End Your Nightmare of Lack with Psalm 103

he Word of God is full, with so many promises, for all those who believe, that their needs will be met by God!

If you find yourself lacking anything which you need in life, like, money, jobs, food, etc, then read, because the Word of God has to say something to your personally about that!

There are some Christians, who claim for example, that if God has promised something in the Old Testament, then that is only for the people of Israel, and not for us as Christians. That is not so!

In the New Testament, saint Paul says that we are spiritual Jews, because we are co-hairs with Christ. We are the children of the promise, children of Abraham, just because of our faith in Jesus Christ. Yes, we are not physically Jews, but we are spiritual Jews, according to saint Paul!

When king David says in Psalm 103, that God satisfies his desires with good things, do you think that is only for him and for the people of Israel? No, because you are a child of God in Jesus Christ, therefore, that promise is also for you! God loves you as much as he loved king David!

Why he should love us less!

In Psalm 103:2, it says that we should not forget the benefits from God. What benefits? Well, all those blessings which God has given you in the past, or has given you today! That is all those things you needed in the past, like food, jobs, clothes, and any other spiritual or material blessings!

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