Kiss your Illness Goodbye with Psalm 92

Did you know, that God surely wants you healthy and healed!

The is no one place in the whole Bible, where God has been unwilling to heal people, either Old or New Testament! But there are plenty of Scriptures in the whole Bible, which shows that God heals, and wants to heal you too, Old Testament or New!

Whatever the condition you have, does not matter for God, because he does not care if it is so called curable or incurable condition. Jesus said that everything is possible, for the one who believes. Everything! Even Covid 19 is no barrier for God to heal!

How can some Christians wonder if God heals today or if he is willing to heal? Where they get that idea from? Surely that idea did not come from heaven, or from the Word of God, but it definitely came from hell! Definitely! Why? Because there is only one in this world, who does not want you to be healed, and that is the devil, who according to Jesus, came to kill, still, and destroy. Destroy what? Your health, and your believe in a healing from God today!

God does not allow there to be sickness in heaven, and he does not want sickness on earth, especially in the bodies of his children, the born again Christians.

We are the body of Christ. Would God want his body, the body of Christ, his church, to be sick? Would not Jesus care enough for his body, the body of Christ, the church to heal it from disease? Surely he will, and he does, as is the testimony of thousands of people in the world today, who have been healed from God, from all sorts of diseases, including cancer and Covid 19! Glory and thanks be to our Lord Jesus Christ, that he heals us today, those who believe that he still does!

In Psalms 92:12-14, we can see very clearly, that the Word of God promises that those who believe in God, and serve him, will flourish like palm tree. Now, let me ask you a question. How can you flourish like a palm tree, if you are sick in your body, and especially if you look like a dry plant, and not like a flourishing palm tree, due to an illness in your body?

Now, look at verse 14 of Psalm 92. Do you see what it says? It says that you will stay fresh and green, if you are a child of God! How can you look fresh and green, especially, if you are sick with a serious illness or condition. No, when you are really seriously sick, you will look like a trampled on vegetable, and certainly not like a plant which is fresh and green.

The idea that the Word of God says that those who believe in God, will look fresh and green, is absolutely implicating, that God wants you to be healthy and healed. That is what God said! He just has said in Psalm 92:14, that if you serve him, and believe in him, he will definitely make you look fresh and green, just like a Palm tree.

​Think about it. Can a sick tree look fresh and green? Surely not, but a healthy tree can and will. So will be you, if you want to believe what God says about you, your condition or illness, that if you carry on believing what he said in his Word, you too will look fresh and green, free from sickness in your life, because Jesus has already done on the cross, and by his resurrection from the grave, everything we need, to be healed. In the wound of Jesus we are healed! Amen!

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