#1 Breakthrough in Freedom from Your Anxiety and Worry-Psalm 9

You can break free, from anxiety and worry about, how you will pay your next bill, where to find a job, or to be healed from disease! That is what God promises in so many places in his Word for his children!

Do you find yourself, in a situation where you are stuck with an incurable condition, or you wonder how you can pay your bills, or you worry about how to find an employment, and more money for your needs?

Well, all this situation in the world, with this Covid 19 stuff, is really making the world wonder and worry, what will happen next. But, if you are a Christian, read on, because the one who created the world, has put his attention on you, and your situation.

God either cares for us, or he does not. What matters is that he has said that he…..Click here to continue

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