The Secret of Eliminating Lack in Your Life-Psalm 37

Do you want to terminate and eliminate the lack of what you need in you life, the way God intended it to be? Then read on, because there are sure ways from God, of how to stop living in not enough of all you need, be it finances, car, jobs, food, clothes and other necessary things in life!

God created you with needs, so he is more than concerned to satisfy and provide for those needs, as he has promised in his Word.

All thought the Bible, be it Old Testament or New Testament, we can see our God as being the provider of all people have needed in the past. But that is not only for the past, because he has promised to provide for all his children, past, present or future!

Our God is not like some politicians, who promise us something, but fail to deliver! No, God does not waste his time and our time, with false hopes, about our needs being provided for!

Our God is never limited by our circumstances. He creates something out of nothing, just as he created the heaven and earth by his Word, out of nothing.

No mountain of lack, and not enough, is too big for our Father God in heaven, to be removed!

There are so many passages in the Bible, which show that God can provide for needs of people, where there is not even any reason to think so.

Think about the Israelis who spend 40 years in the wilderness, how God provided for all they needed, even though, they doubted that he can! He provided for thousands of people in the wilderness, without them being able to work for it, or pay for it. He fed them and provided for them, in a place, when logically, not person would think, that you can get your needs met in whatever way. That is in the wilderness.

What type of food can you get, for a few thousand people, on a daily basis, in a wilderness? Nothing! Yet God proved to them, that he will provide for them, for 40 years, daily! Not 40 days or months, no, 40 years of daily supply of all they needed, and yet, there were some, who still doubted where their next meal is going to come from.

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