bible, says that God considers your grief, and takes it in hand. Do you know what that means? 

That means he cares enough for you, to heal and deliver you from grief and depression! Why should he take it in hand, and consider it, if he did not plan to heal you and deliver you from suffering? God is not only sympathetic with our suffering, but he cares enough to be willing to deliver us from it.

In verse 17 of Psalm 10, in the NIV version, it says that God wants to encourage you, and he listens to your cry. What are you crying to God for? Are you depressed? Do not forget what it says in verse 17, that God wants to encourage you! Just go to him, remind God what he has promised in his Word, that he will encourage you and that he listens to your cry for help, and than thank him for the answer, and believe that he has done it! That is all! It is not complicated. If he says that he will, he will and you just accept it with faith and thank him for that!

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